30 Major Fairs and Festivals in India in January 2024

India is a land of diverse culture, which leads to a diverse lifestyle, celebrations and much more. India gets its spectrum of beauty from this diversity and if you wish to enjoy this diverse culture, the best time to visit is during festivals. Each festival is unique and in some cases, the same festival is celebrated in a different manner by different communities. If you are visiting in January, here is the list of all the interesting events, fairs and festivals celebrated in India in January. Remember that the dates of these festivals vary from year to year and this list is exclusively for January 2021.

1. New Year’s Day

Place of Celebration : Throughout the Country

Date : 1st Jan 2024

Although every state and community has its own local new year, the influence of western culture has introduced this new fiesta into the Indian calendar. Each state celebrates this festival with grandeur and fun. If you are looking for exclusive celebrations, visit Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, Pondicherry, Bangalore and other ultra-modern cities.

Shimla Ridge New Year Celebration India
New Year's Day

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Many clubs, hotels and other hi-fi spots will be thriving with parties, theme parties, dance celebration and so on.
  2. The market regions will be offering interesting discounts and it is the best time for shopping experience.
  3. Open-air parties will be conducted with booze, dance, and music in beaches of Goa.
  4. Many rituals and unique prayers will be conducted in religious sites for the wellness of people in the upcoming new year.

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2. Pattadakal Dance Festival

Place of Celebration : Pattadakal, Karnataka

Date : 1st Jan 2024

This is an annual dance festival celebrated in the Pattadakkal group of temples, which were built during the 7th century AD. This festival focuses on the ancient dance forms of the land. It also shows more interest in the culture of the Kannadigas community of the region.

Pattadakal Dance Festival, Karnataka
Pattadakal Dance Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Watch mesmerizing dance performances by local artists and performers from around the country.
  2. A craft mela is set up around the temple region where you can buy souvenirs and cultural items from artisans and even watch them work their masterpieces.

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3. Kanathoor Nalvar Bhoothasthanam

Place of Celebration : Kuthiramalika Palace, Kerala

Date : Not Available

Theyyam is a unique colorful and exotic dance form of Kerala. This festival stages Theyyam as the main element of celebration. This festival is a celebration of welcoming the new year. The dance is a mesmerizing element and the dresses of the dancers add a visual wonder to the feel.

Kanathoor Nalvar Bhoothasthanam
Kanathoor Nalvar Bhoothasthanam

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Enjoy 40 different styles of Theyyam during this festival.
  2. Stalls will be erected around the temple where you can buy religious items, souvenirs, cultural items, and others.
  3. Special rituals are conducted in the temple during the festival.

4. Swathi Sangeetholsavam

Place of Celebration : Kuthiramalika Palace, Kerala

Date : 4th - 13th Jan 2024

The name of the festival can be translated as Swathi music festival. This is a ten-day festival celebrated to praise the life and work of Swathi Thirunalwas, a famous singer and former ruler of the region. This annual music festival paves way for budding talents.

Swathi Sangeetholsavam, Kerala
Swathi Sangeetholsavam, Kerala

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Several music performances will be conducted by more than 100 musicians from around the state
  2. Instrumental music performances of local instruments like Ghatam, Veena, Mridangam, Tavil, and others will be performed.

5. Chennai Dance and Music festival

Place of Celebration : Chennai

Date : 8th Jan 2024

This is a celebration of Southern India’s dance and music forms. More focus is provided on the Carnatic music, during this festival. This festival is celebrated in many temples, auditoriums, art centers, and heritage sites, throughout the city. This festival started in 1927 and it was initially called the Margazhi festival. This festival celebrates the anniversary of the inauguration of Madras Music Academy. Later, many music and dance schools joined up to create this grand festival.

Chennai Dance and Music festival
Chennai Dance and Music festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Around 300 concerts are conducted throughout the city with more than 2000 participants.
  2. Starting from vocal to instrumental music, you can find many music performances.
  3. Dance performances are conducted in many auditoriums by talented artists and famous dancers.
  4. Performances are conducted in various South Indian languages like Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and others.

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6. Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday

Place of Celebration : Throughout the country

Date : 17th Jan 2024

Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru, and the most significant Guru was born on 5th January in the mid of 17th century. During some years, although the birthday falls on 5th, the festival is celebrated on another day, according to the lunar cycle. He was a renowned master of spiritual power, poet, philosopher, preacher and many others. To mark his birth anniversary, many rituals and events are conducted by Sikhs throughout the country.

Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday
Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Special early morning celebrations, processions, and other rituals are conducted in Gurudwaras.
  2. At the break of dawn, devotees join up to sing religious tunes and also play a certain exotic musical instrument.
  3. You can find interesting stalls around Gurudwara to buy religious items, delicacies, and others.
  4. Free beverages and food are served near the place of worship. You can find free stalls for rose milk, langar meal, delicacies, and others.
  5. Kadha Prasad is a delicacy you can taste in the Gurudwaras during this festival.
  6. Many seminars and lectures will be conducted by leaders of this religion.

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7. International Kite Festival

Place of Celebration : Gujarat

Date : 8th – 14th Jan 2024

Since 1980, this festival is hosted in Ahmedabad, Surat and many other destinations in Gujarat. Every year, Gujarat celebrates more than 200 festivals and this is one of the top celebrations. This festival brings kite flyers and makers together and it is one of the most colorful festivals of the country. It is not just about India. You can find rokkaku fighting Japanese kite, American banner kites, sculptural Italian kites, flying dragon Chinese kites and so on.

International Kite Festival Gujarat
International Kite Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Special kite market is open throughout Gujarat, where kite makers and kite enthusiasts can buy different kinds of kites or materials to make a kite.
  2. You can find special delicacies during this festival like surtijamun, laddu and others
  3. Watching kites populate the sky and flying kites are the top attraction of this festival.
  4. Watch the sky early in the morning or late at night to spot kites with lanterns flying in the sky.
  5. Watch renowned kite fighters flying 500 kites with just one string.

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8. Goa Tantra Festival

Place of Celebration : Goa

Date : 6th – 10th Jan 2024

The main philosophy behind tantra is ‘Life is God’. This is a large healing festival with numerous people visiting Goa from around 25 countries. This festival takes place in the famous beach cottage, Love Temple Retreat Center. This festival is considered as an experience of love and to celebrate oneself.

Goa Tantra Festival
Goa Tantra Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Many yoga sessions will be conducted by different gurus. Top yoga genres to experience are Shiva Shakti Yoga, Acro Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Partner Yoga, and others.
  2. Tantra meditation will be conducted by specialists
  3. You can enjoy live music celebrations during this festival
  4. Many massage sessions involving tantra is provided
  5. Cacao ceremony is the top experience to enjoy during this festival
  6. Drum circle, dance practice, singing circle, and others are enjoyed during this festival.

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9. Arthunkal Perunnal

Place of Celebration : Alappuzha, Kerala

Date : 10th - 27th Jan 2024

This is the annual feast of the famous church of Arthunkal, St. Andrew’s Forane Church. This is an important religious celebration of the state for Christians. Christians from around the state and neighboring regions visit the church to be a part of the rituals and celebrations.

Arthunkal Perunnal, Kerala
Arthunkal Perunnal

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. A grand feast is thrown for the devotees and visitors. Tourists can take also part in the feast.
  2. Early morning special masses and prayers will be conducted by the church
  3. Take part in the procession of the St. Sebastian statue to the nearby beach and back.
  4. The main part of the ritual is the crawl from the beach to the church. Devotees would crawl on all fours to reach the church from the beach.

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10. Bikaner Camel Festival

Place of Celebration : Bikaner

Date : 13th – 15th Jan 2024

This is one of the famous camel fairs of Rajasthan. This festival is conducted to celebrate the wealth of camel in this region. Bikaner is the only camel breeding center in the country and people from around the world come to watch the trade fair and the celebrations involving camels here. This is a two-day festival.

Decorated Camel Bikaner Festival
Bikaner Camel Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Watch camel related activities like camel race, camel beauty contest, and others
  2. Traditional cultural performances including dance, music, and others would be conducted
  3. Parade of camels wearing large jewelry like anklets, necklace, and others
  4. Fire dance, skirt swirling dance and gymnastic performances will be conducted.
  5. Puppet shows will be conducted with wooden puppets to narrate interesting folklore.
  6. At night, fireworks will be conducted to mark the end of the festival.
  7. Many stalls will be erected around the fairground and top souvenirs to buy here are craft items, leather articles, pottery items, jewelry, camel hair articles, and others.
  8. Enjoy exotic delicacies like camel milk sweets, camel milk tea, and other local dishes.
  9. Some service providers offer camel safari through the streets of Bikaner or around the fairground.

