Best Time to Visit Amarnath

One of the popular and holy tours that most of the Hindus often plan to go at least once in their lifetime is the Amarnath Yatra. It is said to be the sacred pilgrimages in India for which there has always been a huge footfall.

Each year this Yatra starts from the end of June or at the beginning of July and then ends in August. This is the right time when people should be planning for the Yatra since the climate is pleasant and bearable too. The place is located at the high altitude and that too in a remote location. The cave remains not so accessible most of the year.

It is said that during this time of the month the weather and route for the place are quite clear. That is why; if you are planning to visit here to get the Darshan then July is the right time to travel.

Summer (March to June)

Amarnath Yatra is in the route of Jammu And Kashmir State. Since summer is from March to June, this place is the right time to visit Amarnath Yatra. It is believed that this is the right season for the Hindu Shrine Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage to be visited.

The climate is not too hot and not even too cold. Besides, it is extremely pleasant for you to plan for any trip. The cave here is said to be the major attraction that usually is under the snow blanket for most of the year. The melting season then starts in the summer.

The best part is the Shivaling is then visible as it starts growing vertically. It is said to be made of ice and is quite visible to the people in that span.

Reason To Visit In Summer

The temperature at this time is usually from 9 to 34 degrees which are pleasant and bearable. Since this Cave is a popular attraction, you surely can visit here with your family at this time. This is the season to enjoy the quite thrilling experience of the pretty flower sights in the Mughal Garden.

Along with Amarnath Yatra, you can also plan to visit places like Sonamarg and Pahalgam which are also extremely stunning in summer. The weather is extremely clear and gorgeous too.

Things To Know Before The Visit

Since summer is the peak season, you can expect some of the hotels that you may like to get booked already. Of course, there will be a skyrocketing price of the hotels and you need to be ready to book well in advance. The flight tickets can also be quite expensive and as tourism will play quite an important role, you might have to extend your budget or keep it a little flexible.

Tips: The climate will be a little warm but surely at night it will be chilly. You must carry warm clothes and accessories like jackets, shawls, and mittens. Don’t forget to use sunscreen lotion and once the Yatra is done, stay for a while to explore Kashmir cuisine like enjoying Kashmiri wazwan dining experience.

Monsoon (July to September)

Well, the peak time for Amarnath Yatra begins from July to September. This is the time when the Hindu’s month of Savan is also considered to be the auspicious one. You might want to enjoy the trekking in mountains around the cave which of course would all the time be wrapped under the snow.

There are monsoon months that you might notice and thus enjoy some driller that often shall come and go too. But if the right precautions are taken and rules are rightly followed during the Yatra, then you will not have much of the problem.

Reason To Visit in Monsoon

This is the season when monsoon can be offseason. This means you might save a lot of your money on hotels and flight bookings too. The tickets for the flights are reasonably prices at this time. Since Monsoon during this time for Amarnath yatris will be amazing to enjoy but yes precautions are always necessary.

Things To Know Before The Visit

Many people often tend to avoid visiting this season since there are chances for rain to hamper the sightseeing. But it is always better to check the weather forecast in advance before you plan to go out. This way you will not miss out the best of the time to enjoy with your loved ones hereafter the Yatra is one.

Tips: No doubt that monsoon is not as chilly as you can experience in winter season but this is a fact that it will still be cold. That is why; you must have your rain gear at the same time jackets and boots for winter too.

Winter (October to February)

Well, this is one of the harsh seasons and most probably visiting this time to Yatra can be next to impossible. The temperature dips down to -8°C besides there will be extreme snowfall too. The mountains around the cave become quite covered in the layers of the snow which is why you will only see the dense fog.

You surely should be avoiding visiting your trip to this time. The trekking also is ext t impossible and there is no scope for you to reach at such peak since caves are also inaccessible.

Reason To Visit in Winter

The only reason you might want to visit in this season is not for the Amarnath Yatra but to enjoy skiing. Srinagar is quite cold as compared to Jammu but you can enjoy snowboarding and skiing to a great extent. You can also have the most impeccable experience of sitting in the cable care to enjoy the stunning ride.

Things To Know Before The Visit

Many activities are possible in each season of the year here. Even if you aim to cover the Amarnath Yatra but if you are here in this beautiful place then surely you must enjoy other things too. This season will not be right for enjoying Shikara ride or Mughal Garden but for enthusiast trekkers who love to enjoy winter sports will love this time.

Even if this not be the right time for the tourists to visit but the flight's tickets will be high and you might have to book all things well in advance too.

Tips: One of the most romantic times is to visit Kashmir in the winter season. It can, of course, be chilly and cold but if you have warm clothes and all the necessary accessories then there should not be a problem. You might want to have other accessories like warm socks and jackets for safety. Since the time is quite chilly you may not realize the water intake can fall and you will be dehydrated. So always have a bottle of water handy with you.

The only reason why Amarnath Yatra begins from a particular date and finishes in September is because of the season. So if you want to plan for Amarnath Yatra then you might plan between July to August when then time and seasons both are pleasant. Besides, you can enjoy the lush greenery and on other side snow-capped mountains together in one sight.

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