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How To Apply For Nepal Visa ?

Nepal is the country where visitors can have various enjoyment of exploring from religious places to natural parks. Kathmandu and Pokhara to visit some holy sites, Annapurna for mountaineering and hiking, Chitwan National Park, and Sagarmatha National Park are places to explore the native animals, birds, and natural environment.

Also, visitors need to travel to Nepal for studies or meeting friends. But to explore the places in Nepal, visitors or tourists need a visa. Nepal provides permission on arrival quickly and with a simple process.

Refer the guide on how to apply for a Nepal visa in this article.

However, Nepal’s on arrival visa process is pure, but yet you need to be prepared with some documents and knowledge of the process thoroughly before flying to Nepal. Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) facilitates its visitors with a visa on arrival as it is the only International Airport that welcomes foreigners in Nepal.

In the Tribhuvan International airport, visitors need to visit the Immigration office to acquire the visa. Immigration Office offers a quick and straightforward visa on arrival facilities and works under the Department Of Immigration in Nepal.

You can also prefer Nepalese Diplomatic Missions for applying for visa before arriving in Nepal. To escape the queue system for visa application, choose Nepalese Diplomatic Missions to obtain your Nepal visa. Visa that is derived from Nepalese Diplomatic Missions has the validity for six months. So, visitors have to enter or visit Nepal within six months from the date of the visa issue. Also, the days of your visit will be count from the day you enter Nepal.

The visa you get from entering or exit point of Nepal is a Tourist Visa. Visitors can visit Nepal for multiple times because Tourist Visa offers multiple re-entries. Furthermore, Tourist Visa is the only entry visa to Nepal, but visitors may visit Nepal for multiple purposes like travel, tour, sightseeing, mountaineering, hiking, visiting families or friends, and trekking. Still, tourists can get a Tourist Visa, but they have to apply with different categories. In addition, visitors can enter Nepal with tourists visas then they have to change the purpose of visiting and stay duration from the Department of Immigration of Nepal with the required documents.

Process to Apply for a Nepal Visa On Arrival

Step: 1 Check For The Eligibility To Apply For On Arrival Nepal Visa

However, all the people from different countries all over the world need a visa to visit Nepal except Indians. Apart from Tourist Visa, people can apply for visas considering the purpose of visit such as marriage visa, diplomatic visa, study visa, relationship visa, work permit, etc.

Here are the eligibility criteria to apply for a Nepal Visa on arrival. Before planning to Nepal, check the eligibility first. A passport that has six months of validity from the date you reach Nepal.

As the stamp of Nepal country is quite huge, your passport needs at least one blank for the Nepal stamp by the Immigration Officer.

Nepal doesn’t offer on arrival visa for the citizens of Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Liberia, Swaziland, Somalia, Iraq, Palestine, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan at Nepal’s immigration entry point.

Note: They have to apply for the Nepal visa directly from the Diplomatic Missions or Nepal Embassy in their country. So, check your eligibility according to the instructions given in step-1. If you meet the qualification, you can proceed with the below preparation for the visa application.

Step-2: Process- Nepal Visa Application

There are two methods to apply for the Nepal visa. Read more to get the details.

1. At Kathmandu’s International Airport (TIA)

Check the following documents that you must have for visa application.

Your Passport (Have the photocopy of the bio page that may require sometimes)

Application Form: Check all the three ways to complete the application form filling process.

Manual: Visitors can get the application form from the Immigration Office at the airport on arrival.

Machine: If you don’t want to go through the manual process, you can use automatic machines. Automatic machines will scan all the details from your passport, and you need not enter any details manually. It may not be 100% free from manual efforts; you may have to add some features manually also. Though it is a seamless and quick method, after fetching the details from the passport, the machine will capture your photo digitally. The whole process takes only 5 to 7 minutes to be completed. So, machine form filling saves a lot of time for visitors.

Online In Advance: Visitors can fill the visa application form online since 2014. Tourists need to apply online before the 15 days of arrival in Nepal. Furthermore, to fill the online form, you would have the digital copy of your passport-sized photograph and the details of the hotels you have booked.