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11. Vasantholsavam

Place of Celebration : Kanakakkunnu Palace, Kerala

Date : Not Confirmed

This festival is celebrated as a spring welcoming ceremony. However, from a tourist point of view, it is a famous flower festival. This festival is a tribute to the agricultural products provided by mother earth. If you love foliage, this is the best colorful festival to enjoy.

Vasantholsavam Flower Show, Kerala

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Explore the iconic flower show, which holds common and exotic flower species from around the country.
  2. Visit the exhibition site where medicinal plants and herbs will be displayed. Medicinal products are also sold in this exhibition.
  3. Enjoy local delicacies at the food stalls erected closer to the flower show
  4. The display of tribal artworks and other lifestyle elements would be organized.

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12. Lohri

Place of Celebration : Punjab

Date : 13th Jan 2024

Lohri is celebrated to mark the end of the harsh winter and the harvest season of rabi. It is also the time of sugarcane harvest and thus, it is considered as the financial new year for Punjabi farmers. Gur, rewi, and peanuts are the three crops involved in this celebration. This festival celebrates fertility and it is important among newly-weds and new parents in Punjab.

Lohri Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Watch womenfolk sing and dance around a large fire.
  2. Try traditional festival delicacies like sarson da saag, gajjak, makki di roti and til rice.
  3. By sunset, people gather around the large fire to throw puffed rice, peanuts and popcorn into the fire.
  4. Traditional songs will be recited during this fire festival.
  5. Bhangra dance form is the most famous performance in this festival.

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13. Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival

Place of Celebration : Sakthi Mills Ground, Pollachi

Date : Not Confirmed

Eight countries come together to enjoy this balloon festival. You can find balloons of different varieties flying over the vast blue sky. Apart from this, numerous children's activities and cultural programs will be conducted throughout the festival. This festival is celebrated during the time of Pongal, the harvest festival.

Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival
Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Watch balloons ascend to the sky early in the morning.
  2. The food festival will be conducted in the fairground to enjoy the cuisine of the land and street food.
  3. Music concerts will be conducted late at night by celebrity singers and artists
  4. A large fun zone will be open for kids with rides, play area, and others
  5. The prime activity to enjoy is riding on the hot air balloon to get a panoramic view of the region.

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14. Kenduli Mela

Place of Celebration : West Bengal

Date : Not Confirmed

This fair is conducted in Kenduli, Poet Jaidev’s birthplace. This fair is a musical tribute to the Baul community’s culture. The community makes its livelihood by singing and their sings have a philosophical expression. This festival is celebrated during the harvest festival of the land.

Kenduli Mela
Kenduli Mela

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Music and instrumental performances are conducted by local communities like Bauls and Kirtanias.
  2. A large fir is conducted where many local things are sold like fishing nets, craftworks, pottery items, and others.
  3. Take part in the holy dip in River Ajoy
  4. Akhras, temporary tents are erected for Bauls to stay during the festival. If you wish, you can camp closer to them.
  5. On the last day, colored ashes are smeared at each other, similar to the Holi festival.

15. Kanjiramattom Nercha

Place of Celebration : Kanjiramattom Mosque, Kerala

Date : 13th - 14th Jan 2024

This is the annual flag hoisting festival celebrated in Kanjiramattom mosque. This festival is famous for its rituals and unique style of celebrations. Apart from religious events, the festival also gives equal importance to Islamic art forms, which is not performed in any other celebrations in the state.

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Take part in the procession in which pilgrims walk towards the mosque with a small earthen pot covered with sandalwood paste and filled with coins.
  2. Watch unique rituals conducted in the mosque.
  3. Watch the elephant procession that takes place from the mosque to a couple of streets and back to the mosque.
  4. This festival ends with a cultural fiesta in which traditional Islamic art forms like Duffmuttu, Kolkata, and others are performed.

