March Weather in India

Get Detailed Information About March Weather in India

The climate starts to get warmer as summer is approaching. However, nights and higher altitude destinations will be very chill. You need thicker jackets or shawls to spend your nights out of the room and milder jackets to enjoy the day. The more south you go in the country, the more warmer it becomes during this month. This month is at the brink of the spicy summer. Technically, it is a kind of warm spring season. The mornings can be misty and the afternoons will be crisp and warm to make you ready for the chilly night. This is the month to dedicate for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

March Weather in India
March Weather in India

Temperature in India in March

Average high temperature81.4 degree F / 27.4 degree C
Average low temperature54 degree F / 17 degree C
Day-time clothingThin cotton clothing
Night-time clothingCotton clothing with a simple coat
Effect on tourismTourism season

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Covering each zone March Weather in India

1. North India Temperature in March

  • Best Tourist Destinations: Shimla, Leh, Varanasi, Rishikesh and others.
  • Average Temperature: Maximum average temperature is experienced in Indore (94 - 61 degree F / 34 - 16 degree C) and the minimum average temperature is experienced by Shimla (57 – 44 degree F / 14-7 degree C).
  • Average Precipitation: Highest average precipitation takes place in Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir (4.8 inches) and the lowest precipitation occurs in Varanasi (0.3 inches). Indore receives no precipitation during this month.

The climate is still cold. After dusk, it is better to walk out wearing a thick jacket. The mornings can be sunny and pleasing mostly. By the end of the month, a few destinations have mild showers. The high altitude Himalayan destinations will have pleasingly cool climate with lush vegetation.

Kashmir Dal Lake
Kashmir Dal Lake

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North India Travel Guide

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2. South India Temperature in March

  • Best Tourist Destinations: Munnar, Kanyakumari, Alleppey, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Coorg, Vishakapatnam and others.
  • Average Temperature: The maximum average temperature is experienced by Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh (96-70 degree F / 36-21 degree C) and the minimum average temperature is enjoyed by Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh (79-74 degree F / 26 – 23 degree C).
  • Average Precipitation: Highest rainfall takes place in Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala (1.3 inches) and the lowest rainfall takes place in Chennai of Tamil Nadu (0.2 inches).

The regions near the Arabian Sea will have a considerably warm temperature and the breeze will be very hot. On the east, although the temperature cannot be said as pleasing, it will be quite better than Arabian coast. It is the best season for visiting islands and coastal areas for water activities.

South India

South India Travel Guide

3. Western India Temperature in March

  • Best Tourist Destinations: Goa, Udaipur, Kutch, Jaisalmer, Bharatpur and others.
  • Average Temperature: The maximum average temperature is experienced by Vadodara of Gujarat (97 – 65 degree F / 36-19 degree C). The minimum average temperature is enjoyed by Mumbai (88-73 degree F / 31-23 degree C).
  • Average Precipitation: Highest rainfall takes place in Nagpur of Maharashtra (0.6 inches) and the lowest rainfall takes place in Pune of Maharashtra (0.1 inches). However, many other destinations like Mumbai, Goa, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara and others do not receive any rainfall during this month.

Although relatively cooler than what is in plate for the next few months, March can be tagged as a hot and humid month. As the month progress, the temperature goes higher. March is a dry month for the regions in and around western part of the country. It is better to stick with coastal regions during this season.

West India
West India

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4. Eastern India Temperature in March

  • Best Tourist Destinations: Kazirnga national park, Ziro valley, Nuranang Falls, Siang River and others.
  • Average Temperature: Maximum temperature is experienced by Bhubaneshwar of Orissa (95 - 72 degree F / 35 - 22 degree C) and the minimum temperature is experienced by Cherrapunji (69 – 55 degree F / 21-13 degree C).
  • Average Precipitation: The highest rainfall takes place in Cherrapunji of Meghalaya (9.4 inches) and the lowest rainfall takes place in Gopalpur of West Bengal (0.7 inches)

Unlike other parts of the country, East India will still be in prime beauty during March. If you wish to avoid the heat of the March, this is the right region to get shelter. March turns the region very green and the water bodies will be lush with water. This makes most of the outdoor activities more fun.

East India
East India

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Tips for Traveling during March in India

  • Every water activity know to the country will be at prime beauty. You could do no wrong by choosing a beach destination during March.
  • March is best for wildlife activities, safari and other attractions. If you are looking for birdwatching activity, migration birds might not be in the country. If you love turtles, you ought to visit the fishing village, Velas of Ratnagiri. March marks the time when little hatchling walks into the water to start their lives.
  • There is a reason to why hill stations will be at prime beauty during this month. Tea, spices and rare flowers will be at bloom in moderate altitude destinations during March. Take a stroll through the plantations, make a vacation out of it and if available within your budget, try to stay in accommodations inside any plantation.
  • This is the end of tourism season and thus, you can find many offers and discounts from hotels and airline to lurk you to visit before they go dry with summer. Make the best out of those deals.
  • Always carry water with you. The sun can be scorching even during late evening.

Festivals and fairs of March in India

  1. Velas turtle festival – Ratnagiri – great festival for wildlife enthusiasts, children and photographers
  2. Shimgo – Goa – this is the state carnival, which includes folk dances, music, float parades and much more.
  3. International Yoga festival – Rishikesh – enjoy yoga workshops, seminars by trainers from around the world and so on.
  4. Holi – All over India – enjoy color festival by spraying colors on each other
  5. Chinakkathoor Pooram – Palakkad – this temple festival is famous for shadow puppet shows, processions of elephants, music and dance celebrations and much more.
  6. Paropally Gajamela – Kerala – this is the elephant festival of the land, focusing on elephants with processions, rituals, cultural activities and much more. Do you want to cover Kerala during the festivals? Here are the cultural tour packages of Travelogy India just for Kerala travelers.
  7. Jaipur Elephant Festival – Jaipur – this is celebrated a day before Holi. You can find cultural activities, dance and music shows and of course, the elephants.
  8. Matho Nagrang Festival – celebrated in Matho monastery, this festival is famous for monk dances, display of paintings, ceremonial mask dances and much more.
  9. Ajanta Ellora Dance Festival – this dance and music festival is filled with art, craft, cultural performances and, competitions related to dance, music, art and cookery. You can also find competitions for kids during this festival.
  10. Godwar Festival – Pali – this cultural festival is celebrated with folk dance and music, turban tying contest, local sports, camel rides, horse safari, rock climbing and much more.
  11. Mewar Spring FestivalUdaipur – this festival is also celebrated as Gangaur in many parts of Rajasthan. People perform folk dances, enjoy many rituals and even take part in processions during this festival. For more details about the festival, read Moon Moon Kar’s Annual Mewar festival in Rajasthan .
  12. Hoysala Mahotsav – Belur Halebid – This is a classic dance festival, which is celebrated by people from all around the country. You can also find folk dance and music celebrations performed by famous artists from around the country.

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