Top Places to visit in India for Sound and Light Show

Light is the object which was attracting human being from ancient period. Light has helped humans in different forms. In early history, humans use light to protect themself from fearsome predators. Light has helped humans to discover the world.

The first time 400000 BCE light used as an artificial source. Due to flambeau people able to explore in the dark night also. Light has a significant impact on human history. As the world evolves, the concept of light also developed at the same time. In early days flambeau was the primary source of light, but nowadays torch or light bulb have taken its place. That’s why Sound & Light Show is originated by Indians to show the culture and tradition of India.

Light has not only used for exploration; it has attracted humans to it. One of the biggest light show which attracts humans is the northern light or which also known as Aurora. It is one of the beautiful light show naturally occurred on earth. These lights are elegant and eye-pleasing, but one of its most significant negative points is the location of it. Most of these lights are occurred on the northern hemisphere and mostly on north most end of the earth. Norway, Alaska, and Finland, etc. are few of the hotspots for it. This limits people who can actually see these lights. People have usually watched the photos or videos of it still these pictures are beautiful and satisfying.

As the world got modernize humans now can create their own light show by using artificial lights and trust my words these light appearances are no short of the natural light shows I have talked earlier, in contrast, some of the light shows are much more complex and much more synchronized than their natural counterparts. 

Origin of Light & Sound Show

Most of the light show concept came into existence at around the 1960s or 1970s, and first of these shows were used as part of a music concert. In those days the music concert was at its peak and to attract more and more people firms are using different techniques, and one of them was light shows. 

In early days light shows were considered as the subsidiaries of a music concert but at the end of the The 1980s and 1990’s crease of music concert started to deflate and now less music shows were hosted which also decreases the light shows but the popularity of these light shows were still up so to take advantage to take of this market.

Many firms start only light shows where the main star of the event is the lights and due to its historical relationship with music is continued, but this time music is acting as the subsidiaries. This is how light shows are evolved.  With the help of modern technologies, light shows also evolved and become more appealing to viewers. Now new types of view along with lasers etc. Have changed the face of the shows. 

Due to these modern technologies, most of these kinds of shows were hosted outside of India but as India developed my world-class shows now started in India, and in this article, I am going to talk about top light shows in India. Indians have found a new way of light shows that will not only entertain people but also share the information about the rich culture and history of India. These light show also helped to attract tourist.

Top Destination to Visit in India for Light & Sound Show

1. Light and Sound Show at Purana Qila, Delhi

 If you want to see the culture of Mughal rulers, then you should visit the Purana Qila. In this show you will be witnessing the rich culture of 5,000-year-old culture and history of Delhi, locally this show is called ‘Ishq-e-Dilli.’ This one of the best light shows in Delhi. The venue is also easily accessible as it is the capital of the country and it is one of the oldest forts which give this venue an edge over others. You can enjoy the show with the new laser and projection technology. Experience of this show is priceless. I highly recommend you to watch this show.

The show is closed on every Friday so you can plan the weekend trip to visit this place, but the timings for the show are 7.30 p.m.  to 8.30 p.m. if you want to watch this show in Hindi and 9.00 p.m.To 10.00 p.m. if you’re going to watch the show in English. Availability in English is the plus point of this venue.  This venue is managed by the Delhi Tourism.

Ticket Price

  • Rs. 100 for Adults
  • Rs. 50 for children from age 3 to 12 Years.
  • Senior citizen, Students, and people with disabilities will be charged Rs. 50

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2. Light and Sound Show at Red Fort, Delhi

For the next venue, you don’t have to leave Delhi as this place is also situated in the capital city. From one historical fort to another fort and this time is Red Fort. It is the first place in Asia which has this type of system installed. The Red fort played an important role in pre and post-independent period of the country. It is one of the most important historical places in India history.

It has seen the Mughal Empire to the British Empire and India’s struggle to freedom. It is the UNESCO world heritage site which will use light along with music to show you the vast a vibrant history of Delhi. I recommend you to come early to visit this place as you can enjoy old heritage site in Daylight also.

Timings of the Shows are 7.30. p.m. to 8.30. p.m. for shows in Hindi and if you want to see the show in English, then time for it will be 9.00 p. m. to 10.00 p.m. and this place remains closed on Monday.

Ticket Price –

  • Rs. 60 for adults on weekdays
  • Rs. 80 on weekends as well as on Government Holidays.
  • Children between 3 to 12 will have to purchase a ticket of Rs. 20 on weekdays
  • Rs. 30 on weekends and Government holidays.

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3. Light and Sound Show at Amber fort, Jaipur

 Now for this next place, we will leave Capital, and we will soon visit the Pink city, i.e. Jaipur. If you are not familiar with the town, no worries, this light show got you covered. In this show, the history of Amber fort along with the history of Jaipur forth will be shown in the audio and light show.

In the show, you will find out the legend of 28 kings of the Kachhwaha dynasty with different styles of music to entertain you some of them are Bollywood style and some are folk style music along with commentary is just like a match made in heaven.

Amber Fort is a well preserved Rajasthani tradition, and this place is near aravallis thus the atmosphere is fantastic and light of Jaipur city in background complements the fort. This show is taken place near Maota Lake which is situated at the bottom of the fort. This place has many beautiful places which you can visit in standard time also, and I am pretty sure that Jaipur won’t disappoint you.

The times of this fort is quite different apart from its availability throughout the week timing Changes three times a year. For Hindi language show in March to April time is 8 pm, in May to September time is 8.30 pm and in the rest of the month in year time will be 7.30 pm.

