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Palace on Wheels General Information

Palace on Wheels has been on the tracks providing memorable holidays since January 26th 1982. This innovative tourism element was inaugurated and managed by Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) in association with Indian Railways Department. The train’s main purpose was the promote tourism in Rajasthan. The train has undergone many changes in décor, itinerary and others, several times in the history.

In 2010, the train was voted as the fourth best luxurious train in the world, right after its re-introduction with newer and better features in August 2009. The train provides one signature itinerary covering many important tourist destinations in and around Rajasthan like the Pink City of Jaipur, Udaipur (City of Lakes), Golden City of Jaisalmer, Blue City of Jodhpur, Ranthambore, Chittorgarh and the famous Bharatpur Bird sanctuary. Outside Rajasthan, the train halts at Agra to enjoy the Mughal reminder of romance of love.

The carriages of Palace on Wheels are refurbished ancient train coaches, which were used only by the royal families and British rulers of the land. The carriages are named after precious and semi-precious styles of the country.

The train takes you on a holistic tour covering heritage sites, wildlife exploration, architectural beauties, cuisine relishing and much more. Apart from the signature itinerary, at certain destinations, optional activities will be provided for you to make the best of your time.

The Palace on Wheels has bagged several awards and recognition for its unparalleled services and facilities onboard. The main aim of the train travel is to provide a royal experience to the travelers.

Book Palace on Wheels tickets through the official GSA of the train, for an authentic booking experience in one of the most user-friendly and reliable portal, which is used by tourists from around the world.

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General information

Q. What is Palace on Wheels?

A. Palace on Wheels is the first luxury train of the country, which provides a pre-defined itinerary that covers important tourist destinations of India.

Q. Where does the Palace on Wheels train run?

A. The train covers most of its itinerary in desert state of Rajasthan. Outside Rajasthan, the train also covers Agra. The train starts and ends at Delhi railway station.

Q. How to book Palace on Wheels ticket?

A. You can choose to book the tickets from the official site of the train or via GSA sites like For booking, Visit

Q. Why it is called as Palace on Wheels?

A. The carriages used in this train are the royal carriages, which were used by the royal heirs of the country. The train is named as Palace on Wheels as the décor and hospitality of the train reflects some of the significant royal structures of the princely states of Rajasthan.

Q. Who owns Palace on Wheels train?

A. The Palace on Wheels train is controlled and operated by a joint venture of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and IRCTC.

Q. Can children board Palace on Wheels train?

A. Yes, children of any age can board the train. A person up to age of 12 is considered as child, according to the Children Policy of Palace on Wheels.

Q. Are pets allowed in Palace on Wheels?

A. Pets of any kind are not allowed to board the train.

Q. What are the travel documents required for Palace on Wheels?

A. After payment, guest will get the Palace on Wheels confirmation document. Foreigners should hold a valid passport with Indian visa stamping and the confirmation documents

Q. How early should i book tickets in Palace on Wheels?

A. It is best to book as early as 3 months in prior to the departure date to get confirmed tickets. The demand for the tickets is very high, especially during holidays and peak tourism season.

Q. What are the modes of payment in Palace on Wheels?

A. The website accepts any major international credit cards including Discover, Master, American Express, Visa and others. Apart from credit cards, you can also pay via bank transfer. Upon request, bank account details will be provided for transfer purposes.

Q. Do i need a visa for travelling in Palace on Wheels?

A. Palace on Wheels does not request tourist to share any details about passport or visa. However, you would need an Indian visa stamping to enter into India, if you are a foreigner.

Q. What is the dress code inside Palace on Wheels Train?

A. Palace on Wheels does not impose any strict dress codes. It is recommended to wear comfortable dress and walking shoes as you would be exploring destinations for most of the time during the itinerary. Decent clothing would be appreciated as India is a conservative country.

Q. What types of dresses are recommended for a trip in Palace on Wheels?

A. The type of dress depends on the climatic condition of the month of your trip. India is a tropical country with considerably hot and humid climate throughout the year. If you are visiting during peak winter months like January or December, wear thick woolen clothing or thin jackets. During wildlife activities, it is recommended to wear light dull clothing along with sunglasses, hat, shoes and sunscreen. In general, cotton and light weight linen are the best styles of dresses for Indian climate.

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