16. Pongal

Place of Celebration : Throughout Tamil Nadu; well celebrated in village regions

Date : 15th - 18th Jan 2024

This is a four-day festival. The first day is Bhogi, which is considered as a day for Rain God to thank him for his generous showers. The second day is the main Pongal festival and the day is dedicated to Sun God. This festival marks the end of winter and the beginning of warmer season for harvest and cultivation. The third day is dedicated to cows, which are very essential for farming and other activities. The last day is Katya Pongal or Kaanum Pongal and this day is celebrated for the well-being of family and friends.

Pongal Celebration

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Special rituals and processions will be conducted in temples
  2. People pay tribute to Sun God by cooking rice in wood stoves, outside the house
  3. Bullfighting (jattikattu) is conducted in many village regions
  4. Many folk and cultural programs are conducted throughout the state
  5. Sweet Pongal, kolukotta, mango chutney, and other delicacies are made for this festival
  6. Take a walk through any house-filled alley early in the morning to watch womenfolk decorating their walkway with decorative rangoli made with many colors.
  7. Sugarcane is consumed a lot during this festival. Try tasting it.

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17. Kerala Village Fair

Place of Celebration : Kovalam, Kerala

Date : 15th Jan to 31 jan 2024

This is a ten-day-long local fair called Gramam in Kovalam. This is one of the few fairs of the country, which are visited by international tourists. Gramam’s basic principle is to re-create the traditions of the land. You can find locals in ethnic dresses, traditional works would be on display and so on. Even an entire village is set up in the traditional look.

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Many folk dances, music, and other performance arts are conducted during this fair
  2. Walk around the village to find flower-based designs in front of the homes.
  3. Many houses will have antique collection displays and other galleries.
  4. A large shopping area is dedicated to buying traditional items starting from clothing to metalwork
  5. Visit the food stall around the fairground to find traditional cuisines of the land.

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18. Bhogali Bihu

Place of Celebration : Assam

Date : 15th Jan 2024

This is one of the most significant celebrations in North-east India. This festival is also called Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu. This celebration is a feast, which is conducted after the harvest season. The highlight of this festival is food. This festival also marks the beginning of the sun’s movement towards the Tropic of Cancer. This is also Assamese New Year's day.

Bhogali Bihu, Assam
Bhogali Bihu

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Explore the temporary huts built by the locals using bamboo and thatch.This temporary huts are then burnt on the next day to mark the beginning of the celebration.
  2. Many games will be conducted like the bird fight, bullfight, pot breaking, and others.
  3. Take part in the community feasts during the festival and also during the night before the festival
  4. Watch locals performing dance and music performances. The best of all is the traditional Bihu dance
  5. Special rituals take place in the farmlands. Tourists are not allowed to take part in the ritual, but you can view it as an audience.
  6. A fair is organized at different places in Assam, where you can buy souvenirs, craft items, religious items and so on.
  7. Traditional instrumental music performances are also conducted in prime places.
  8. Top dishes to try in the fairgrounds are aalupatik, masor tango, khar, jaakh and others.

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19.Athirampuzha Perunnal

Place of Celebration : Kottayam, Kerala

Date : 19th to 26th Jan 2024

This church was built during the Portuguese rule. The main deity statue in the church was brought in by the Portugal troops from their homeland. This festival is the annual feast of this ancient church.

Athirampuzha Perunnal, Kottayam
Athirampuzha Perunnal

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Take part in the grand procession through the streets. The procession includes musical band, fireworks, and other spectacular elements
  2. Visit early in the morning to take part in the flag hoisting ceremony in the church.
  3. Special confession arrangements are made for the devotees today in the church.

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20. Nishagandhi Festival

Place of Celebration : Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Date : Not Confirmed

This is a seven-day cultural festival celebrated as a tribute to dance forms of the land. Although it is a holistic cultural festival, more focus is given to the rare dance forms of the land, which are slowly getting depleted from the modern world.

Nishagandhi Festival
Nishagandhi Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Enjoy dance performances by renowned dancers and budding artists.
  2. The entire premises of Kanakakkunnu Palace will be decorated beautifully, stroll through the region to enjoy the ancient architecture of the land.
  3. Kathakali fest will be conducted inside the palace and is open to tourists.

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21. Mamallapuram Dance Festival

Place of Celebration : Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram

Date : 21st Jan 2024

This is a traditional dance and music festival, which is celebrated in the heritage site of Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram. This festival is conducted as a tribute to the local dance, music and other arts and crafts of the land. The performances start early in the morning by 6 am and are completed by 8 pm, every day. Evening is the most beautiful time to visit to enjoy activities during this festival.

