15 Most Famous Churches in Delhi

India is one of the top secular countries in the world. Its capital New Delhi also follows the footpath of Secularism. Delhi is the host of famous pilgrim spots like Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin, Bahai Lotus temple and Akshadaram temple. However, there are beautiful churches in New Delhi that makes visiting a church an underrated and soulful experience. From celebrating ceremonies like Wedding to sharing your feelings to the church father, New Delhi was given a boon by its Christian community.

Therefore, today, we will be exploring the 15 famous Churches in Delhi. Do not worry! These large lists help you to visit the popular churches that are situated in and around your neighbourhood. So let us go!

1. St. James church

Built by Colonel James Skinner in 1836, famous people like Queen Elizabeth II and Archbishop of Canterbury has put their footprints in this church. Named after the architect James Skinner, The Viceroy of India is a regular visitor of this church until 1931. The highlighting feature of this church is that there is an original painting done by the famous painter Pompeo Batani, which his painting is titled as “the prodigal son”.

Location : Mori Gate

Nearest Metro Station : Kashmiri Gate

2. Sacred Heart Cathedral

Being a famed church among the Christian community of Delhi, the sacred heart cathedral is situated in the heart of Connaught Place. Built by the architect Henry Medd, the sacred heart cathedral is designed in Italian Style and has beautiful interiors that make the pilgrims awestruck. Also made with pure Carrara marble, the church took 13 years (1922-1935) to complete it. The church here is best visited during the Christmas or Easter for its pompous celebration.

Location : Ashok Place

Nearest Metro Station : Patel Chowk

3. St. Thomas Church

Built-in the memory of St. Thomas, who was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, the church was built in 1972. In addition, it is believed that the funding of this church was done by the city of Cologne, Germany. The church is built with red bricks depicting the traces of Mughal style. St. Thomas Church has recently become one of the famous churches in Delhi for its architecture that the people from all caste or creed admire it.

Location : R K Puram

Nearest Metro Station : Bhikaji Cama Place

4. St. Stephen Church

Situated in the busy streets of Chandni Chowk, the St. Stephen’s church is one of the oldest ever churches in Delhi by being built-in 1862. Built by the society for the propagation of Gospel, the church was built in a Roman Architectural style. It is believed that this church was the first-ever in Delhi to get a Martyr crown.

Location : Khari Baoli

Nearest Metro : Chandni Chowk

5. Cathedral Church of Redemption

Laid the foundation stone by the then Governor and Viceroy Lord Irwin, Inside the church, you get to see some of the beautiful paintings imported from abroad, One of the highlighting features of this Church is that it is built in such a way that the interior looks cool and pleasant even during the summer season in New Delhi.

Location : North Avenue

Nearest Metro : Central Secretariat

6. St. Luke’s church

Built-in 1978 on a vacant property in the defence colony. The church welcomes many people from different community and unifies them in front of the almighty. Situated in Central Delhi, this church is a centre of epiphany for those who like to seek refugee under god from their busy life. This church is affiliated as Roman Catholic Church.

Location : Defence Colony

Nearest Metro : South Extension

7. St. Mary’s Church

Despite being founded in 1723, the church was the hotspot of many wars and takeovers. After the war, it was rebuilt and opened in 1746. St. Mary’s church is yet another church situated in Chandni Chowk. If you want a place where you got tired in being in the crowded streets of Chandni Chowk, then this church is a perfect break for you.

Location : Khari Baoli

Nearest Metro : Lal Quila

8. Centenary Methodist Church

Before building this church, the bishop J.W. Robinson organized get-togethers and spiritual ceremonies in a small cottage. Post that, in 1956, the government allotted land to the Christian community to help build this church. The church is famous for granting scholarships and other financial assistance to needy for their education.

Location : Lodi Road

Nearest Metro : Jangpura

9. St. Alphonsa Church

Located in the luxurious area of Vasant Kunj, the interest looking carvings and sculpture is engraved with Bible quotes, thereby giving you a daily dose of motivation. Another highlighting fact of this Alphonsa Church is that the mass ceremony is also held in the Korean Language, thereby helping Korean tourists to visit the church.

Location : Vasant Kunj

10. Teresa church

Built 3 decades ago, the Teresa church is an example of an architectural masterpiece. Not only that, the church gives positive vibes to its pilgrims. In a few months before opened, there has been an increase of Catholic pilgrims visiting the church. This made the then Archbishop Angelo decide to build a large and spacious church to cater to the needs of the catholic community.

Location : Pushp Vihar

11. Green Park Church

The simple yet popular church in Delhi is well received by the people of all religious community. The surroundings of the Green Park church is maintained with the highest artistic standards that motivate the pilgrims to visit regularly.

Location : Aurobindo Marg

12. Central Baptist Church

Yet another church located in Chandni chowk, the church is inspired in using European style architecture. Popularly known as Mother Church, this church is situated in and around Red Fort. Built-in 1860, the Central Baptist Church is one of the oldest churches in Delhi. In addition, the Central Baptist Church is yet another church that gives you a much-needed rejuvenation after struggling with the crowded streets of Chandni Chowk

Location : Chandni Chowk

13. St. Michael Church

With having a built-in unique architectural style, this famous Roman Catholic Church is built in the year 1953. The church is modernized with Beautiful garden, Marble staircase and a Conical Roofing. Near the church houses the famous school in Karol bagh, St, Michael junior school. The Masses here are observed in Hindi and English, which you can choose either of them. Other than Christmas and Easter festivals, this church hosts various festivals that attract the tourists of both domestic and foreign tourists. The church hosted various programs and event other than religious ceremonies for the youths of Delhi.

Location : Karol Bagh

14. St. Anthony’s church

Boasts of being the third famous church in Delhi after St. Mary’s church and Sacred Heart Cathedral, the St. Anthony’s church is located in the walking distance of New Delhi Railway Station. The construction of this search was started in 1917 and was completed in 1949 as due to World War 1 and 2 that made the church take much time in finishing. St. Anthony’s church now houses other buildings like two schools and a girl’s orphanage. The church has its first of its kind by building in a circular form without any pillars and help the priest look at their devotees.

Location : Paharganj

15. St. Mary’s Orthodox Church

This famous church, situated in Hauz Khas, was opened to the public in 1979. Being the only Syrian Orthodox Church in Delhi. In 1984, the church has shifted its division in the area of Haus Khans.

The building of the church began under the constitution of the Parish in 1942 and under the supervision of Father Mathews. Soon in 1952, the Parish Constitution elected KC Thomas for the post of vicar of Parish Constitution, which was under the supervision of Diocese of Kerala.

Location : Hauz Khas