20 Famous Foods in Goa

Goa is one of the best places for tourism. Goa mixed its own cuisines with the flavors of foreign, makes the food items ultimate. Goa is not only known for its tourism, but also known for the food items well. Goa just not offers the peace from hectic schedule but also offers a few adventurous sports over there. Goa is best for family vacation as well as friends party destination. If you will ever been to Goa, don’t only fall for its environment and sports activities, try the delicious food and deserts too. Read here the top notch 20 food items of Goa you must to try on.

1. KulKul

It is a sweet dish Goan recipe, which is made from coconut cream and flour. During the time of Christmas, the recipe is made in every home. The sweet dish looks very cute as made everyone to taste it. Cooking the sweet dish is also a very common in every one during the time of any festival.

2. Ros Omlette

If you are feeling famished during the travel in evening, Ros Omlette is the best dish to have as a healthy snack. Ros Omlette is nothing but just the one which is drizzled with chicken gravy or the mutton gravy. For those, who are non veg lovers, the dish is best for them to have. It is a very healthy snack, which helps the person to stay refreshed and active while the travel.

3. Mussels Rawa Fry

In the batter of rawa, mussles get fry up. At the time of drinking, the dish can be consumed as a “Chakna”. The dish is a perfect crunchy appetizer and a great dish with delicious flavors added in it.

4. Prawn Balchao

Do you love prawns? Do you like having pickle with your meals? Prawn Balchao is something best to have with meal. It is a kind of Prawn pickle. It tastes yum with every recipe. If you will have Balchao with rice, it tastes really well. The type of the dish is multi cultural. It is nothing but just, more as like a vinegar based mixed curry.

5. Sannas

If you are a bread lover, sannas can treat as like the alternative of bread. It is a rice flour recipe. One can have the dish with curry. It is very delicious in taste and Goa people usually have this during meal.

6. Chicken Xacuti

Chicken Xacuti is also known as Chicken shakuti. In Goa, it is the most famous recipe. You might found the recipe at any other place, but Goa has the best taste of it. The dish is fully loaded with spices.

7. Chicken Cafreal

Chicken Cafreal is a different recipe which is a kind of mixture of Portuguese and Goan cuisine. It is a unique, but very delicious. If anyone will ever been to Goa ever in their life, this is a must try dish for them to have.

8. Shark Ambot Tik

The first thing about the dish is, don’t think the dish is scary to have because of its name shark. In the Goan Houses, the dish is very common as it has great spicy taste. The dish is sour and spicy.

9. Caldeirada

Caldeirada is a dish derived from Portuguese cuisine. It is a kind of fish stew, which has different fishes in it. In the lists of sea food, it is the most recommended and best one to have. For all the sea food lovers, it is like heaven to have the dish.

10. Pork Vindaloo

Goa is a great destination to have pork dishes. It is a traditional dish of Goa. At the very same time, the dish has the combination of chilies, vinegar, garlic, and tangy tastes. When you will have pork vindaloo, I am sure, you want it more.

11. Xitti Kodi

Xitti Kodi is a fish curry which is considered as a staple diet for every Goan. The fish curry is full of spices with coconut. The dish includes a tangy flavor which is added in it with raw mango. When it comes to the main ingredients of xitti kodi, raw mango and pomfret is the main ingredients in the dish. If pomfret is not available at the time, kingfish can be used instead of using pomfret. You can have the dish with rice tastes very yum. There are many restaurants and recipes, xitti kodi is not supposed to serve with rice. But, the rational manner is to serve xitti kodi with rice.

12. Bandyachi Uddamethi / Amlechi Uddamethi

It is a fenugreek curry which tastes like as coconut curry and also resembles the chili curry too. The Bandyachi Uddamethi is to be served with Mackerel. If you are a vegetarian person then don’t worry, you can taste the dish with its vegetarian version. Yes, it is made with raw mango instead of using Mackerel to make the dish completely veg.

13. Caldin (Caldeen)

Caldin is just like as a yellow curry and served with prawns usually. If your choice is not prawns then you can have it with fish as well. Caldin is simply just gravy. When you will have the dish, you will found its taste as like in the Thai Curry, which is made with coconut and Kokum.

14. Sorpotel

Sorpotel is a very healthy breakfast, makes the body feel energized the entire day. Sorpotel is a dish which is made with mixed meat with a spicy sauce. It includes cinnamon, cloves and chilies to make the dish spicy enough. The dish belongs to Portuguese cuisines. In Portugal and Brazil, you will find different versions of the dish.

15. Samarachi Kodi

Samarachi Kodi is a spicy coconut curry. The dish is made with the fried prawns. In the Monsoon season, the dish is more available. In case, the fresh prawns are less to find out, then one can use dried prawns. This dish is served with prawn curry and Goan rice. Samarachi Kodi is made with different spices and roasted coconut. It is the combination with dry mango.

  • Prawn Curry : It is a creamy curry of coconut. The curry is scented with green chilies and turmeric.
  • Goan Rice : It is nothing just steamed red rice.

16. Goan Sausage

Goan Sausage looks similar like as Chorizo in flavors and looks. Sausages are spicy in flavor. It is closer to the chourico of Portuguese. If you will add the dish with Pizza, it will taste great.

17. Fish Recheado

The fish in the dish is stuffed with Recheado Masala paste. The dish is healthy enough to have as it is grilled. The dish name Fish Recheado is derived from the word Recheado. Reason being is, in Portuguese, Recheao means stuffed.

18. Chamuca

It is a fried dough pockets. It is a kind of samosas but these are stuffed with meat and vegetables.

19. Bebinca

It is Goa’s original dessert. It is a 7 layered dessert which resembles Lisbon 7 hills. It is a very popular dessert which is made with coconut milk, flour, butter ghee, sugar and eggs during christmas.

20. Patolea

Patolea is a kind of rice cakes. The cakes are steamed inside the turmeric leaves. The steamed rice is mixed with jiggery and coconut. Sometimes, cardamom is used before steaming.

Goa trip should plan for 5 to 6 days, if you really want to enjoy your vacations. With the arrangements of transportation, stay at hotels, one should be prepared for the cuisines also. The above mentioned lists of cuisines are the must try dishes in Goa. That is why, if you will ever been to Goa, make sure to have the dishes over there to bring a new experience with new and unique flavors.

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