Mamallapuram Dance Festival
Mamallapuram Dance Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Dancers from around the country take part in performing dances of each state like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Kathakali, and others.
  2. Music performances are done by solo and group singers.
  3. You can find instrumental music performances too.
  4. Visit the beach in the evening to find many stalls for shopping and delicacy tasting.
  5. Visit the shore temple, which would be at prime beauty during this celebration.

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22. Araku Balloon Festival

Place of Celebration : Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

Date : 12th to 16th Jan 2024

Araku valley is very mesmerizing with spreading green foliage in Andhra Pradesh. These slopes of the valley are beautified with numerous hot air balloons floating. This three-day festival is famous for its array of activities involving hot air balloons.

Araku Balloon Festival
Araku Balloon Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. The primary attraction of this festival is riding the hot air balloon to get an eagle-eye view of the valley.
  2. Professional aerial performers conduct many stunning activities in the sky
  3. Some stay in overnight camps for three days to enjoy nature.
  4. People stay back in the valley region for barbeque dinner and other celebrations of their own.

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23. Modhera Dance Festival

Place of Celebration : Sun Temple of Modhera, Gujarat

Date : 20th – 23rd Jan 2024

This is a dance and cultural celebration conducted as a tribute to the Sun God. Previously called Uttarardh Mahotsav, this is one of the famous festivals of Gujarat. This festival takes place for three days and it is the best way to enjoy the cultural elements of the state. This festival marks the end of winter and the beginning of the sun’s transit towards the north.

Modhera Dance Festival
Modhera Dance Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Cultural and folk versions of dance, music and other art forms are performed by artists from around the state. Other state dances are also performed during the show
  2. Instrumental music shows are also conducted.
  3. Nritya dance is the most colorful and grand performance of all. Do not miss this performance.

24. Spituk Gustor Festival

Place of Celebration : Spituk Monastery, Ladakh

Date : 9th – 10th Jan 2024

This is a traditional colorful festival conducted on the 11th month of the Tibetan calendar. The main aim of this festival is to ward off the evil spirits and promote goodness. During this festival, the monastery takes up a lush beauty and tourists from around the country visit Ladakh to be a part of this celebration.

Spituk Gustor Festival
Spituk Gustor Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. The iconic performance of this festival is the masked dance of the monks
  2. Visit the Tibetan prayer hall to watch rituals and take part in meditation.
  3. Enjoy musical instrument performances of bells and cymbals
  4. Watch the burning ceremony in which a sacrificial cake is being burnt as a symbol of destroying evil.
  5. Watch the amulet of the monastery being displayed to the public. After the festival, the protective charm will be locked up in the monastery for another year.

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25. Jaipur Literature Festival

Place of Celebration : Diggi Palace, Jaipur

Date : 1st Feb – 5th Feb 2024

This program starts at 8 am and is concluded by 6:30 pm every day. This festival celebrates the art and craft forms of the land including works of literature. Experts from around the world are called for seminars, programs, and others.

Jaipur Literature Festival
Jaipur Literature Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Many speakers from around the world visit Jaipur to address the crowd.
  2. A large fair is conducted for local craftsmen, artisans and weavers to sell their masterpieces. This is the best place to buy interesting items like footwear, novel home décor items, traditional clothes, and others
  3. A night market is conducted at Clarks Amer for celebration and shopping. You can also find special stalls in Pool Bazaar during this festival.
  4. The festival starts with morning music performances and you can find many workshops conducted by top literature stars from around the world.

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26. Chinese New Year

Place of Celebration : North-east India (best enjoyed in Tripura) and Kolkata

Date : 10th Feb 2024

Although the population of Chinese in India is quite less, you can find celebrations in the north-east part of the country. Kolkata also holds a small population of this ethnic group and you can find a spectacular celebration.

