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Golden Chariot General Information

Golden Chariot, the only South India luxury train covers one signature itinerary covering Karnataka and surrounding regions.

Do you want to know more about the train, journey, and the itinerary?

Guest Cabin

The train holds 44 cabins. 17 cabins have double beds and 26 cabins have twin beds. One of the cabins is designed for physically challenged traveler. During a trip, the train can accommodate a maximum of 88 travelers. There are a total of 11 carriages for guests and each carriage can hold four cabins. Each carriage is decorated with traditional elements of the ancient dynasties of southern India. Each carriage is named after a princely state of Karnataka region.

Inside the cabin, the travelers can enjoy a plush interior and a sublime ambience. Top amenities inside the cabin are comfortable bed, writing table, en-suite bathroom, curtained windows and others.

Dining Cars

The train holds two restaurant cars namely Nala and Ruchi. Both the cars have the same menu, hospitality, and the level of luxury. The train serves both non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisines. The chairs in the restaurants are arranged in four and six groups closer to the windows for the passengers to enjoy the view as they dine.

Lounge Car and Bar

The train holds an exquisite bar named Madira. The term Madira means mythological drink of Gods. This is the right place to enjoy a cup of wine or any other alcohol of your choice. The lounge car has comfortable seating, small games, and a mild music in the background.

Business Car

Also called as the conference car, this coach holds a business room with a capacity of 30. The car holds many high-tech facilities like fax, printer, LCD screen, internet, and other audio-visual equipment.


The train holds a traditional spa with a specialist who can provide an array of traditional Ayurvedic massages. The Spa holds two massage beds with a minimalistic luxury decor.


The spa coach also has a well-equipped gym. Those who look forward to continuing their exercise regime during the vacation can use the gym.

Pre and Post Tour Accommodation

While you are on-board, you will be accommodated in a private cabin or as per your booking details. However, the accommodation prior or post to the tour is not included in your tariff. The management recommends booking hotels in Bengaluru on day one and day seven to avoid any complications.

Pre and Post Travel

While you are on-board, the travel requirements are taken care by the management. You will be taken from one destination to another in the Golden Chariot and at each destination; you will be driven around in luxury road transportation. The travel requirements prior and post to the tour are not included in the tariff. Thus, you are solely responsible for flight tickets in and out of Bengaluru and road transportation to reach the railway station. The starting and ending destination of the tour is Bengaluru, which holds an international airport.

Travel Insurance

Your tariff includes an umbrella insurance, which covers you from damages incurred due to natural calamities, political problems, fire, and others. Experts advise you to take personal travel insurance, for your safety. Personal travel insurance will cover damages and losses caused due to personal injury, luggage loss, accident, fatal incidents, and so on.

Travel Documents

Every international tourist should hold a valid passport and visa. Every tourist should hold the booking document (receipt). An ID proof is also requested during the initial boarding.

Additional Tours and Itineraries

The Golden Chariot conducts one signature itinerary. The train itinerary covers a list of destinations and activities, which are included in the tariff. From time to time, activities and tours will be conducted over and beyond the signature itinerary, which is not included in the tariff. You can choose to take part or reject the optional tour.

Dress Code

There is no strict dress code for the tour. The sightseeing tours include long queues and continuous walking at numerous destinations. Thus, comfortable footwear is recommended. The train has a luxury ambience. Thus, decent clothing is advisable. Before you pack, learn about the climatic condition of Karnataka to know whether you need thick clothing or light wear.

Dietary Requirements

The restaurants, Nala and Ruchi serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. If you wish to have any dietary restrictions like gluten-free, vegan, or others, mention it during the time of booking. The management will try their best to accommodate your requirements. Last minute requests are next to impossible to cover in a running train.


The Golden Chariot offers porter services when you board in and out of the train. However, you can choose to opt out of the service too.


Every coach has a designated butler, who caters to your travel requirements throughout the day. Butlers and all the staffs who come in contact with the guests are well versed in the local language and English. Thus, you can communicate your needs with ease.

Assistance for Physically Challenged Travelers

Apart from a special cabin designed to accommodate physically challenged travelers, Golden Chariot has taken many other initiatives to make their travel easier. The train provides special assistants, wheel chairs, creches, and other requirements. If such assistance is required, mention during the booking.

Electric Outlet

The train holds numerous outlets in each coach. Electricity is available throughout the trip. The outlet provides 110/120 V. International adaptors is available too. Ask your butler if you need any.

City Sightseeing Tour

Sightseeing tours are conducted at each destination. Tourists will be taken to each attraction in luxury road transportation. At the attractions, tourists might have to wait in queue and walk around to enjoy the attractions. Thus, bring adequate water and snacks with you, especially if you are travelling with a child.

Professional Guide

Your tariff includes a professional English speaking guide, who would accompany you during your excursions. If you wish to choose a guide who can communicate in a language of your choice, you ought to mention while booking. The special guides are not a part of your tariff too.


Golden Chariot does not allow smoking in any cabins, lounges, bar, or even en-suite bathroom. Smoking in public places is a crime in India. If you wish to smoke, talk to your butler. He will guide you to the designated area for smoking.

Vaccination Requirement

There are no specific vaccinations required to visit India. If you are visiting from any destination, which falls under the yellow fever endemic regions, you need to present a vaccination certificate at the airport during immigration. Golden Chariot does not exert any such requirements.

Medical Needs

A licensed paramedic travels with you throughout your journey. In case of any medical emergency, the paramedic will provide first-aid and a doctor will be called at the next destination. The paramedic holds stock of many essential medicines. However, if you have any medical condition, or if you are travelling with any child, it is better to bring the medicines you might need. Finding every medicine of your requirement in a moving train is not plausible, always.

Laundry Services

At specific destinations, laundry service is provided as a value added add-on service. This service is not a part of your tariff. Talk to your butler to know when and where the service is available.


Cellphones are allowed inside the train and internet service is provided too. However, it is recommended to keep your phone in silent mode to avoid disturbance to other travelers. Use of laptop and other devices is restricted to the cabin. Each cabin holds a telephone with satellite connection. The telephone charges are not a part of your tariff.


The Golden Chariot does not allow tourists to bring any alcohol with them. The lounge room holds a bar with a large stock of international and local brands of liquor. Minimum drinking age is 21 in India. In some cases, the bartender might request you to show an age proof.


There is no obligation to pay any form of gratuities to the staff. The tariff includes a small fee of gratuity to all the staffs in the train.


The train has a crew of staffs including waiters, chefs, butlers, and others. Every staff that comes in contact with the tourists is well versed in English. The hospitality and customer service is unparalleled in Golden Chariot.

Passenger Requirement Threshold

For Golden Chariot to operate profitably, a minimum number of passengers should book for a specific itinerary. If not, the tour will be cancelled and the entire cost of the ticket will be refunded, or an alternative date will be provided for the trip.

Tariff break-down

The tariff of the train travel includes:

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