Royal Chapel Of St Anthony, Goa

Royal Chapel Of St Anthony

  • Famous For Famous for A World Heritage Site

  • Duration of Visit  Around 2 hours

  • Fee No Entry Fee

  • Visiting Time 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM on all days of the week

Right opposite to the ruins of St. Augustine tower, you would find this 17th-century chapel. This chapel is dedicated to St. Anthony. He was the patron saint of the navy and army of Portugal. This is considered to be one of the ancient churches of Goa.

History of Royal Chapel Of St Anthony

Royal Chapel or Church of St. Anthony was built during the beginning of the 17th century. This church was temporarily closed in 1835 for the renovation process. It was again opened in 1894 by the government of Portuguese and it was again renovated and restored in 1961 after being recognized as a national monument in 1932. Today, this chapel is used as the official formation house by the Holy Family of Nazareth primarily for the congregation of Sisters.

Architecture of Royal Chapel Of St Anthony

This chapel has a semi-circular shape. The unique element of this architecture is that it was not a copy of any famous monument. The chapel is built to face east. The belfries of this structure give it a fortress look. The doorway of the chapel has twisted pilasters and a semi-circular arch. The shutter of the structure holds a symbol of a pelican bird feeding its young ones. This symbol is the emblem of Augustine's order. The most beautiful element of this structure is the clerestory window, which gives a grand look to the chapel.

The main altar of the church holds a statue of St. Anthony. There are a few other smaller altars with statues of St. Cosimo and Damian, Our Lady of Fever and others. On the walls of the church, you will find frescos and portraits. You can also find a painting of Our Lady of Fever holding a poem in her hand, about spiritual fever.

Tourist Attractions

  • Try visiting during the local celebration of Saint’s Feast Day celebrated on 13th June. Take part in the procession of St. Anthony through the streets.
  • Explore the chapel to enjoy the architectural beauty of the site./li>

Interesting Facts of Royal Chapel Of St Anthony

  • The statue of St. Anthony is considered as the captain of the army and the treasury office personnel would keep the salary amount on the statue’s hand, during the rule of Portuguese in India.
  • Usually, feasts would have 9 days of preparation but, the feast of this church has 13 days of preparation.
  • The façade of this chapel does not resemble any other chapel or church of Goa.

Visiting Time

Open throughout the year. 9 am – 12 pm and from 4 pm – 7 pm

Entry Fee of Royal Chapel Of St Anthony

It is free to enter and explore the church and the regions around it.

Best Time To Visit Royal Chapel Of St Anthony

The best time to visit is during the Feast Day, which falls in June. However, Goa will not be at prime beauty in June. The best time to visit the church for sightseeing is winter, which starts in November and ends in February. March is also a pleasing time if the temperature is not unpredictably higher during early summer. April to June is the worst time in terms of climatic conditions. If you are planning to stick with beach destinations, summer would be a fun time in Goa. July to September is the worst time as all the activities will be closed in Goa.

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How To Reach Royal Chapel Of St Anthony

The chapel is located 8.5 km away from Kadamba Bus Stand of Panjim. You can find various buses from other parts of Goa to this bus stand. From the bus stand, it is harder to find transportation to reach the chapel, especially during off-season. The nearest railway station is the Vasco Da Gama railway station, which is 24 km away from the chapel. The best option is to rent a car or scooter from any part of Goa and reach the Chapel. Some reach the railway station and then hire rental vehicles to reach the chapel from the station.

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