10 Best Shopping Places in Shimla

The Queen of hills or as we know it as the perfect holiday destination in India, Shimla never fails to please a visitor. The capital city of Himachal Pradesh is a reflection of the Victorian age polished with the Indian culture and traditions. The city has always put forward its beautiful culmination of the rich Indian heritage as well as the modern settings.

Shimla is a storehouse of unique and intricately detailed products which are difficult to find at other places. From shopping malls to local bazaars, this city has a lot to offer.

1. Lakkar Bazaar

For the ones who love street shopping, Lakkar Bazaar is the place to visit. The market opens up at 9 am and goes on throughout the day to be finally shut at 10 pm in the evening. Moving through the congested alleys, one can have a look at the beautiful antique stuff that is kept for display.

From handicrafts to shawls, winter wear and wooden decoratives, this street has it all. Particularly, Lakkar bazaar is famous for the Kullu shawls that are sold here. After spending long hours here, the shoppers can indulge into the delicious roadside food that is sold here.

2. Tibetan Market

The Tibetan markets all across India are famous for their products, the quality and always being crowded. The Tibetan markets of Shimla are no less. From great quality Tibetan products like jewelry, antics, rugs and carpets, clothes etc. to bags and shoes and woolen clothes, one can find almost anything they want. The best part about this market is that there is a great scope for bargain and getting the products at the price of your liking. The streets of this market are so dense that it takes a lot of time to explore them thoroughly.

3. Lower Bazaar

Located right below the Mall road, this market is a typical vegetable market. With countless streets crossing each other and leading to different destinations, the Lower bazaar presents a very rugged and old school looks that can deceive anyone. In spite of not being too fancy or appealing, this market is always crowded with people struggling and enjoying in a chaos. The Lower bazaar has a lot more to offer than just vegetables. It is an all in one market with products like bangles, jewelries, utensils, books being sold in every nook and cranny of the streets. One can find almost every daily use product at a bargained price.

4. The Mall

One of the major hotspot of Shimla is the mall and the mall road. Always bustling with all kinds of enjoyment and merriment, this is the place to go when one is looking for shopping along with some entertainment. Streets full of departmental stores, handicraft stores, emporiums and cafes, restaurants, the mall road provides the complete entertainment one can ask for.

With the best food being served here and the best quality products being offered, this is always on the list of every visitor. From branded to local, the shops here are truly authentic and know what they are selling. It's a great deal to even simply explore the place without buying anything. For window shoppers, strolling through shops and having an idea of the place matters more than actually shopping. The mall road is the best place to do that.

5. Himachal Emporium

Not a market or a street, the Himachal emporium is a shop located in the mall road and is one of the most popular shops in Shimla. The emporium has a beautiful collection of Pahari stuff and other handicraft products. They also offer woolen, silk and other types of clothes that are prevalent in Himachal along with some pottery and earthenware. Since the shop comes under the Himachal government, the authenticity of the products is genuine and can be trusted completely.

6. Ram Bazaar

Known for the fresh products that are offered here, Ram bazaar is a local market. It is mostly occupied by the locals of Shimla and for the people who are aware about its existence. The market is really famous among the locals as there are really inexpensive products that are sold here. The best part about shopping here is that there is room for bargaining and the sellers are very understanding. The market offers clothes to artifacts and other basic necessity products.

Shimla is a major tourist hotspot in India and has domestic as well international visitors throughout the year. Tourists from any part of the world are mostly bothered with exploring a place and shopping there. These were a few popular markets and shops in Shimla that have become major shopping zones attracting shoppers from round the world.

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