For English show in March to April time is 7 pm, in May to September time is 7.30 pm and in the rest of the month in year time will be 6.30 pm.

The charge for this show is Rs. 250

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4. Light and Sound Show at Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

sound and light show

Golconda Fort is said to have the most significant light and sound show in India for these types of shows. The capacity of the people is also 400. In this show, you will able to witness the history of Qutub Shahi dynasty. This fort is the representative of the Hyderabad culture.

The sound and light show is just stunning; it has the different light shades on different walls of the fort, and the audio and lighting are adequately synced with each other. This fort has given the new technological revamp which make the experience much pleasing than earlier.  

sound and light show

Timings in these shows are also very different in moth if March to October is 07:00 pm for English language.

For the Hindi language it is 08:15 PM, but it keeps on shifting language between Hindi and Telugu.  Thus I prefer you should give a call before visiting the place. For the shows in November to February the timing is 06:30 pm for the English language and 07:45 PM for the Hindi and Telugu Languages.

Ticket Price

  • Adults it is Rs. 140 for Executive Class people
  • Ordinary people this Rs.110
  • Children Rs. 80 for Executive Class
  • Rs. 60 for normal people. 

With the modernization and fantastic history of Hyderabad, I would highly recommend visiting this place once, and I am sure that this place will make you fall in love with this place.

5. Light and Sound Show at Somnath Temple, Gujarat

If You are a spiritual person and like to spend time within the premises of the temple but want to enjoy the light show then there is one temple just made for you, and that temple is Somnath Temple situated in the state of Gujarat. It is considered as the 12 jyotirlingas which have particular importance in Hindu mythology. This place is a colossal temple dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva.

sound and light show

When you visit the temple in the day time, you will not be able to find out the difference between other ordinary temple and this one, but as it started getting dark, you will witness one of the most precisely choreographed light show. As I said it has the sound and Light show is just amazing it uses the lazar based sound system to show you the Jai Somnath show and as this was not only the thing evening aarti of the lord shiva is also demonstrated with this fantastic light show.  

This show will tell you the importance of Somnath temple its desecration along with resurrection and one of the heart touching ransacking by Islamic invaders and finale was reconstruction after India’s independence. The atmosphere was so energetic that you will surely get Goosebumps.

Thus it is one of the most fantastic light show currently in India, and I highly suggest you visit it and please visit it at time of aarti. You will get a lifetime experience.

The timing of the show is fixed throughout the year from 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm

The fees you will be charged is Rs. 25 for one person.

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6. Light and Sound Show at City Palace, Udaipur

sound and light show

 City Palace in Udaipur is the first privately owned sound and light show in the country. The sound and light show has the best quality you will ever see this show is so well choreographed that it has its own script named as “Yash ki Dharohar” written by the famous writer Pandit Narendra Mishra. This show is based upon the Mewar dynasty and its rich history it not only attracts visitors from within the country but also from outside of the county. Many people visit this place as this is one of the properly maintained forts in the country. Sitting arrangement is also awe-inspiring.

The timings of the show is also different in many months if you want to watch this shown in Hindi language then you should visit this place from  8.00pm to 9.00 p.m. in May to August and

If you want to see this show in the English language then you have to visit it at 7.00 pm to 8.00 p.m. in September to March and if you are visiting in April then the time that you should follow is 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm

The tickets are available online, so you need not worry about the massive queue in front of the gate. This is the most significant plus point as you can actually book tickets and plan according to it.  

I would highly recommend this place as this is one of the correctly maintained and well-organized shows in our country.

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7. Light and Sound Show at Victoria Memorable, Kolkata

Now the next venue in this article is the Kolkata, The city of Joy the town which was first started the movement of independent India, and it is the city with has most of the British infrastructure, and the venue of the show is also at the Victoria memorable.

It was constructed in honor of Queen Victoria, the ruler of British India. This historic place has 100 years of history inside its walls. Now this place is converted into a museum so anyone can visit this place but the most preferred time to visit this place is in the evening when the sound and light show is on. Name of the show is the pride and glory of the city of Kolkata.

In this show, you will be present with the historical information of the city of Joy and how British has arrived in India till the time of impedance everything is covered in the show which is perfectly combined with the lights.

The timing of the shows on Victoria memorable is for Bengali Show in the October to February is 6.15 pm to 07.00 pm  & 06.45 pm to 07.30 pm from March to June

For English Show timing is 07.15 pm to 08.00 pm from October to February and 07.45 pm to 08.30 pm from March to June.

There will be no shows in between July and September so I request you to no to visit in these months of the year and there will be no show on the Monday and National Holiday.

If you like the history and wanted to learn how the British invaded India and how Indians fought back and regain their independence from mighty British, you should visit Victoria memorable.

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8. Light and Sound Show at Mysore Palace, Mysore

sound and light show

Mysore Palace is The best example of the south Indian style of infrastructure. This palace also has a long history. If this city and support is new to you, then do not worry the light show in this palace will give you all the information regarding history of the Mysore and Mysore palace and one element has shown the Hindu mythological Goddess Chamundi slew the demon Mahishasure.

If you are going to visit this place, then timing which you take into consideration is 07.00 pm to 07.40 pm, and the show will remain closed on every Sundays along with the national holidays.

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Above are some places which I highly recommend you to visit India. India is the country of vibrant colors, and the sound and light shows in India of it also vivacious, but at the same time these shows are stick to their origins. The list I mentioned is entirely random. Everyplace in this list is impressive, and you cannot compare one to another as everyone has its own uniqueness.  

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