Shopping in Mandawa

The uniqueness and specialty of the most beautiful town Mandawa located in Rajasthan is that it is an old and a well planned destination. Previously, many wealthy business families shifted here and got settled building decorative haveli and opulent buildings with intricate designs. The same artistic beauty can be seen in each and every area of the region along with the interesting items available in the stores.

Art lovers will have a great time in the city even when they are busy in shopping valuable goods as one can get miniature paintings and other handmade articles. The artisans in the region follow traditional methods in completing a few amazing goods that are only produced in the particular region.

Starting from the marvelous wooden carvings till the eye catching furniture, antique jewelry, handicrafts are available in the market streets of Mandawa. Along with all these house decorative items and accessories one can shop for the best tie and dye fabrics and natural colored textiles. All the apparels or textiles available in the market streets are of bright shades and the handicrafts displayed will reflect the Rajasthani artwork and culture. Main Bazaar, Government emporiums are some places where one can get various interesting goods that can be used as home decorative items.

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