Church & Convent Of St Francis Of Assisi, Goa

Church & Convent Of St Francis Of Assisi

  • Famous For Famous for A World Heritage Site

  • Duration of Visit 2 to 3 hours

  • Fee No Entry Fee

  • Visiting Time 7.30 AM and 8.30 AM

This is one of the many churches built in India by Portuguese. As the name indicates, the campus held a church and a convent in the past. This structure is a recognized heritage site of the land. This important religious site is getting tourist traffic for its unique architecture and interesting museum collection.

History of St Francis Of Assisi Church

This church along with the convent was established and inaugurated by the famous eight Portuguese Franciscan friars, who reached Goa in the year 1517. Shortly after their arrival, they received legal approval for preaching Christianity in Goa. The friars decided to build a convent closer to the Se’ Cathedral, a famous heritage site. It started as a small chapel in 1521. A few years later, it was converted into a fully-functioning church. Later, many modifications were done to the structure in 1661 and the structure remains intact until date.

The convent was initially used as accommodation. However, in 1529, the rooms of this structure were converted into a convent and in 1835, it was ceased by the government of Portuguese. After liberation from Portuguese rule, the convent structure was converted into a museum.

Architecture of St Francis Of Assisi Church

The current structure of the church is a fusion of Tuscan order architecture, Corinthian architecture and Baroque style. The entire structure is made with laterite blocks and its exterior walls are covered with lime-plaster. This structure holds a façade with three levels and on each side; you can find an octagonal tower. In the center, there is a large statue of St. Michael. The main entrance of the church has rosette decoration and circular pilasters. The nave of the church is barrel-vaulted. The inner walls of the church are decorated with floral frescoes. As you walk down the nave, you will find a chapel and there is a gallery on the top floor. The statue of Lady of Miracles was brought to Goa from Sri Lanka.

Right above the main altar, you will find a detailed statue of St. Francis, St. Paul, St. Peter and statue of Jesus on a cross. On the walls, you can find paintings of life and work of St. Francis of Assisi. Later in 1964, a portrait gallery and a small archaeological museum were erected closer to the church. The museum provides many activities for children to boost their interest in the museum. Children are allowed to draw and paint and, the material should be submitted to the museum in-charge. Later, a certificate would be mailed to the address from the church.

Tourist Attractions in St Francis Of Assisi Church

  • Visit the church on the annual feast, which takes place in October. Take part in the ceremonies, which are conducted to bless the animals.
  • Architectural sightseeing is the second most famous activity next to masses and other religious rituals in this church
  • Explore the archaeological museum and the portrait gallery closer to the church to spot many statues, artifacts, and other interesting collections. The portrait gallery holds many unique portraits of Com Joa de Castro, Vasco da Gama and other eminent personalities of the region. You can even find basalt sculptures of Hindu deities in this museum.

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Visiting Timing of St Francis Of Assisi Church

Church : From Monday to Saturday - 7:30 am to 6:30 pm

Museum : From Monday to Sunday - 9 am to 12:30 pm and, from 3 pm to 6:30 pm

Entry Fee of St Francis Of Assisi Church

For Museum

For Children : Between 2 -12 years - free of charge

For Adults : INR 10 per head

For Church

No entry fee

Best Time To Visit St Francis Of Assisi Church

The best time to visit the church is during the annual feast. In general, winter is the best time to visit the church. If you are looking for a cool and dry climate, winter starts from October and ends in February. March is also considered a good time to visit. Summer starts by the mid of March and ends by June. Summers can get very hot and humid and thus, it is best to avoid this season. It would not be convenient to explore Goa when it is showering with rains and almost all water activities in Goa would be stopped during monsoon. Thus, monsoon is the worst time to visit. Monsoon starts in July and ends in September.

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How to Reach St Francis Of Assisi Church

This church is located in the Old Goa’s main square, which is around 10 km away from Panjim, the capital of Goa. You can find cabs from different parts of Goa to this church. However, it is quite expensive to hire cabs from far away regions of Goa. The best option is boarding a bus. The nearest bus stand to the church is the Panjim bus stand.If you are choosing railways, the nearest railway station is Thivim railway station and you can find buses from the station to the Panjim bus stand.

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