Goa Travel Information

Welcome to the land of remarkable attraction. Yes, it is Goa that ranges from the thickly forested Western Ghats Mountains and runs through lush green environs. What’s more, with 75-mile-long coast the beauty can be captivated like never before. No matter that Goa constitutes India’s smallest state, however its pocket-sized attraction is what makes everyone stop in awe and wonder. Clear skies and distant horizon wins every heart.

With 1,429 square miles of total area and a population of 1.5 million, you will always love its crowded cityscapes. A laid back and relaxed attitude is what you experience here. With amazing Goan beachfront stretches, the beauty just becomes unforgettable. The story does not get over here as there is ample of coastal experience here.

We at Travelogy India have made specialized itineraries that make your journey all the more significant and worthwhile.

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