Weather in Goa

Being located near the Arabian Sea and in the tropical zone, Goa enjoys warm and humid climate for almost all the year round. The climate of this small state has little variation in seasonal temperature and remains between 26°C and 29°C all round the year.

March - April

In March, the sky remains clear. It is the period before monsoon when the climate begins to get hotter and humid. The humidity begins to rise by mid-March as the monsoon starts approaching.

In May

May is the hottest month of Goa with a temperature of 35°C. During summer, Goa receives an average of nine to ten hours of sunshine daily.

June - September

Monsoon here sets in from June to September and therefore it enjoys a wet climate. Goa receives heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in July and thus floods occur. The level of humidity rises up to 90%. Goa receives an average rainfall of 325 cms approximately and sunshine for three to five hours daily during monsoon.

In October

The weather of Goa becomes pleasant after monsoon with the clear skies. From October through February till May the weather remains warm with cloudless skies and calm seas in Goa. In other words, the climate of Goa remains dry, during these months.

November - February

Winter in Goa begins from late November or mid-December and last till February. During this period, nights remain cool with 20°C temperature and days remain warm with 29°C. It enjoys a moderate humidity during this period.

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