Top 15 Best Countries To Explore By Rail

Train journeys are not always about the destination. If you are looking to create a spirit of vacation or add a vibrant soul to your journey, the train would do the magic.

Train journeys give you a feel of relaxation and excitement, which is nourished by the ever-changing sceneries, comfortable ride and the rhythmic rock-a-bye of the train movement. Not all regions are enriched with train routes.

Here are the best countries for train travel where you can enjoy a train journey and have a marvelous vacation.

15 Countries that Are Best Explored by Trains

1. India

India transports more than 18 million passengers every day via trains. With the help of 17,000 trains and more running around the country, the land is connected via trains to every nook and corner.

Starting from the secluded tea plantations of Assam to the southern tip at Kanyakumari, the trains have managed to scale the place. Apart from being a necessary transportation option, the trains of the land are also an important tourist attraction. India is one of the very few destinations in the world where tourists from different parts of the world visit for a train journey.

Best Train Journeys Of India

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2. Scotland

Covering the wild nature of Scotland is more rewarding if you choose trains. Whether you choose an overnight train route scaling the Highlands or covering the quaint villages of the land, the region is more mesmerizing with trains.


If you are looking for some romantic trains, the majestic steam trains will take you on an enchanted journey through wildlife and story-book styled lush regions.

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Apart from these, you can find many heritage trains, bridge routes and other options to cover elegant destinations of the land.

Best Train Journeys of Scotland

  1. West Highland Line
  2. AbellioScotrail
  3. Jacobite Steam Train route
  4. The Kyle Line

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3. Russia

Russia’s iconic train route is the Trans-Siberian Railways, which connects Moscow with farther Eastern parts of Russia and many other iconic train routes. These railway routes are famous throughout the world for a fairy-tale romantic experience, classic heritage train journey and most important of all, an unparalleled experience.

Russia Tour by Train

The main beauty of the train routes is the landscape of Russia. The panoramic view of silver fir, birch and wild streams of water would put you in a trance state.

Best Train Journeys Of Russia

  1. Moscow to Vladivostok
  2. Moscow – Harbin – Beijing
  3. Moscow-Mongolia-Beijing

4. Japan

There is no surprise to know that Japan has a place on this list. Japan is known for its inventions and the modern train amenities and facilities are beyond imagination in this land.

When it comes to Japan tourism, the country focuses on train sightseeing as much as any other part of the land’s beauty. Train routes are laid via exclusive routes to add more beauty to the vacation.

Apart from the destination and the view, the trains are also modeled to be more comfortable and affordable. It is important to choose the right routes, at the right time of the year for enjoying natural wealth at its prime beauty. Japan has very few around-the-year attractions. Thus, surf the routes on the internet before you choose.

Best Train Journeys of Japan

  1. Shinkansen – Mount Fuji
  2. Histsu Line
  3. Gono Line
  4. Hanwa Line
  5. Japan Alps route
  6. Takayama Main Line

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5. Switzerland

Switzerland is an angelic beauty by itself with the folding white mountains, lush beauty, quaint villages, and the exclusive views. Team these with a scenic train ride in a heritage locomotive or a mountain train and you would get a Hollywood-styled train vacation.

Switzerland Tour By Train

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Most of the magical train journeys around the world happen in Switzerland and, the snow-sprinkled peaks with lakes and meadows would add more hype to the magic. Switzerland does take pride in the power of making a normal train journey feel like a luxurious one, just with the stunning rows of sceneries.

Best Train Journeys Of Switzerland

  1. Golden Pass Line
  2. Gotthard Panorama Express
  3. Glacier Express
  4. Voralpen Express
  5. Bernina Express

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6. America

Do not imagine America as a clockwork region with hustles and busyness of the metropolitan cities. America is the land of stylish beauty, untouched natural resources, and exclusive destinations, which are penetrated with train routes. There is a beauty in the high-speed trains running from city to city, wherein you can enjoy the chaotic culture and the glorious skyline.

America Tour by Train

However, the touristy beauty lies in the secluded train routes of the regions connecting cliffs, coastal regions, pine forest and much more. Starting from Grand Canyon, the trains manage to take you closer to numerous attractions and wonders of the land.

Best Train Journeys Of America

  1. Amtrak Coast Starlight
  2. Great Smoky Mountains Railroad
  3. Grand Canyon Railways
  4. Southwest Chief
  5. Cascades Routes

7. Greece

The rugged landscape of Greece with ancient train routes and spectacular nature would stand as a mesmerizing option for train enthusiasts. Greece is famous for train routes that provide access to numerous tourist destinations and attractions like hiking trails, beaches and much more.

Greece Tour by Train

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Due to the geographically small region, there are only a few iconic train routes open for tourists and each one of them is a holistic vacation by itself.

Best Train Journeys Of Greece

  1. The Rack Railway
  2. Katakolon Train
  3. Little Train of Pelion

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8. Australia

The Australian train routes have the power to connect the legendary past and the growing modern era with just a train journey. Australian train routes have nothing other than amazing romance and charm fitted through bridges, tunnels and rocky sides of mountains.

Australia Tour by Train

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Each train route is unique in numerous manners. The Indian Pacific landscape with rainforests, cane fields, waterfalls, heritage villages, and quaint settlements give the best background for a romantic train journey.