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Visit China Town to enjoy the festival. You can find fireworks, decorations, and other aesthetic factors.
  2. Dragon dance will be conducted by expert dancers during this festival
  3. The Chinese population will have a grand feast in their homes. If you have a local Chinese friend, you can try their home-made food. If not, visit an authentic Chinese restaurant to try delicacies of New Year like fish ball, sweet rice balls, rice cake, and others.
Chinese New Year in Kolkata
Chinese New Year

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27. Republic Day

Place of Celebration : Throughout the country

Date : 26th Jan 2024

This is the day of declaring the democratic setup of the country. India has been celebrating Republic Day since 1950. This is a national celebration however, the best of celebrations take place in Delhi.

Republic Day India
Republic Day

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. The famous Republic Day parade with the march of army troops, weapons display, rocket display, stunts by army troops and others.
  2. Horse march is conducted by the cavalry department of the country.
  3. Selected scout boys from around the country take part in this parade.
  4. You can find an array of regional dances, patriotic song performances, and others.
  5. There will be dedicated flag hoisting and other activities in all major capital cities around the country.
  6. Many institutes and communities conduct cultural performances and games during this celebration.

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28. Lokrang Festival

Place of Celebration : Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Date : 26th - 30th Jan 2026

This cultural festival focuses on dance, tribal art forms, crafts, and others. This festival embraces the heritage of the land in a festive way. Apart from the local culture, many art and craft forms from around the country and even international destinations are expressed during this festival.

Lokrang Festival
Lokrang Festival

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Enjoy folk, tribal, classic and other forms of dance performances
  2. Explore the art and craft exhibition
  3. Music performances from many states are performed on the stage of this festival
  4. Paintings of renowned artists and budding talents are displayed for viewing and buying
  5. Music history exhibition is the highlight of this festival
  6. Enjoy storytelling, puppet shows, and children movie presentations provide entertainment to all age-groups
  7. Enjoy the local cuisine at the food fest conducted along with the celebration.

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29. Rann Utsav

Place of Celebration : Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Date : 10th Nov 2023 to 25 Feb 2024

This is a festival of natural and cultural beauty. Rann of Kutch is a vast salt desert, which is at prime beauty during the winter season. During this festival, carnival is conducted throughout the winter season. A temporary city is erected inside the desert to aid tourists. If you are visiting India during winter, this is a wonderful fiesta to be a part of.

Rann Utsav Folk Performance
Rann Utsav

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Dance, music and other cultural performances are conducted by several artisans
  2. During full moon night, people camp in the  desert and enjoy a bonfire, music performances, and others
  3. On the banks and beach regions, fairs are conducted where you can buy interesting souvenirs.
  4. Many adventure activities will be open for tourists like ATV riding, camel riding, camel cart tours, paramotoring, and others.
  5. If you are looking for some spiritual time, take part in yoga, meditation, and other workshops.
  6. Explore the temporary city to enjoy the culture of the land.
  7. Visit arts and crafts exhibitions and sale grounds for colorful photography session.

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30. Vasant Panchami

Place of Celebration : Throughout the country (best enjoyed in West Bengal)

Date : 14th Feb 2024

Vasant Panchami, Shree Panchami or Basant Panchami is the festival that celebrates the end of winter and beginning of spring. Mythological folklore considers this celebration as a tribute to the birth of Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge. This festival is celebrated in temples and at home.

Vasant Panchami Festival
Vasant Panchami

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. Watch interesting rituals being conducted in temples. You can find small children being made to write on a tray full of rice, as a ritual
  2. All devotees would be in yellow attire during this festival.
  3. Do not miss the deity in temples being decorated lavishly with jewelry and others.
  4. Many traditional dance, music and other stage performances take place in many auditoriums and temples
  5. Some temples conduct small fairs, where you can find local craft items, religious articles, and others.

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31. Nagaur Fair

Place of Celebration : Nagaur, Rajasthan

Date : 15th Feb 2023 - 18th Feb 2024

This is an annual cattle trade fair, which is conducted in Nagaur, a historic town in Rajasthan. Traders, buyers, tourists, and others flock this region to watch more than 75,000 camels, bullocks and horses being traded. Apart from trading, many other entertainment and cultural activities will be conducted throughout the fair.

