Best Time to Visit Varanasi

Varanasi lies along the banks of the river Ganges in the Indo-Gangetic plains region. This place has a harsh summer season. This ancient city lies just 80 m above sea level and thus, you will find a dry and humid temperature in this region. When it comes to religious rituals, the place is at prime beauty throughout the year.

Summers of Varanasi – April to June

Summer starts its take from the middle of March. However, April is officially the beginning of the season and it ends by June. Early summer would be pleasing and from there, the temperature and humidity start to raise. The peak of summer would hike the temperature to 45 degree C. Although it is a lean tourism season, the summer is preferred by those, who are looking for better deals in hotels and travel. In addition, you get to explore the temple without crowd. Rituals, religious processing and festivals are common in summer too.

The temperature ranges between 32 degree C and 45 degree C. Showers are rare but do occur with thunderstorms. During this season, the hot dry winds named ‘loo’ are quite common.

Monsoon of Varanasi – July to September

Thanks to River Ganges, the monsoon in this area will be moderately heavy. Sudden downpour and frequent showers are common from July to September. If you are looking for exploring Varanasi, it becomes quite hard, as the rain would hinder your travels. Many activities including Ganges cruise might be halted if the showers are heavy. On the other hand, photographic travelers find Varanasi at the prime beauty during rain. Showers are common and there will be a considerable drop in the temperature. However, the humidity will be high.

The temperature ranges between 24 degree C and 32 degree C. Evenings will be cool and refreshing.

Winter of Varanasi – October to March

Winter is the iconic tourism season for Varanasi. Night is cold and mornings are pleasing. Thus, you will be able to explore the region without exhaustion. Moreover, the winter season holds many religious festivals and celebrations. Catching Varanasi in festive mood will be quite a sight.

The temperature ranges between 5 and 15 degree C. Nights are very cold and days are pleasant. Showers are quite rare during winter season.

Best Season To Visit Varanasi

The best time to visit the city is from October to end of March. If you do not mind heat and are looking for spiritual activities and celebrations, April and May can also be added to the list, because they are the colorful months of Varanasi, thanks to interesting festivals and religious rituals.