Best Time to Visit Jodhpur

Jodhpur, located on the border of the Thar Desert experiences extremely hot climate and the best time to visit Jodhpur is in between October till March. One can enjoy sightseeing and explore the land completely during the pleasant season between October to March. The climate during these months is perfect to have day tours as the temperatures are not extreme and allow one to even enjoy the desert activities along with the fairs.

In rainy season the colorful city receives a bit less rainfall and the days will turn much humid. Exploring the city is a better plan, but one may get disappointed if it rains much. So visiting the city between the months of July and September will affect the outdoor activities, but the city turns to be a very special place with its unique natural beauty.

Summers are extremely hot and the truth is that it is not very easy to enjoy the beauty of the city and the attractions as the city experiences extremely high temperatures. The exhaustive temperatures will offer an unpleasant experience as stepping out in the hot sun is not very advisable. People planning a trip in Jodhpur during hot summers must carry all the essentials that save them from a sun stroke.

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