20 Best Things to do in Shimla

Shimla is one of the most visited and beautiful hill station of India. In fact, the British regime during their colonial rule even declared it as the summer capital of the world as it was one of the most amazing and soothing place to be during summers. Even today the natural beauty of the Shimla attracts a lot of people.

There are certain things that often comes to the mind while visiting Shimla like what are the various things to do in Shimla? Which places can be visited in Shimla and what are the various activities that can be done in Shimla to make the trip memorable? These are very common thoughts and question which can be answered.

Shimla is a hill station city in Himachal Pradesh and have a nice amount of snowfall in the winter season whereas the summer season observe friendly sunshine. Hence, it can be visited during summer season from March to June and in the winter season from October to February where different set of activities can be enjoyed.

Some of the major activities that can be done in Shimla are:

1. Train Ride

One of the most pleasant way to enjoy the beauty of Shimla is through the in-city train ride known as the toy train ride. This ride goes all over the city and shows some of the most beautiful scenes in just matter of minutes. The train moves around the old railway line that runs along the mountain in circular tracks making it snake like movement. It is surely enjoyable moment during the summertime as well while light drizzling as well. In fact, this ride can be enjoyed any time of the year.

2. Shopping

One of the most amazing thing to do in Shimla during a visit is to take some souvenirs and handicrafts to remember the trip. There is some famous market like Lakkar Bazar where shopaholics can find some nice and craftwork made up of wood as the name of the market suggests. Apart from woodworks some clothes can be found which are cheaper as compared to other markets specially when it comes to winter apparels.

3. Open Ice Skating

Finding place to ice skate in India is very tough and limited in number, however during the winter season for the cost of 200 INR, anyone can show their skills on an open rink. This rink is managed by the local bodies and it one of the oldest rink in city. It was passed by the British architects and has attracted a lot of people. It can be used during the early hours of morning and late hours of the evening when the temperature is low, and the rink is kept from melting. It is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy in Shimla.

4. River Rafting

During the summer season when the sun is at its apex it is important to stay around the water to escape the clutches of the heat. Tattapani is one of the few adventurous places in Shimla where river rafting takes place at the bank of Sutlej river and is the best weekend getaway in Shimla. It is one of the adventurous activities to perform on the white waters of Sutlej.

5. Watch Mesmerizing Waterfalls

The beauty of the Shimla lies in the scenery which it offers to the people coming there. It has some of the most amazing and breathtaking waterfalls which feel like being on heaven. The Chadwick waterfall is located just 7 kms from the city and the beauty it offers, the sound of the water falling over the rocks that creates a perfect harmony that anyone can get lost in the perfect music nature has to offer. The time just simply disappears so that everyone watching it can enjoy.

6. Visiting Temples and Other Holy Places

There are various temples and churches that have been built, all over the hills and at top of them. These places can be trekked to observe the most beautiful temples which can bring in some peace and prosperity.

7. Walk in Forest

The pine forest of Shimla provides an excellent ground for the tourist to have a walk-in nature where they can go through some beautiful trials. It is said to lead towards Glen, the Prospect hill and the Kamna Devi temple. The sun coming through the pine trees make it an ideal place for the couple to walk and hence it is one of the most amazing place for the couples to walk for short hikes.

8. Tour of Some Institutes

There are numerous research institutes like the Indian Institute of Advance Studies which was built by British offers the experience of all the universities that are in United Kingdom. The grand architect of the institute is still intact and is used to study arts and various other subjects. Any person can get the tour from 8am to 6pm to get some wonderful pictures.

9. Visiting Some Famous Museum

The military museum in Annandale is filled with arms and ammunitions that have been used over the time specially during the war which India fought. This museum particularly excites a lot of people who have things for guns and want to gain knowledge as well history how the weapons used by military and police today are used. There are other museums as well like the wax museum which cost 250 INR per person and have the wax sculptures of some very famous artists.

10. Trekking

There are various routes which can be used by to explore the ravishing valleys and the waterfalls in the hills of Shimla. The snow laden mountains in the winters and perfect sunshine in the summer ensures that trekking can be enjoyed in any season except monsoon as it can result in landslides. There are some of the most beautiful routes which connect the most prominent places in the Shimla and other cities as well. Trekking is one of the most popular activity that is done by a lot of tourists and even locals in Shimla.

11. Camping

One of the most beautiful thing about the trip to Shimla is to camp with friends and family. Rather than staying in Hotels there is always the option of choosing to stay with friends and family under the tent and in front of the bonfire. The nature gives it best service and with friends the entertainment never stops. The trekkers can find a great spot for the people to make camps.

12. Paragliding

The most adventures sports to do in Shimla is to jump through the great heights of the mountain through the paraglider. Some of the finest landscapes and hills can be seen from the paraglider. Kangra valley in Shimla offers the best experience in Paragliding.

13. Cycling

One of the best ways to relax in trip and stay healthy at the same time is to travel the trails in forest and roads in city through cycle. Cycling in forest is very relaxing which is home to a lot of wildlife and offers a cool breeze over the face.

14. Visit Forts

Some of the forts that are built in Shimla have a nice display of life and some majestic feeling to them. The Kuthar fort is one such fort that is actually a blend of some great architect and the nature where charms of history still reside. It is surrounded by exotic garden and a beautiful pool over a wide area with its estimate date of building dating back 800 years ago.

15. Shimla Ridge

The best place in Shimla during the time of winter is the Shimla Ridge where the tourist can enjoy their coffee or tea with some amazing view of the snow. The best time to visit this place is in winters and during the evening as the snow valley becomes extremely beautiful. It is the also the cultural hub as all the festivals are celebrated here.

16. Golfing

The best sports to play in Shimla is golf as it adds the relaxing factor and the weather is very nice to enjoy the game of a golf. It costs 400-600 INR and is opened from 7 AM to 7 PM.

17. Photo Art Gallery

This gallery offers a nice experience to the tourists as there are some breathtaking photographs snapped by some famous photographers from the world.

18. Bird Sanctuary

For all the bird lovers there is even a bird sanctuary where hundreds of different types of birds can be found. The entry cost 100 INR per person and is open from 10 am to 4 pm all days.

The trip to Shimla can be wonderful as it offers a wide place to visit and some adventurous as well romantic activities to do. The beauty of the Shimla can make anyone in awe for it as it is rightfully called the queen of mountains and the summer capital. It has ton of places to visit which no other place can offer and a lot of activities to do. There are some ancient structure and museums which ensures that everyone can stay entertained.

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