Angriya Cruise is open for Tourists between Mumbai and Goa

It is not uncommon for tourists to visit Goa, while taking a Mumbai tour. Usually, tourists choose the highway that runs between Mumbai and Goa or the rail route from Mumbai to Goa. From this year, it is better to forget the roadway and railway. Board Angriya Cruise between Mumbai and Goa to enjoy a vacation.

Angriya Cruise from Mumbai to Goa
Angriya Cruise from Mumbai to Goa

It is quite a delay after the initially announced date of opening of Angriya Cruise route. Finally, on 24th October of 2018, Angriya (Angriya) runs from Mumbai to Goa and vice versa.

Angriya Cruise Between Mumbai to Goa

During one trip, Angriya can travel with 470 people; 400 passengers and 70 crew. While you travel, you enjoy the coastline of Mumbai enjoy a party night and much more. India is endowed with a long list of coastline and it is planning to promote tourism with the ports and marinas. Between Mumbai and Goa, the cruise makes four trips per week. It takes 14 hours to reach the destination, making sure that the tourists had enough time to enjoy every amenity inside the ship. Do you want to cover Mumbai attractions before you choose to board the cruise?

Cabins in Angria Cruise from Mumbai to goa
Cabins in Angriya Cruise from Mumbai to Goa

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Angriya Cruise Facilities

This luxury cruise holds 104 rooms, with varying categories of accommodation for different budgets like luxury suites, premium rooms, dormitory and others. You can also choose pods, like the ones in Japan. The cruise ship also holds underway luxury rooms. Apart from the rooms, the boat holds 6 bars, two restaurants, disco hall, swimming pool, spa, reading room and others.

Ancora Restaurant Inside The Ship
Ancora Restaurant Inside The Ship

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This is the second best way to enjoy Goa. The first option is of course the luxury trains.

Top luxury trains, which cover Goa are:

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Angriya Cruise Boarding Point in Mumbai and Goa

The cruise starts from the Purple Gate, Princess Dock of Mumbai at 4 in the evening and reaches southern Goa’s Mormugao on the next day, 9 in the morning. On the return journey, the cruise starts at 4 pm in Goa and reaches Mumbai, the next day 9 am.

Angriya Cruise Price (Ticket) Cost

  • The cost varies based on the type of accommodations you choose inside the cruise. It starts at INR 6650 per person (one-way trip). This basic accommodation comes with single bed, common washroom and with no windows. You can choose between four decks for choosing the right accommodation.
  • If you choose bunkrooms, you would be sharing your room with four fellow passengers. The entire cost of the room is INR 7,700. You can enjoy a good view, thanks to the window, but, there is no attached washroom.
  • It would cost INR 6650 per head for Japanese pod, which comes with single or double occupancy. They have no windows and no attached washroom. Regardless of the type of accommodation, the ticket cost would include three meals (snacks, dinner and breakfast).
Buddy Cabins Angriya Cruise
Buddy Cabins Angriya Cruise

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How to Book Angriya Cruise Tickets?

The best way to book tickets is via the official site of Angriya cruise.

If you are thinking about another option to experience the luxurious journey except Angriya then Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train is the best way. It is one of the most popular luxury trains in India offering 5 star hotel services onboard train. You must check out the fare, departure dates, general information, facilities etc.. before booking. Here are the Journeys:

Can Pregnant Women Enjoy this Cruise?

For safety reasons, women with more than six-month pregnancy are not allowed on board. In addition, infants less than 12 months are also not allowed.

Is the Cruise Open for People with Disabilities?

The cruise does not object tourists with disabilities from enjoying the journey. However, as of now, the cruise does not hold any disability-friendly elements like elevators or special toilets. All the amenities like pools, bars and restaurants are present at different levels and thus, it would be difficult to access. The cruise team has promised that the ship would become more accessible in the future.

Can Pets be Taking on the Cruise?

Unfortunately, Angriya is open for humans only.

Luggage Limit

It is quite similar to airlines. You can carry 25 km check-in baggage, which would be handed over to the travelers while disembarking only. A person can carry a single bag of 10 kg as cabin luggage, which can be accessed as they wish.

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Wi-Fi in Ship

As of now, the cruise does not provide Wi-Fi facility. Your internet availability depends on your mobile device’s coverage at any given spot.

Is Smoking Allowed?

Smoking is allowed only in designated areas. Smoking is not allowed in any other areas or enclosed regions.

Is Medical Emergency Help Available?

There is no doctor or medical professional on-board. You are requested to carry your medicines. The entire crew is given on-hand training for all medical emergencies and for providing first aid. A few sealed syrup bottles are only allowed per head in cabin luggage.

What to do after de-boarding Angriya?

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