Chapora Beach, Goa

Chapora Beach Goa

  • Famous For Photo Fanatics, Experience Seekers, Loners, Wanderers

  • Duration of Visit 1 to 2 hours

  • Fee No entry fee

  • Visiting Time All days of the week 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Chapora Beach is located in coastal village just 10 kms of Mapusa. It is a very beautiful, serence beach along with the cost line. This serene beach is filled with white sand and lots of coconut palm trees. It is also known for Chapora Fort built by Portuguese. Rocky cliffs, swift winds and not many tourists make this beach a perfect destination for a lazy weekend.

Things to Do in Chapora Beach

  • This beach filled with lava rocks, sapphire expanse, shacks is well known for surfing. Most of the tourists come here for sufing. Other major activities including fishing, jet skiing, wind surfing, para gliding, ringo rides, para sailing, crocodile spotting at certain pre- defined locations and dolphin watching.
  • This place is filled with eateries which serve some of the yummiest Goan and Continental cuisine. Lots of shacks, eateries, beach side restaurants and hotels are always busling with tourists – foreginers and locals both.
  • Sea bathing is another thing which people love to do but avoid swimmiming as its a rocky beach.
  • Look out for artistic rocks on Chapora Beach. Some of them have faces made on them and some flowers. Local guides can be of help in finding these rocks.
  • Nightlife on the beach is also famous. Many bars and restaurants are open till midnight. Try out local Feni drink – a local brewed cashew and coconut drink. Also try out the Goan exotic cuisine.

Shopping in Chapora Beach

Beach side shopping is something which goes for light shopping. Shell work, casual designer wear, brass ware and Goa handicrafts are the things which are sold in beach side shops. Walking towards Chapora Village takes you to the local shopping centre. It sells earthen pots, spices, lamps, local dresses as well as decoration items. These are good as souveniers. Nothing more than these items is sold in this market.

How to Reach Chapora Beach

The beach is 43 kms away from Dabolim Airport of Goa. Hire a pre – paid taxi to reach the hotel booked. To reach Chapora beach one crosses Panjim which is the Capital of Goa. The beach can also be reached from Vagator which is just 9 kms away. The nearest railway station is Karmali, just 11 kms away. Direct buses run from Panjim and Mapusa every 15 minutes.

Tips for Traveller in Chapora Beach

A combination of old Portugal buildings and modern amenities, Chapora offers a number of surprises. So, take care of your belongings wherever you go. The best thing is to keep less hand bags while going for outings. Keep less cash and use credit and cash cards wherever possible. Eat at known restaurants and avoid local eateries if you are concerned about hygiene. Keep your kids by your side and don’t let them go out of your eyesight. Be wary of your surroundings and avoid talking with strangers. Keep in touch with your local guide and take his advise before doing anything new.
Hire a taxi or a bike for going to nearby beaches or locations as they will be cheaper than hotel taxis. Since Chapora is a little away from the main village of Chapora; it is best to be back in the hotel soon after sunset. There are different types of hotels avialable – different for backpackers and for families. Take the one of your choice as per your company.

Nearby Destinations in Chapora Beach

Chapora Fort is the most famous tourist destinations here. Built by Portuguese, it is located in – between chapora river and Vagator beach. A must – visit place; its offers serenic beauty to its visitors. Next are the Vagator Springs which are simply awesome especially in winters. Located on the foothills of North Vagator Beach, these are one of the most visited destinations around. Some tourists also like to go to Chapora Village which is basically a fishing village. Its a short trip destination. Other nearby places include Aguada Fort, Vagator beach, Vithal Rakhumayi Temple, Orzan beach, St. Anthony’s Church and Sterling Beach.

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