Lower Land Zanskar Jeep Safari

Lower Land Zanskr Jeep Safari covers the destinations of Leh, Alchi, Kargil, Rangdum, Padum, Karsha, Stakrimo, Zungkul, Sani – Stongdey and Bardan. Zanskar Jeep Safari Starting from Leh, we visit Sankar monastery, Shanti Stupa and Le market. After 68 km. drive, we reach Alchi and visit monasteries of Spituk, Basgo and Alchi Gonpa.

We proceed to kargil visiting en-route Rizong monastery and Lamayuru monastery. After night stay at Kargil, the Safari drives on to Rangdum and passes through the most panoramic Suru valley of Kargil and enjoy the view of Nun and Kun peaks and the Parkachik glacier among other unnamed Glaciers on the way. At Rangdum, we visit the Rangdum monastery and proceed to zanskar. With half an hour drive, we reach Penzila pass through which we enter Zanskar. This Pass locates the famous Darang Durung Glacier among others.

We are still in upper land Zanskar at Padum with its shepherd huts. Combined with sighting seeing of panoramic landscape, we visit Karsha monastery, Chuchik jal Nunnery, Kalachakra temple. Ten km. drive takes us to Karsha where we visit Geluk pa monastery locating eleven headed statue of Avaloketeshvra and Stupa built by the great Rinchen Zangpo of Tibet.

35 km. drive along River Zanskar lands us in lower Zanskar. Here we visit the Old and New Palaces of Zangla king and Zangla nunnery. While driving back, we also visit Tongdey monastery which is the second largest Geluk pa monastery besides monasteries of Bardan, Gyalwa Rignga and Stakrimo.

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