Passport Sized Photograph: (35mm x 45mm)

Visitors who complete the application form with the help of the registration machine need not worry about photos. But if you choose the manual option, you must have passport size photos with you. However, a photo booth facility is available in the airport, but you have to spend 200 NPR for that.

2. Any Of Nepal’s Border Crossings That Welcome Foreigners

Nepalganj, Sunauli, Kakarbhitta, Birganj, Dhangadhi, Mahendranagar, and Rasuwagadhi are the places on the border of Nepal. Of course, visitors can apply for a visa directly from the Nepal Embassy in their countries but check the eligibility criteria and documents requirement; they can vary.

How Can Philippines Citizens Apply?

Philippines citizens can apply for a Nepal visa from the Nepal Consulate at Ermita at Manila. Visit the place from Monday to Friday (1:30 PM to 4:00 PM) and submit the documents as follows:

  • 2 Application Forms with all the details filled completely.
  • 2x2 Photo on both applications (glued/pasted).
  • Passport with six-month validity.
  • Return flight tickets.
  • Guarantee letter or Invitation letter.
  • The host must have Nepal citizenship with residence in Nepal.
  • The letter must have authentication approved by the Consulate General, the Philippines in Kathmandu.
  • Payment Fees: For 15 days: 30$ and For 30 Days: 48$

Step3: Pay Fees For On Arrival Nepal Visa

If you have applied for a visa from the Embassy in your country, you have paid the fees at the time of the visa application. So, you need not to pay on arrival.

But if you want a visa on arrival, you need to be prepared with the application and then pay the fees. Here we have given the fee details for single-entry permission.

  • 15 Days: 15$ USD
  • 30 Days: 40$ USD
  • 90 Days: 100$ USD

The Australian dollar, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Swiss Franc, and US Dollar are also acceptable, but they prefer US dollars.

Note: Indian Currency, Credit Card, Debit Card, and Nepali Currency are not acceptable as visa fee payment.

No Visa Fee Needed: Some applicants can have a visa without paying fees, and that is called Gratis Visa.

  • Children below the age of 10 years.
  • Non-Residential Nepalese.
  • SAARC citizens but not Afghanistan’s people who are going to visit Nepal for the very first time.
  • (SAARC Countries: Maldives, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh)
  • If Afghan citizens have the Department Of Immigration’s recommendation, they are eligible for a visa without paying the fee.
  • Chinese Nationals

Step 4: Proceed To The Immigration Desk

Be ready with the application form, your passport, and payment receipt to proceed further on the immigration desk.

However, the Nepal Immigration staff will never ask for any other documents, but sometimes they may ask for accommodation proof or any other identity proof.

Well, it will not happen with all. Still, you should have your financial documents, accommodation proof, and return ticket handy so that if anyone asks, you can show immediately without any hassle.

Note: Sports visitors should have five photographs with them for the application of trekking or hiking. Visitors should have trekking permission before campaigning.

Multiple Entry And Extensions:

Multiple Entry Visas: Multiple Entry Visa allows tourists to visit Nepal for numerous times, and if you have a single-entry visa than also you can apply for a multiple-entry visa. Tourists have to pay $20 at the time of arrival in Nepal. Also, visitors can change their single-entry permission into multiple-entry visas from the Central Immigration Office in Kathmandu by paying the same fee, 20$ USD.

Visa Extensions: A good citizen of any country will never overstay. They prefer to return to their homeland as per the schedule and days mentioned in the visa.

Never overstay in any country as you have to pay the penalties for overstaying. In the case of Nepal, if you overstay for 1 to 30 days, you have to pay 3$ USD extra for each day in addition to the 2$ USD per day for visa extensions.

Visitors can extend Nepal’s visa at the Immigration Office at Pokhara or Kathmandu. Visitors can get an extension of 150 days, and they have to pay $30 for the first 15 days, and afterward, they have to pay $2 for each day as long as they want to stay in Nepal.

Also, travel and trekking agencies can help the tourists to extend the visa and fees. So, tourists should concern the agencies to proceed with the visa extension quickly.

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