Best Places to Visit in Patnitop

Here comes an extraordinary place to have your visit in the unique state of Jammu and Kashmir. Although the state bestows all-time excitement and adventure filled vacation to its visitors throughout the year, this remarkable hill station called Patnitop provides another idiosyncratic place to visit in Jammu and Kashmir.

The adventurous sports like skiing and paragliding are one among the hilarious experiences caught in this hill station. You will get to watch the entire valleys of Kashmir and enjoy the climatic conditions, from various slips of Patnitop. To explore the backdrops of the Valleys of Jammu and Kashmir, this hill station would be a definite worth to stay in and traverse through all its spots.

How to Reach in Patnitop?

Patnitop or Patni is a perfect tourist location in the hilltop of Udhampur district, which lies in between 100-120 km from Jammu, in the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway NH-44. The hill station is perfectly placed in a beautiful valley on the way to Udhampur to Srinagar.

Hence, people can easily reach there by hiring a taxi or its local bus transportation from Jammu. The entire journey will take to you an authentic valley close to heaven, without ever closing your eyes for even a moment. It will take some 4-4.5 hours to reach the hill station after watching breath-taking views throughout the way.

One could also get the option of travelling through the trains until Jammu or Udhampur railway stations, and then get a taxi or bus again to Patnitop.

Best Time to Visit in Patnitop

Which is the perfect time to have your stay in Patnitop? You need to plan for the ideal time and season to explore all the tourists’ spots of Patnitop and to enjoy every bit of it. Although, the locals here say that any time is best for a visit to Patnitop, of course, all the seasons are perfect for enjoying the place.

People would like to have their stays in summers during May-June or even in autumn during September-October. But, summers in this hill station would definitely awake your senses to experience the adventures intact in these destinations.

Destinations of Patnitop

What are the prominent places do you think are in Patnitop? There are vast number of destinations to explore and to have great fun with family and friends. The elders may wish to visit places like Sudh Mahadev Temple, Naag Temple in Patnitop Market Road, Batote Shiv Temple in Nangal Dewat Road etc. to worship. Adults along with kids may visit Madhatop, Sanasar, Kud to explore the beauty of the valleys of Kashmir and to enjoy the great fun in some of the sports activities.

Let us now discuss about some of the great destinations of this splendorous hill station of Patnitop.

1. Patnitop Park

Each park in Patnitop is literally clean and heavenly. Patnitop Park is located in the heart of Patnitop hill station and could be reached very easily with no hanging back. To gaze on the beautiful sceneries and to play on the green meadows, one could opt this place to spend the entire day in. If you are in there during winters, you will get the breathtaking views of the remarkable snow-capped mountains from the park.

You also have the option of good food and refreshing places, to keep your entire family to spent the day with no hassles. Serene quiet place with snow-capped mountains and pine trees plunging towards the sky with a snow coating over them, will definitely make you watch them the entire day with no breaks.

2. Trekking in Nathatop Valleys

Nathatop is a lush green location surrounded by verdant glades of Deodar and Pine trees. The mountain on the top is engulfed with scintillating snow. In all angles, Nathatop is just like a replica of Indian Switzerland in the midst of white gleaming snow, luring throughout the valley. Above all, you have loads of gaming experience to enjoy over this hilltop of Patnitop. From the zip lines to trekking, you have your own way to enjoy your holidays. You can explore the charming slopes of sumptuous green timberlands and cold apex of the Himalayan ranges from Nathatop.

Natha top gives its visitors a treat even during the hottest of their seasons. It will present you a welcome benevolence with its eye catching green valleys extending up to miles. Moreover, you will also get treated with spouting springs of freshwater and vegetations blooming all around.

3. Shool Paneshwar Sudh Mahadev Temple

A highly revered temple Sudh Mahadev lies in the region of Patnitop, approximately located in the town of Chanhani. The temple is built some thousands of years ago and is believed to have the influence of cleansing the sins of the ones who takes bath in the holy spring of ‘Pap Nashni Bowli’. It is one among the major attractions in Patnitop. The main shrine of the temple consists of the presiding immortal of Lord Shiva, along with his companion Parvathi and son Lord Ganesha.

4. Skyview Patnitop for Winch Ride

If you want to experience the views of the great Kashmir valleys and to enjoy the spectacular fun of a ride in the high winches, you need to visit the Skyview spot of Patnitop. Just get into the ride and explore the adventure from the height of about 5000-6000 feet. The travel route between the winches are over the valleys above Village Sanget Chenani.

You will have both the options of taking a single or double ride in the winches. People say, double ride is much feasible but will be given only 2 hours to return from the other end. You will also find great refreshments and food in each end. You will be truly excited to take the ride and will never want to forget them anytime in your life.

5. Pond of Naag Mandir Patnitop

Naag Mandir temple built by the Pandavas is a historical monument in Patnitop. This 600 years old temple is approximately located at the top of a dense forest in the Madha Valley. You need to drive on the road of Kud towards Madha for about 6-7 kms passing the dense forest. People believe the existence of the treasure in the pond, which is on the way to Naag Mandir.

