Widlife Sanctuaries in Nepal

Geographically and Geologically, Nepal is the diverse country. In Nepal, you’ll get to see and enjoy both the cold & hot weather and your visit to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Nepal would be worth visiting in Nepal. You can also go on trekking and wildlife safaris in some places in Nepal. The interesting fact is that the elevation in the state varies from 67m to 8848m which shows a significant role in the creation of Flora & Fauna.

Let’s discusses about the wildlife sanctuaries in Nepal which offers a variety of rich flora and fauna.

Chitwan National Park

This National Park is the most popular and oldest in Nepal and also tourists can also reach there by Kathmandu and Pokhara via bus. It used to be a hunting place for sovereigns but in order to guard the animals that are in danger of extinction its utilization has changed in 1973 and for its unique biological resources it also became UNESCO World Heritage place in 1984.

Chitwan National park has more than 450 bird’s species along with 22 worldwide endangered species and hence, it is also known as “Bird watcher’s paradise”. You can here enjoy river rafting, canoe trips, jeep safaris and so on to enjoy the nature walk and you can also stay in a luxury resort or you can have your accommodation in your preferred hotel.

The best time to visit here is between October to December & April to June and in the month of July to September, it is too hot and humid.

Parsa Wildlife Reserve

In order to protect the habitation for wild Asian elephant & a diversity of further fauna’s, in 1984 Parsa Wildlife reserve instituted as a wildlife reserve. Parsa Wildlife Reserve is positioned very close to Chitwan national Park. This area offers shelter to diversity of wild animals.

The park attracts tourists with wonderful forest of Sal tree and several varieties of snakes & birds species. You can enjoy jungle safari here to explore the Parsa Wildlife reserve and the best time period to visit here is between May to September.

Bardia National Park

It is situated in the West of Nepal and as it is in a distant location, Bardia National park has a very few visitors in comparison to other wildlife sanctuaries. This national park is well-known for its safeguarding of Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Elephant, and other animals that are in danger of extinction. It has more than 400 bird’s species inside the park.

In addition to it, as per its hard work in maintenance as well as support of neighboring society, it has also become the Best Sustainable Travel place in Asia. Here you can enjoy jeep safari, walk in jungle to explore Bardia National Park, river rafting and so on. You’ll also get to see a Bengal Tiger while you are exploring the Park. The best time to visit here is between October to November & mid of February to May.

Langtang National Park

It is the first National Park in the Himalayas of Nepal and is situated north east of Kathmandu. It’s a wonderful place enjoying the nature and also for trekking is the best place. Langtang National Park attracts a huge influx of tourists every year from across the world.It is the only national park which offers a breeding ground for dark rumped rose finch in summers.

In Langtang National Park, you’ll get to see Dorja Lakpa Range, Gosainkunda Lake & peak of Langtang Lirung. You will enjoy a lot in these places if you’ll visit here during the festival of Janai Purnima in August. The best place to visit here is March to November.

Sagarmatha National Park

It is the top national park in the world with its lowest peak of 3000m above the ocean height. In other words, the term Sagarmatha which is a Nepali name means Everest. The Sagarmatha National Park is the mother of all National Parks. Trekking is the best activity to do here. The park has more than 25 peaks of above 6000m in height are situated inside the park and has above 118 species of Birds and numerous animals live in the park that are rarest to be found anywhere in the world.

Here you will be amazed to see wild sanctuary of animals like snow leopard, langur monkey, weasel, Himalayan black bear, and Daphne which is the national bird of Nepal. The best time period to visit here is between October to November & March to May.

Rara Park

Rara Park is situated in a distant location where the park sees a very less numbers of visitors across the world. If you will visit here by air then you have to take two flights firstly to Nepalgunj & secondly to Jumla to reach at this Park or else, If you’ll choose to visit here by bus the it’ll take 2 to 3 days to reach here from the initial point of trek.

Here you can enjoy boating in the crystal clear water of Rara Lake or you can also climb the hills in order to interact with numerous diverse people. The best time period to visit at Rara Park is between May to September.

So, after get to know everything well about the Wildlife Sanctuaries in Nepal, book your safari & get ready to explore the Wildlife sanctuaries in Nepal which is rich in flora and fauna. Nepal’s wildlife sanctuaries are known for their astonishing view of landscapes, rarest wild animal’s species and large group of flora. Here you can do trekking, jungle safaris in jeep; river rafting and you’ll enjoy the beautiful views of snow covered Himalayas.

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