Famous Street Foods to Eat in Goa

Goa, one of the famous tourist destinations in India is not only famous for its beaches and ports, but also for its local cuisine. The Goan Cuisine as it is called inspired from Mediterranean cuisine. Many tourists in goa overlook the Goan Cuisine and instead fill their stomach with alcohol and beer. So, let us explore the most famous Goan Street Food you must try when you are visiting Goa.

1. Ros Omelette Pav

One of the famous foods to try in Goa, the Ros omelette pav acts as an alternative of Mumbai’s vada pav. The word “Ros” meaning Gravy in Konkani language, the Ros omelette pav is served with Omelette, Pav and a bowl of chicken curry. This type of food has been made by the Goan Catholic style for many years. The food is presented with the Ros being poured on the Omelette and served with Pav.

Where to Eat: Ravi’s ros Omelette Pav, 18th June Rd, Opp. Panjim Immaculate Church, Panjim, Goa

2. Chorizo Pav

“Chorizo” meaning Goan Sausages is yet another delicious pav to try for. The locals have Chorizo Pav during breakfast or evening snack. The Chorizo Pav is served with Pav, Chorizo pork meat, Onions and Potatoes. Most of the delicious chorizo pav is sold in Goa highways, but it also available anywhere in Goa.

Where to Eat: Anywhere in Goa

3. Gadbud Ice-cream

Travelling from Udupi, Karnataka, the gadbad ice cream is best eaten during the hot goan summer. The ice cream is served in a bowl full of different ice cream flavours and topped with nuts and jelly. It is believed that the origin of Gadbud Ice-cream is taken from Diana Restaurant, where the group of customers asked for some ice creams, but most of the ice cream flavours were out of stock and the owner has decided to combine the available flavours in one bowl and served with Nuts and Jelly.

Where to Eat: Cream Centre in Panjim.

4. Cutlet Pav

With yet another non- veg snack; Cutlet pav shows that Goa is also a paradise to try non-veg snacks. Found in small fast-food joints around Goa, the cutlet pav is presented with pav and beef cutlet which has been put inside the pav and Is served with hot sauce, with Cutlet pav becoming popular, the food joints serving Cutlet pav has become a meeting spot for the locals.

Where to Eat: Outside St. Cruz Church Goa

5. Poi

This Local Goan Bread, which the street vendors in cycles sell Pois that is a perfect snack during a tea break. Made from Rice Husk and wheat flour. This butterfly-shaped bread is put inside the hot oven to become brown and fluffy, which tastes fluffy and sweet. The Poi can also be a perfect alternative of Chorizo pav if you are bored of eating pav dishes.

Where to Eat: Anywhere in Goa.

6. Shawarma

An Arabic dish, which has settled to its new home in Goa, is made with exotic kinds of seafood like kingfish, promhead, tiger prawns and crabs. The shawarma is served with hummus and green pickles. The Goa styled Shawarma has become a popular hit for the youth of Goa and the shawarma can be tried best at Haji Ali Shawarma near Caculo Mall.

Where to Eat: Haji Ali Shawarma, Caculo Mall, Panjim.

7. Fish Thali

It is time for Lunch and all we got here is the Fish Thali, which is also one of the famous food to try when you are in Goa. The thali consists of Rice, Curry, Chapati and Fish that makes the whole thali mouth-watering. This thali is available anywhere in Goa, but it is worth a try in the restaurants, that is situated near the popular beaches. Most of the fish thalis are made with an authentic and homemade style that makes the seafood lover drool.

Where to Eat: Any beach in Goa or Anand Seafood restaurant in Anjuna.

8. Bebinka

How about trying some sweets for now? Bebinka is one of the famous desserts available in Goa that can be tried during Christmas. Also called the “Queen of Dessert”, the dessert is served in 7 to 14 layers of cake. The main ingredients of Bebinka are Coconut Milk, Melted Ghee, Egg Yolks and Almond Silvers. Trying a bebinka will be so delicious, that you feel like eating once again even though you are feeling full.

Where to Eat: Martin’s beach corner.

9. Serradura

A Portuguese sawdust pudding, the main ingredients of this pudding is minced cream and tea biscuits. Serradura meaning “Sawdust” in Portuguese has now become a popular dessert in Macau when it was colonized by Portugal. It is a rejoice to the vegetarians as it is made with using egg or egg yolks. If you think you want to try a special food and not so boring food, then Serradura is recommended dessert to try for.

Where to Eat: Spice Goa restaurant near Kasarwad Junction.

10. Perad

Fondly known as the Guava Cheese, this tasty dessert is mixed with Guava, sugar and Lime juice. The perad is popularly eaten during the festive season. In Portugal, the Perad is known as Goibada. The desserts look like the Goan version of Kaju Barfi, and it takes a longer time to prepare it and the long wait is worth it as it is presented with addictive cheese. The Perad is available in Goa during the harvests of Guava.

Where to Eat: Simonia Stores in Mapusa.

11. Coconut Ice

It is surprising to see most of the goan sweets that are made with coconut. A popular dessert during the summer season, the main ingredients of Coconut ice are condensed milk, Icy sugar and Coconut. The toughest part of making this sweet is its intense stirring, but it is worth the effort as the stirring turns out with a delicious one.

Where to Eat : Fiesta Baga in Goa, - one of the best place to try coconut ice.

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