The temple is clean enough to spend the whole day in and around it. However, you also need to know that the females are not allowed inside Naag Mandir of Patnitop.

6. Paragliding Point of Patnitop

Paragliding is one among the various adventures that is extremely popular in Patnitop. It is truly unjust to leave the hill station without having experienced the paragliding moment yourself. For buying tickets of paragliding, you need to check out in the offices at Sanasar town, which is located, some 19 kms far from Patnitop.

There could be no other feel comparable to the breeze touching your hair during the ride, along with watching the dynamite panorama of the slopes of Patnitop. You will experience that extraordinary feel when you are close to the nature in the sky. The green endowments of the nature with snow covered mountains and lush green vegetations of conifer trees will be an authentic treat for your eyes.

7. Fly To Vaishno Devi

The Vaishno Devi temple located 5000 feet above the sea level, is popularly known as Matha Rani, Vaishnavi and Trikuta as well. One need to reach the place called ‘Katra’ first and then can go by either road or by air through helicopters to find Vaishno Devi temple on the mountains. If you opt to take a ride on road, you need to pass a travel time of about 5-8 hours climbing the mountain from Katra to Vaishno Devi. And if you decide to go by a helicopter, you need to spend some Rs.3000 per person and just takes an hour to reach the holy temple.

The temple is believed to be a manifestation of one of the Goddess of Hindu religion -Matha Adi Parashakthi. The words ‘Maa’ and ‘Matha’ are often replaced for the Goddess of Vaishno Devi of Patnitop region.

8. Billoo Ki Powri Of Patnitop

Narrow lay down of about 270 steps that are finely chiseled from the mountain forms ‘Billoo ki Powri’ of Patnitop. Little far away from the drizzling wind of Patnitop valleys, these steps are again a dramatic attraction of the hill station. The exact location of this remarkable place of Patnitop tourists attractions, fall under the region of a small town called Dawariyai.

As per the historical records, the true origin of the spot remained unknown but it was clear that ‘Billoo ki Powri’ disseminate the shortest way to reach Batote town. The king of Chenani laid down this unique construction.

9. Shankhpal Mandir for Trekking

The temple of Shankhpal Mandir situated in Sanasar region of Patnitop, is a marvelous place to go for a trek. To reach the temple, one may need to trek on 16 km one way. During the entire journey, all you need to enjoy is the spectacular green valleys, plain meadows and a stretch of forest region as well. The temple is approximately located on the peaks of the joining of three districts- Reasi, Udhampur and Rambhan.

And to return, you can opt the same way of trekking but it’s better that you make it before the sunset. The place is equivalent to untouched heaven when you visit the temple during winters. All the meadows and the valleys will have an envelope of snow blanket all over.

10. MadhaTop Skiing in Patnitop

Patnitop becomes the ideal destination for skiing especially during the winter season. One could find number of skiing setups and sports emerging in this region. Tourists visiting Patnitop would never ever deny such adventures. Even people without having prior experience of skiing, could try here and grasp an unforgettable and hilarious experience.

MadhaTop, which is located some 6 kms from Patnitop, pledge every better possibilities for all kinds of levels in skiing.

11. Krimchi Temples(Pandava Temples)

The amazing Krimchi temple is situated in the Kiramchi road of Udhampur district. Kiramchi is a small village in the district of Udhampur near Patnitop. You need to go ahead for 12 kms from Udhampur to reach the temple. The architecture is entirely based upon South Indian designs of 8th-9th Century. The Royal Pandavas were the genuine inhabitants of the temple and now the monument is under the control of ASI.

To reach the temple, the roads are the only possibility. People who had already visited the temple say that the roads are not in a good condition and need to take utmost care in planning and reaching the ancient temple of Kiramchi.

12. Nature Walk in Patnitop

Patnitop has been a heavenly destination for all the ones who would like to visit a hill station in the Himalayan ranges. The surreal gifts by the nature and the breathtaking landscapes spread all over the region, gives it the pride to stand distinct from all other tourist destinations in the northern ranges of the Himalayas. Hence, what could be more exciting than taking a peaceful and harmonious walk along with the serene creation of the nature? Definitely, people chose to have a tranquil walk in the valleys of Patnitop before they leave the hill station.

It is always the best experience to walk through the fresh air breezing over the sky-reaching mountains of Patnitop. You will find only nature and nature alone. The blanket of unique vegetations and incredible scenic landscapes will bring you fall in love with the nature. Moreover, the breeze of pleasant and cool weather whispers the magical rhythm into your ears. What more? Yes, it’s just unfair if you miss this serene walk through the valleys of Patnitop once when you visit this heavenly hill station of Jammu and Kashmir.

If you are the one who loves nature and wants to bind with it, pack your bags to indulge your senses and explore the splendorous destination of Patnitop. You have lot more to do in Patnitop, even if you are an adventurous personality.

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