Best Time to Visit Gulmarg

Gulmarg, a lovely hill station of Jammu and Kashmir located at an altitude of 2,650mts high is a treat for nature lovers with its spellbinding attractions. The hill station also familiarly known as “Meadow of Flowers” for its massive floral wealth everywhere with beautiful blooming flowers. Like the way, astonishing mountain peaks covered with snow and lush greenery valleys and many more scenic views of Gulmarg melt the traveler’s heart.

In addition to this tranquil side of Gulmarg, its adventurous activities give wings to adventure thrillers to live in the adventure. Especially, for Skiing Gulmarg is very famous. To explore this enthralling destination we should be aware when we can catch all these beautiful moments in our travel diaries. Here, you can have a detail description of when to visit Gulmarg and how the climate of Gulmarg varies from each season.

Best Season to Visit Gulmarg

Summer Season (March to June)

During Summers, Gulmarg is comfortable with moderate temperatures neither too hot nor freezing cool. You can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the hill station everywhere with blooming flowers and vibrant looks of the hill station with lush green valleys. For sightseeing, summers are the best opportunity to cover every bit of tourist attraction in Gulmarg. Even summers, the temperatures don’t go high so you can enjoy the trip in a cool and comfortable atmosphere.

Coming to adventurous activities, you can enjoy hiking and trekking and for photography, the summer season is the best choice to capture the beauty of Gulmarg with utmost detail.

  • Minimum Temperature : 13 0 C
  • Maximum Temperature : 29 0 C

Monsoon Season (July to September)

Monsoon season is not an ideal time to visit Gulmarg. During Monsoons, the hill station is not favorable for tourism with the shutdown of many activities. It receives moderate rainfall but not massive. However, the trip will not be interesting because the place will lose its charming beauty due to rainfall and it makes not comfortable for sightseeing. But the budget travelers and those who don’t like the crowd trips can happily visit Gulmarg even in monsoons.

At this time, lakes and waterfalls of Gulmarg offer a great visual treat to travelers with its fulfillment. If you want to experience the chilly and drizzling atmosphere, visit Gulmarg during monsoons.

  • Minimum Temperature : 3 0 C
  • Maximum Temperature : 17 0 C

Winter Season (October to February)

If you’re an adventure ardent means, winters are the right time to explore Gulmarg. At the time of winters, Gulmarg receives great snowfall and covers the entire hill station with snow and makes a perfect stage for snow activities. A large number of adventure enthusiasts throngs to Gulmarg for Skiing and many adventurous activities. To unveil the true Gulmarg with snow-covered attractions, the Winter season is the right choice. Apart from the tourist attractions, if you want to enjoy the chilling and freezing atmosphere of Gulmarg, winters are the ideal time.

During winters, here different festivals will also take place to promote tourism. Among them, Christmas festival is a wonderful event to attend. Simply, winters are the best time for many funny and interesting things to do here.

  • Minimum Temperature : -4 0 C
  • Maximum Temperature : 11 0 C


Overall, Gulmarg is accessible almost throughout the year except for monsoons. During summers and winters, travelers can spend a good time with a favorable atmosphere. For newlyweds, families, and adventure seekers, Gulmarg is an ideal destination, which entertains all kinds of travelers. So if you love to visit Gulmarg, hold the dates of summers or winters for the better experience.

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