Is India Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Is there a country or even a village around the world, which is 100% safe for any traveler? Well, the answer is no. Is India safe for solo female travelers? The answer is not a simple yes or no. There are certain guidelines, which will keep solo female travelers safe.

On the other hand, there are a few destinations in India, which are considered very safe for solo female travelers than others.

Recent Events

There are numerous recent events regarding international female travelers and locals being treated disrespectfully and even some heartbreaking incidents, which showed Indian societies, are filled with perverts. In fact, India is a very massive land and it contains both good and bad people, just like any other country. Do not get afraid of recent events. India is the land, which preaches that Guest is God.

Tips For Women To Stay Safe In India

1. Learn in detail about the destination you are about to visit. Know the culture of the land and try to dress as modestly as possible to avoid attracting the bad eyes.

2. Be positive and when a problem arises, be open to get help. Remember, when there is one person who is bad, there would be several others, who are ready to help you.

3. Save the number of your hotel, cab driver and police station of your locality, in your phone. You might not know when you might need those.

4. If you are traveling alone, it is better to avoid over-drinking. If you feel like enjoying the night with drinks, have room service deliver it to your hotel room.

5. Stick with destinations, which are iconic and have better tourist footprints. This will keep you always in a group. Top avid solo travelers recommend choosing top tour destinations. If you are visiting India alone, here are the iconic attractions for solo female travelers.

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6. If you are looking for exotic hidden-gem attractions, try to choose to be a part of a small group. Top unique destination vacations to try as a group are,

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7. If you think group tours would lead to lack of privacy, try Group tours. For group tours details and booking, visit here

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8. There are many apps, which will keep your location updated to your loved ones at home. Try to download any good app. There are apps that can send distress signals and your location to nearby police station and so on, in just a press of a button. Research about the apps and download, whatever is needed.

Best Destinations for Solo Women Travellers in India

As said before, if you are looking for destinations for traveling alone, it is better to choose places with certain characteristics like very social culture, iconic attractions, crowded streets, decent lodging facilities and so on. Here are the top tourist destinations suitable for solo female travelers.

1. Rishikesh

Famous for yoga, spiritual vacation and adventure sports, this Himalayan destination is right for those who wish to travel alone and rejuvenate. There are numerous resorts to enjoy a peaceful stay. If you are looking for a spiritual stay, try out the ashrams, where you can stay in mutt and take part in their workshops, daily activities, adventure activities and so on.

Rishikesh Solo Travel

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Suggested Tour :

2. Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle Tour covers Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. All three destinations are famous for solo female travelers. These destinations have very high tourist footprint and thus, you will not be unique and you would not be gaining too much attention. There are different styles of vacations, which can be derived from Golden Triangle circuit, like

  1. 7 Days - Delhi Agra Jaipur with Amritsar (Golden Temple)
  2. 11 Days - Delhi Agra Jaipur and Corbett tour
  3. 9 Days - Golden Triangle with Goa Tour
Golden Triangle Solo Female India

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3. Udaipur

If you are entering Rajasthan, you can blindly choose Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Pushkar. These are top tourist destinations and thus, you can always find crowd. Moreover, it is easier to find resorts in Udaipur, Jodhpur or Jaisalmer, which would provide excursion services from the hotel, for a safer trip. Top tour packages for solo travelers planning to visit Rajasthan are

  1. 9 Days - Taj Mahal Tour with Udaipur
  2. 8 Days - Golden Triangle with Udaipur Tour
  3. 10 Days – Rajasthan Tour with Tajmahal
  4. 15 Days – Delhi Agra and Rajasthan Tour
Udaipur Solo Female

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Udaipur Travel Guide :

4. Pondicherry

When you are walking through a town with a culture very similar to your hometown, you will have no fear. This is why; this French-infused Pondicherry is a heaven for international tourists. You need not worry about your dress code, tuning to Indian culture and so on. While you are in South India, you should experience their heritage and history filled temples. Here are some exclusive tour packages to cover Pondicherry along with other temple towns.

  1. 10 Days – South India Temple Tour from Mumbai
  2. 12 Days – South India Temple Tour
Pondicherry Solo Women

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5. Mysore

Among the cities of South India, Mysore is tagged as the safest place for women. The main reason is that the city is always busy. Every street is filled with locals, vendors and tourists, throughout the year. Thus, you can always find yourself in a safe zone surrounded by people even after midnight. In addition, you can enjoy the culture, tradition and history of the land, with ease. Do not end your vacation in Mysore with the palace and a few temples alone. There are other top places to Visit in Mysore except the palaces and temples.

Mysore Solo Women

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Suggested Tour :

6. Shimla

Comparing to other charming and isolated hill stations of northern India, Shimla is a far better place to scale alone in Himachal Pradesh. The lodging facilities are fair decent and you can find many services like private cab services and so on. Do you want to scale a few more hill stations? Read Top Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh to choose your next destination in Himachal.

Suggested Tour :

7. Munnar

If you are planning to Visit Kerala, we would recommend you to cover Munnar too. The quiet hill station holds very friendly locals, decent lodging and tourist-filled destinations. No matter what style of vacation you are planning in Munnar, you will always find tourists around you. Are you planning to Visit Munnar in a solo vacation? Here are the top suggested tour packages.

Munnar Solo Female

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Munnar Travel Guide :

8. Ziro

We did mention that hidden gems are off the chart for solo female travelers. However, here is one exception. Ziro of Arunachal Pradesh is a delightful destination, which is famous for numerous elements of nature and culture. Due to these deep cultural strands of the land, you can always feel safe among locals.

9. Varanasi

If you do not mind the crowd, Varanasi is an incredible experience that you ought to try. The crowd gives a safe feel to every female in the region. However, you ought to keep away from scammers and always wear dresses that cover you up from neck to below knee. Visiting Varanasi is easier and colorful with Travelogy India’s tour packages like

Varanasi Solo Female

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Varanasi Travel Guide :

10. Hampi

If you are into backpacking and adventure, there are not many places, which can be tagged as safer for solo female tourists. One such safer place is Hampi of Karnataka. You can find cheap but decent accommodation, guided group tours and many other services in and around Hampi. Do you want to try more adventure vacations all by yourself? Top choice to choose from are

Hampi Solo Female

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When it is time to chill off, you really need to get on your own healing process – the vacation. Yes, family vacation, honeymoon Tour and touring with friends are incredible experience. Moreover, so is the experience of traveling alone. India does have some safety issues in certain regions. However, as a whole, India is dawning into the new era of female tourism. Local females are also showing more interesting in traveling alone, which is 75% more than usual.

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