Top 10 Restaurants in Mumbai

Besides being the heart of India's Bollywood industry, Mumbai (formerly called Bombay), the city of dreams sure knows how to eat! From South Indian dishes to Mediterranean, the city terms with wonderful restaurants where one can put their taste buds to the test where one can fill their tummies or simply hang out for a midnight drink.

But how does one miss out on authentic street food that Mumbai boasts of.

For travelers, being able to taste authentic Mumbai street food is more like a dream come true. With a huge variety of amazing street vendors to top notch restaurants, Mumbai has it all.

Brought to you first is a list of top ten Restaurants in Mumbai where one can run off to for a good meal and a good time.

1. The Earth Plate

If you're looking for some place cosy after a long flight and also good enough to fill your crying tummy, The Earth Plate is the place or you.

From your favourite non vegetarian dishes to the choicest of beer, this place forms the ideal spot for a good relaxing dinner. Also, the ‘inviting’ bar-stand cannot be ignored, where one sure does find the place to relax those tensed muscles.

Best Time to Visit:This restaurant is the ideal place for a good dinner. Being in the city that never sleeps, this restaurant is open twenty four- seven with hardworking dedicated workers.

Location: This hotel isn't really hard to get to. It's a simple walk out from the Domestic Airport.

2. Ark Bar

If you think you can manage a little extra pricy and want to get away from your busy schedule, Ark bar provides you with just that. With its soothing music and cheery colourful atmosphere, Ark Bar gives the perfect combination of food, drinks, dance and music. It's a club designed to make one feel at a pub and people flock in here in the evenings to break a leg.

Best Time to Visit: It is usually opened from 12 at noon to 12 in the morning, and the best time to experience the fun would be the evenings, when the music is at its best and the dance floor is on fire.

Location: This place can be found at the Courtyard Mumbai International Airport. Not too far away for those to take on a cocktail first on arriving in Mumbai

Note: This may be a jolly good place to hang out, but kids are ruled out. No one below eighteen years of age is allowed here.

3. Lake View Cafe

With its al fresco section, Lake View Cafe turns out be a lovely sight for the eyes. It's a comfortable and warm place making dining here quite a memorable treat.

Amazing food like Nasik Tomato Soup' to 'Saoji Mutton' and 'Prawns Linguine' to 'Brie Tempura', the exhaustive a la carte menu gets your mouth watering with just a look. There are classics, Indian dishes, small plates, large plates and desserts. The Chicken Baida Roll, the mesmerizing Mumbai Toastie and the super delicious Matke Chole with their magical Achari Kulche certainly merit a try.

Best Time to Visit: The ‘Sunday brunch’, as it's called here is the most waited for. Besides that, it's a great place to lunch out when on a trip around Mumbai. People stop here in the evenings for a glass of cocktail and to spend some quiet refreshing time.

Location:The Mumbai Convention Centre, in the famous Renaissance hotel.

4. Boulevard

This all-day dining restaurant is a hotspot for late night revellers and party goers who throng this place for its midnight buffet. The fare on offer is sumptuous and satiating.

The wooden seating is comfortable and the ambience basic, but elegant. The buffets for lunch and dinner are equally varied and comprise Indian as well as global cuisines.

And if you're Vegetarian… Hallelujah! You've found your ideal place of satisfaction! From ras bhari paneer and chatpate aloo, The Boulevard has it all!

Best Time to Visit: This restaurant is an all- day dining, making it an ideal place for office goes to make a quick stop for a drop of cocktails. The evenings are alive with soft music and beverage lovers.

Location: An easy location The Orchid Hotel, Adjacent to Domestic Airport.

5. The Peshwa Pavilion

This round the clock eatery provides comfort to all the hungry souls out there. The natural light from the windows adds to the charm of this place, making this place a bright and cheerful one to dine in.

Apart from the comprehensive À la carte menu, the lavish buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner are hugely popular. The food is aesthetically presented and the portions generous.

he mouthwatering Caesar salad, the fine New Zealand Lamb Chops, the classy Nasi Goreng, the spicy Murg Masaledar Biryani and the breathtaking Pavilion Chocolate Fudge served with jaggery caramel sauce, are some of the must-try dishes here.

Best Time to Visit: This place is open for 24 hours, but the best time would be at Lunch time when you wanna grab a heavy meal and also hang around with your buddies for a while. It's also famous among the night-owls who's like to stop by for a good row of fun times.

Location: Andheri East, by ITC Maratha.

6. Hornsby's Pavilion

Famous For: From breakfast till dinner time, this place is abuzz with action. It offers the privacy needed and the comfort sort after. The 'Kombdicha Tambda Rassa' and 'Chatpati Palakwali Tarkari' are worth indulging in if you are sufficiently hungry. The 'Konkan Jevan' here is an absolute treat.

Best Time to Visit:Indian food being the power of this restaurant, lunch and dinner make it an ideal time to visit Hornsby's Pavilion.

Location: TC Grand Central, South Mumbai

7. Lotus Cafe

With courteous staff, lovely decor,music, full bar, luxury dining, wi-fi, buffet, this place has it all. What's more, the sight of this place makes you feel so much at home and it's also kid friendly. What more could a diner want?

Best Time to Visit:With courteous staff, lovely decor,music, full bar, luxury dining, wi-fi, buffet, this place has it all. What's more, the sight of this place makes you feel so much at home and it's also kid friendly. What more could a diner want?

Location: If you're on the road to Juhu, this place is easy to find.

8. Romano's

If you're an Italian food lover, then this place is your haven. One of the best place to have pizza pasta. Good taste and excellent service. Romano’s bar is very on-trend with the latest cocktail ideas and the ambience is informal with no tablecloths and a relaxed attitude.

Critics have said that it looks like an Italian restaurant at Disney world; others praise its modern styling which sets it apart from the city’s other Italian restaurants The emphasis is on the cuisine of Rome so you will get pasta done both Amatriciana and Carbonara style, according to Roman recipes.

Best Time to Visit:A silent evening is the best time to visit this place to grab an Italian snack.

Location: Its located close to JW Marriott, just a stop away from the Airport.

9. Mostly Grills

The rooftop location adds to the excitement and decor of this amazing restaurant.It's cool as its a open restaurant when you enter it has a poolside view for sitting and the restaurant is designed in a small village kind of environment with a hut seating which gives you the feeling of 'being a nawab’.

The live qawwali music is also a part of all the buzz and finery of this restaurant. The ‘Mostly Kebabs’ section of the menu is the raison d'être of visiting this place. The robust flavours of the Tabak Maas will delight any hungry non vegetarian.

Best Time to Visit:The best time to visit is during their ‘kawaab festival’ when the staff members are dressed up in traditional Nawabi costumes. On normal days, when one is on the mood for some heavy Indian lunch, this place is on the cards.

Location: The Orchid, Near Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport area.

10. La Mossimo

Looking for a good dinner spot? La Mossimo is the ideal place for a lovely french cuisine. Built the proper french way, it provides ample amount of space and brings out the delight of eating in comfort.

Best Time to Visit:Supper time is the best time to visit this place. It provides good light dinners with beverages that can soothe your soul

Location: It's located in good ol’ Sahara star. Not very far from central Mumbai.

And there it is, the finest and best of the many restaurants in Mumbai that considers visiting at least once. The food never grows old here, the services being splendid and the memories… unforgettable!

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