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Golden Chariot Restaurant

The Golden Chariot train tariff includes luxury dining throughout the trip. The train holds two restaurants named as Nala and Ruchi.

Nala Restaurant

Nala holds an ancient décor inspired from the monuments of Halebid and Hampi. The name ‘Nala’ refers to a legendary king who is said to be an expert cook. The menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. From time to time, the chef might serve any signature dishes. You could request for special dietary meals too, during the ticket booking.

The tables are arranged in groups of fours or twos closer to the windows, allowing tourists to enjoy a glance of the scenery as they dine.

Ruchi Restaurant

The term ‘Ruchi’, means taste. The decor of the restaurant is also ancient traditional style derived from monuments. This restaurant has the same menu, tableware, hospitality, and specialty dishes as Nala Restaurant, as they are served by the same kitchen. Every ingredient is freshly procured and thus, the taste is impeccable. Cuisine is an integral part of India's culture and thus, Golden Chariot provides additional attention to the gastronomic beauty of the itinerary.

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