What to Eat in Delhi

Do you think you have the best taste to judge food and consider yourself to be foodie, and then Delhi is the best place to prove yourself the person with the best taste of judging food. Having a population almost equal to that of a small country gives the power of making anything into the trend and the same occurred with some of the food items that India has within its heart named Delhi. There are tons of food items for which Delhi is being known all over the globe some are born here and some are being adapted in a special way by Delhi people and represented in the world with the different fan base. Some are best and some are better than originals.

Delhi is not just a place to be lived with an open and clean heart but also the verities in food items have made Delhi the richest country of India and have a great rank in the world. Delhi has a lot to say about itself, and the estimated time for the story will be millions of years so food itself is the simplest way to get an overview of those stories. Some of the most famous food items are listed below to give you a brief of why Delhi is the heart of the county.

1. Momos

This food item is now available in almost every corner of India with small stalls written Delhi Momos, anyone visiting Delhi and not tasting Momos is a regrettable part. So if you go Delhi taste it and yup! Its fan base increases.

2. Paneer Tikka

Panner tikka from Hudson Lane is one of the most famous food items from the city Delhi, it has a great impact in other states of India too, it is famous for its spices and because of the way it is being cooked.

3. Parantha

Delhi is almost incomplete without Parantha and butter from the most famous place “Paranthe Wali Gali”. On the name of this place there are tons of novels and stories, people used to say there are millions of stories from this Gali only and is famous only because of the varieties of Parantha they have, according to the information there are 100+ varieties of Parantha in Delhi.

4. Dal Makhani

At the peak, dal makhani is also very much popular in the heart of the country, because of the way of gibing spices on that. And it is mainly famous at Taj Palace Hotel.

5. Mutton Korma

For non-vegetarians, Delhi is heaven. There are tons of food items to be eaten by these non-vegetarian teams and one of them is Mutton Korma which is famous from the Karim’s Special Hotel located near Jama Masjid. Anyone visiting Delhi should try this food item.

6. Pav Bhaji

One of the most renowned food items which are being used in almost all parts of central and east Asia is obviously PavBhaji which has its origin from Delhi only. It comes with bread and mix veg (Bhaji). There might not be anyone from India who has not tasted PavBhaji yet if you are the one, go and have the food item once. It is basically famous from the New Arjun Bombay PavBhaji Stall located near Model Town 3.

7. Idli Sambhar

Although, it is a south Indian food item but its fans are all around Asia. Most of the time it is being taken in breakfast. According to people, curd used in this is beneficial for body if taken in morning; in Delhi it is famous at Saravana Bhawan near Connaught Place.

8. Masala Dosa

I don’t think giving information about this amazing food item is necessary as it has a great fan base and its consumers are in large numbers, in Delhi this food item is known from Connaught Place.

9. PaniPuri

After listing this food item, girls and women have a great attraction toward it. This is the food item with millions of female fan base also males are in huge numbers. Panipuri is famous in all parts of India but most importantly in Delhi as there are varieties in Panipuri too. In Delhi, it is famous at Nathu’s Sweets.

10. Lassi

There are two types of lassi, one with a sweet taste and other with salty. Delhi is known for its sweet lassi famous at Bikanervala

11. Dhokla

This food item sounds like as it has a weight of more than 100kgs, but it is not like that it’s a light Gujarati food but famous in Delhi at Gujrat Bhawan located near Chanakyapuri.

12. Tea

I would not say anything about this item. Tea has a fan base which has a number greater than the fans of any film stars. Delhi is famous for Tea just because of Cha Bar located near Connaught Place as the place’s warmth brings back customers again and again.

13. Raj kachori

Raj kachori is a known food item in Delhi specially served on Delhi 6 streets and offered best by the Haldiram. If you are a Haldiram fan but have not tasted this food item yet, then the real taste is still impending on you.

14. Aaloo Chaat

One of the spiciest foods we had is chaat and in Delhi. There is a huge fan base for this particular food which can be savored best at Khan Market.

15. Rasgulla

Again we have one bengali dish named Rosogulla there, but in Delhi, it is known for its sale at Bengali Sweet Centre at South Extension- I and CR park.

16. Gajar Ka Halwa

This food item is consumed more during the winter season as the production of Gajar (Carrot) is more in winter season than in summers, but nothing can be sweeter than the famous “Gaajar ka Halwa” at Kadimi Sweets in Janakpuri.

17. Jalebi

Jalebi is also a very popular food item and it is also known as national sweet as it is being distributed in almost all schools and other places during Republic Day and Independence Day celebration in India. As Delhi is the heart of India, jalebi is famous there too, more off than it is popularly made in Chandni Chowk.

18. Rolls

There are verities of rolls in Delhi, made up of different food stuffs such as vegetable rolls, chicken rolls, etc.. and Delhi has Nizam’s Kathi Kabab shop for promoting rolls all over India located near Defense Colony.

19. Litti Chokha

Craziness is epic but when it comes to being foodie anyone without having litti chokha. It is the finest food item among all basically a food item of Bihar, India but famous in all parts of the country. In Delhi, Litti Chokha is known because of The Potbelly Rooftop café located at ShahpurJat.

20. Tender Coconut Ice Cream

This is again a crazy foodstuff from the heart of the country Delhi, this foodstuff is being offered by almost everyone whether they are native or not. In Delhi, it is made by the popular brand “Natural”.

Above mentioned are some renowned food items which are famous amongst anyone visiting Delhi. Experience the sumptuous food items on your next trip Otherwise, you’ll be regretting forever. At Travelogy, we ensure to bring in information, which can be used optimally to create a memorable trip savored by the foodie within.