Varanasi City Information

Varanasi is one of those places where people come to take their last breath, calling for Yamraj to take them to heaven! It’s one of the places which is not only close to thousands of people who visit this place but also who seek Heaven in the last days of their life! This astonishingly deeply revered city is the actually the Royal residence of Hindu Go Lord Shiva! It is the place where people firmly believe that Lord Shiva himself lifts their pyre and shows them the path of “amaratva” or a life which will see no further birth and death. Welcome yourself to the gates of heaven when you are here!

It’s a common sight here to see people taking dip in the somewhat un-clean water of Ganges early in the morning (as early as 3:00 a.m.) seeking the blessings of Lord Sun, chanting shlokas (religious hymns) in slow murmuring voice. It’s a common sight to see people walk barefoot towards the ghats, kids half naked taking dip in the holy water and vendors selling food on the both sides of path selling food leading towards the ghats! Be prepared to a journey of lifetime where State Bank of India (the largest nationalized bank of India) advertizes on boat and 5 year old Lord Shiva runs past by! Land on this colorfully bright, culturally rich place with a direct flight from New Delhi which takes just 1 and ½ to reach.