The country also organizes exclusive train journeys, which are open only during festival seasons. If possible, you ought to try out these seasonal train journeys.

Best Train Journeys Of Australia

  1. Puffing Billy railway
  2. The Ghan
  3. The Sunlander
  4. Indian Pacific
  5. Kuranda Scenic Railway

9. Italy

It is a known fact that trains are the fastest way to travel in Italy when compared to driving or flying. This high-speed train connection provides beauty to tourism.

Italy Tour by Train

Apart from the regular city to city routes, the tracks of the railways have managed to cover iconic routes and wonderful natural beauties. The next best thing to the natural beauty of Italy is the saucy culture, which is best expressed with the trains. The regional route trains are the best way to socialize with the locals. If you are into romantic train journeys, choose train routes that cover the northern parts of Italy.

Best Train Journeys Of Italy

  1. Ultimate Venice
  2. Amalfi Coast
  3. Circumetnea Line
  4. Trenino Verde

10. Spain

Spain holds the record for having the continent’s longest rail network of high-speed railways. If you are looking for scenic routes for a serene train journey to relax and rejuvenate, tour experts would request you to choose train routes covering Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, and other regional routes.

Spain Tour by Train

The colorful local routes would introduce you to the culture, architecture and the exclusive heritage of the land. Are you into photography? Choose hidden destinations to capture the essence of the land in a spectacular Spanish mode.

Best Train Journeys Of Spain

  1. Andalucian Explorer
  2. La Coruna – Lisbon
  3. Ultimate Barcelona
  4. Barcelona – Montserrat
  5. Madrid – Seville

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11. France

France need not even try to make anything romantic. Romance and beauty is in the air in France. The best part about French trains is that they are very quiet and relaxing.

France Tour by Train

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Most of the train routes run through historic monuments and spectacular vistas. Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, and Lyon are the top destinations to start your train vacation. If you are looking for some sunny and bright landscapes, try routes covering Toulouse and surrounding regions.

If you are looking for lush natural beauties along the way, choose routes covering Massif Central Mountains and surrounding regions.

Best Train Journeys Of France

  1. TGV Paris – Nice
  2. Train de la Cote Bleue
  3. Clermont – Ferrand
  4. Trieux estuary steam railway

12. Germany

Not many know that Germany is one of the exciting places to enjoy a train journey. If you love train routes covering mountains, sparkling lakes, rustic architectural marvels, and castles, this is the right place to visit.

Germany Tour by Train

The train routes along the Rhine River is the iconic destination for train lovers and honeymooners. City routes are usually served by high-speed trains for just transportation purposes.

You need to choose exclusive destinations to get away from the hustle of the land and embrace the cultural and natural essence of Germany.

Best Train Journeys Of Germany

  1. Hollentalbahn
  2. Three Lakes Railways
  3. Zugspitze Railway Route
  4. Harz Steam Railway Route
  5. Munich – Neuschwanstein Castle

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13. South Africa

If you are looking for a luxury experience, Blue Train and Rovos Rail would give you the blue-blood luxury train vacation.

Apart from these, Cape Town to the southern tip regions are incorporated with exclusive train routes slashing through wild raw nature and beauties, untouched by commercialization. Most of the train routes that run for tourism purposes choose exclusive destinations to cover like the wine regions, quaint villages, waterfalls, national park regions and so on.

South  Africa Tour by Train

If you are not into luxury trains, you can choose city routes to cover the culture of the land.

Best Train Journeys Of South Africa

  1. Blue Train
  2. Umgeni Steam Train
  3. Ceres Railways
  4. Atlantic Rail
  5. Magaliesburg Express
  6. Rovos Rail

14. Canada

The rail routes of Canada help you to explore the Canadian Rockies of the land, pristine west coast regions, and exclusive remote routes. You can choose to travel from coast to coast or cover the mountains or have a diverse route.

Canada Tour By Train

Canada offers numerous train routes and holistic train vacation packages for tourists like you. Are you looking for a cultural thrill? Choose inter-city train routes between top cities to enjoy a spectacular glimpse of the culture and skyline of the cities.

Best Train Journeys Of Canada

  1. VIA Rails’ trans-continental train
  2. Toronto – Winnipeg
  3. Coast-to-coast
  4. Canadian Rockies route
  5. Victoria Rail Journey

15. Turkey

Turkey is a land of redefined beauties. The conventional trains of this land have more touristy elements than many tourist trains from around the world. The train routes of Turkey covers mountains of the south, wide landscape of the north and so on.

Turkey Tour by Train

Apart from many luxury trains and international rail routes covering Turkey, the inter-city train routes are best for enjoying cinematic backgrounds and magnificent wild nature.

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Starting from the exotic landscape of the Black Sea to red pine forests, the train routes zigzag through numerous regions of the land with diverse beauty and a spectrum of surprises.

Best Train Journeys Of Turkey

  1. Orient Express
  2. Van Lake Express
  3. Taurus Express
  4. Eastern Express

Flying might get you to the destination faster but, traveling via train will get you closer to the destination’s culture and beauty. If you are not planning for a luxury train budget, choose some scenic train routes in the destination country and cover classic natural beauties with the backdrop of the clickety-click tune of the train.

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