Nagaur Fair Games
Nagaur Fair

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. The fair starts with sellers conducting parades to show off their animals. You can find animals decorated with jewelry and beautiful clothing
  2. Walk around the camps of camels and other animals and watch traditional Indian styled trading process
  3. Many animal-related games and shows will be conducted during the fair like a cockfight, bullock race, camel beauty contest, and others.
  4. A few competitions are conducted for people like turban tying contest, mustache contest, tug-of-war, and others.
  5. Folk dance, music, gymnastic performances, puppet shows, juggling, storytelling and others are conducted during the evening times.
  6. The iconic attraction of the fair is Mirchi Bazaar (red chili market). This is the largest market dedicated to red chilies in Asia.
  7. Visit the stalls and shops around the fairground to buy souvenirs like leather articles, puppets, wooden items, iron articles, accessories, and others.
  8. Try delicacies made with camel milk and beverages like tea made with camel milk
  9. By the end of the night, the end of the fair is symbolized with numerous fireworks lighting up in the sky.
  10. Some tourists and traders stay back in the fairgrounds in camps and tents. They enjoy bonfire, signing, and others.

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32. Indian Art Fair

Place of Celebration : Delhi

Date : 1st to 4th Feb 2024

This fair is celebrated to appreciate artisan works in the genres of sculptures, painting, photography, video art, mixed media, prints, and others. This is the platform for contemporary and modern styles of art and a significant one in Southern Asia. This is a four-day event filled with shows, galleries, performances and more.

Indian Art Fair
Indian Art Fair

Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival

  1. More than 40 galleries will be erected in the ground and more than 100,000 visitors explore more than 550 types of artworks.
  2. Explore galleries conducted by international artists too
  3. Visitors can buy or take part in the auction to get the best painting.
  4. Many heritage exhibitions will be conducted in the ground

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India is a land of cultural beauty and the best way to enjoy it is by taking part in these cultural fiestas. The locals will be more welcoming to any tourist who prefer to share their cultural happiness, with no regards to your caste, creed or religion. Are you planning to visit India during any cultural celebration? Visit https://www.travelogyindia.com/create-my-trip.html to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What festivals are celebrated in India during the month of January?

A. Some of the festivals which are celebrated in the month of January are New Year’s Day, Pattadakal Dance, Kanathoor Nalvar Bhoothasthanam, Swathi Sangeethotsavam, Chennai Dance and Music, Guru Gobind Singh’s Birthday, International Kite, Goa Tantra, Lohri, Pongal, Kenduli Mela, Tamil Nadu International Balloon, Republic Day, Rann Utsav, etc.

Q. How many number of festivals are celebrated in India?

A. India is known for its variety of traditional festivals and cultures. It consists of various castes and religions. Each castes and religions have number of festivals which they celebrate. Usually, there are more than 100 number of festivals in India. From them, there are usually 20-30 number of festivals which are commonly celebrated in India.

Q. What are the biggest festivals celebrated in India?

A. There are few biggest festivals that are celebrated in India like Diwali, Holi, MahaShivaratri, Ramadan/ Eid-ul-fitr, RakshaBandhan, Navratri / Durga Puja, Dusshera, Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesha Chaturthi, Pongal, Christmas, Onam, Baisakhi, Mahavir Jayanti, Lohri, etc.

Q. What are the popular places to visit in India during January?

A. Best places for visiting in India during the month of January are Kutch, Jaipur, Munnar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Auli, Chadar Trek (Ladakh), Kalimpong (West Bengal), Kalpetta (Kerala), Pondicherry, Diu and Daman, Otty (Tamil Nadu), Khajuraho, Goa, Phawngpui (Mizoram) and Kabini (Karnataka).

Q. Is the month of January a good time to visit India?

A. Yes, January is the good time to visit in India as the climate is cold. It’s most favorable for tourists to enjoy cool climate and snowfall in some parts during January.

Q. Which is the season in India during January?

A. January is a season of winter. In January, you will always feel cold but the temperature of the climate in some regions of North and South India might be different.

Q. Where Can I Find Snowfall during the month of January in India?

A. There are 5 places in India where you can enjoy the season of snowfall in the month of January. They are Auli in Uttarakhand, Gulmarg in Jammu & Kashmir, Kufri in Himachal Pradesh, Munsiyari in Uttarakhand and Pahalgam in Jammu & Kashmir.

Q. What will be the average temperature in India during January?

A. The climate of India during the month of January remains cold as it’s the middle season of winter. During the month of January the average temperature during daytime could be lowdown to 5 Degree Celsius and highest by 27 Degree Celsius.