15 Best Water Sports in Goa

The small state of Goa is often considered as the party hub of the country. But how many knew it was called as the queen of beaches. There are so many beaches out here and Goa is a water lover’s paradise. The state exists with rich cultural promises and is an absolute must visit to all those adventure enthusiasts. One gets to explore a lot of activities especially those filled with water. Regardless of whether you are an amateur or an expert, you can try any type of activity that you want to give a shot to. Here are some of the best water sports or activities one must try while they are in Goa.

1. Scuba Diving

Have you ever wondered how the marine life would look like? How it would feel like to go spend some time with them? Then Goa provides you the best opportunity. The state is one of the best place to try scuba diving, whether you are a beginner, non-swimmer or even had previous experience. The ocean let you explore their life filled with colorful algae’s, fishes and even coral reefs and all you need to do is an hour of training to explore the ocean life upto 12 feet deep.

Adventure Level : Easy

Where to try : Grande Islands, St George Islands, Pigeon Island, Suzy’s Wreck

Best Season : October to April

2. Parasailing

Ever wished you could fly through the sky like birds and touch those candy like clouds? Here is your perfect chance to do so in Goa with Parasailing. It is one of the most popular adventure sports where one gets to enjoy the world of sky and ocean alike. The parasail harness is tied to a speedboat with a thick 30-40-meter rope. As the speed boat takes off in high speed, you do too into the sky. It is the perfect combination of thrill and enjoyment.

Adventure Level : Easy

Where to Try : Dona Paula, Anjuna beach, Colva

Best Season : October to March

3. Jet Skiing

This is yet another one of the most soughed water sports in Goa. Now who wouldn’t love to glide through the Arabic sea in a scooter at full speed splashing water all over. While one might find it a bit difficult in the beginning, once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as riding a scooter. Of course, you would have experts to guide you in the beginning.

Adventure Level : Moderate

Where to try : Colva, Candolim, Calangute beach

Best Season : October to March

4. Windsurfing

Wind surfing comprises both the thrill and adventure of surfing and sailing together. The rider needs to balance themselves on a 2-3-meter-long board which also has a sail attached to it and ride through the water according to the wind levels. Surfing out in the afternoon when the wind is stronger calls in for more thrilling experience. However, beginners are advised to windsurf during the morning when there is a light breeze.

Adventure level : Moderate

Where to try : Baga beach, Miramar, Vagator beach

Best Season : January to March

5. Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the best water sports one can enjoy with their family and friends. They can even look around at some beautiful sights of Goa while kayaking. Kayaking is a calm sport and is done in canals, rivers, lakes or backwaters. Paddle your way through the mangroves and thick jungles and take some time off to enjoy the natural beauty around you.

Adventure level : Easy

Where to try : Backwaters of Zuari, Sal, Dona Paula

Best Season : October to March

6. Fly board

Fly boarding is the ultimate water sport one can try in Goa. The sport is loved by all those who are adventure enthusiasts and love the adrenaline of risks and thrills. The sport is a combination of jet-ski and jet pack where the fly board is attached to the jet –ski sending it to air for almost 15 meters high. Special training sessions are given for one of the most exciting water sports one can do in Goa.

Adventure level : Difficult

Where to try : Baina beach

Best Season : October to May

7. Banana Ride

Banana boat rides are a fun activity that adults and children would enjoy likewise. A group of people would be seated on an inflated boat in the shape of a banana which is tied to a speed boat and glide over the waters as the speed boat takes off. Get to experience the ocean closely as you enjoy the ride with your family and friends. It’s an extremely fun and thrilling experience to have.

Adventure level : Easy

Where to try : Calanguate, Miramar, Agonda beaches

Best Season : October to March

8. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is almost similar to scuba diving minus all those suit ups. All you would have is a mask to protect your eyes to see clearly under the water and a tube to let you breathe. But the feeling of going into the depths of underwater always gives a feeling of bang. One can try training sessions before actually going into the activity. This would actually enhance the experience as you would be able to dive deeper.

Adventure level : Moderate

Where to try : Grande Island, Suzy’s wreck, Bat Island

Best Season : October to March

9. White Water Rafting

The sport is done in rivers with high current and flow and is quite a challenging activity. One needs to quickly navigate through the rapid current in an inflated raft or boat. Highly adventurous and daring, the activity brings in a blood rush to all those who tried. There are different levels of difficulty based on the different river routes. One would also have a guide along with them.

Adventure level : Difficult

Where to try : Mhadei river, tilari river

Best Season : June to September

10. Wakeboarding

Wake boarding is quite similar to wind skiing, the main difference being that only a single board is used instead of two. It also requires lesser balancing skills compared to water skiing. The participant can even show off some of their skills as the speed boat takes off and gains speed. A sport that every water enthusiast should try.

Adventure level : Moderate

Where to try : Candolim beach, Mabor beach

Best Season : October to May

11. Ringo ride

Get soaked not just in the waters of the Arabian sea but also in adventure and fun while trying the Ringo ride or tubing as it is popularly known. The rides are similar to the tube rides one have at amusement parks, the only difference is that the participant would be pulled across the ocean with a help of a speed boat. However, the real twist in the ride is when the tube tumbles and the participant is left floating in the water.

Adventure level : Moderate

Where to try : Pindul Cave, cavelossim

Best Season : October

12. Surfing

Surfing or surf boarding is an activity most of you must be familiarize off. It is adventurous enough to give you an adrenaline rush as you play around the waves and ride them. The waves can take you upto 8- 10 meters high and the fun is unmatched. Surfing competitions are also held for all those professionals where one showcase their skills.

Adventure level : Moderate

Where to try : Arambol beach, Baga beach

Best Season : May to September

13. Knee boarding

Knee boarding is quite similar to wake boarding. However, one needs to have more balance and discipline in order to stay in the water without tumbling off. The sport is done with a knee board in which one need to balance using their knees as they splash through the waters.

Adventure level : Moderate

Where to try : Mobor beach, Rajbaga beach, Candolim

Best Season : October to June

14. Speed boats

If you are a person who loves the thrill of speed, then speed boat is meant for you. It is one of the thrilling and fun activity that you can enjoy with a group of people. Soar through the waters, fighting the waves in high speed and see what it can do. Speed boating is one of the best experiences that one can have easily.

Adventure level : Easy

Where to try : Malim village, Britonnayatch station

Best Season : October to May

15. Water skiing

This is another activity for all those whole love speed. Water skiing literally gives you a kick as you soar through the water, with the water splashing in your face. The participant is connected with a string and has to put on a pair of skies which are connected to a speed boat. As the boat gains speed, one needs to keep up the balance too. An extremely entertaining experience.

Adventure level : Difficult

Where to try : Baga beach, Arossim beach, Mobor beach

Best Season : October to February

Water sports like these are fun and adventurous at the same time. They provide a different experience from the usual partying in Goa. However, one needs to also take care of the initial training and safety measures before jumping in and trying them. Make sure you do know swimming or have someone who knows it to be on the safer side and enjoy all you can, while you can.

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