Best Places for Photography in Rajasthan

Photography is not just a hobby for many. It is a unique way to express the beauty from your perspective. Among the photogenic spots around the world, Rajasthan is an important destination to pick for tender photos. The desert state of India, Rajasthan is a mighty region that is famous for heritage, culture, natural beauty and architecture. This is the place to enjoy all kinds of photography like nature, still life, culture, desert and so on.

Not every inch of Rajasthan is photogenic. Not all tourist spots are suitable for photography. You ought to choose the right destination at the right time for finding clickable moments. Here are the best places to visit in Rajasthan for photography.

1. Jodhpur

Style of Photography – Cultural Best Time – Winter Evening

Rajasthan has a very colorful culture. Starting from their cuisine to their attire, color is an important element of their life. Jodhpur is a cultural essence of Rajasthan. You can drive through rural villages to spot locals enjoying their daily routine. Evening is the best time as you can find many locals performing some sort of activity outside their house. Make sure to ask for permission before you click pictures of their houses and works.

Best part of Jodhpur is Dhanis, a traditional village where you can spot many Rajasthani cultural events, evening prayers, folk music, dancing, bonfire and much more, every evening. If you visit during any local temple festival, you are in for a lucky day.

Chokhi Dhani, Jodhpur

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2. Udaipur

Style of Photography – Architecture Best Time – Throughout the Year

Udaipur is famous for its rich collection of palaces, temples, forts and others. You can find exotic marvels with Aravalli backgrounds or water background throughout the city. If you are looking for still life photography, this is the best place. If you visit the markets of Udaipur in the evening, you can click the local like of the people. Colors are 100% guaranteed.

Udaipur Shopping

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3. Pushkar

Style of Photography – Wildlife and Culture Best Time – October/ November (Camel Fair)

On the banks of the Pushkar Lake, you can find the haven of camels. You can click almost all types of camel photographs here like camel race, camel beauty contest, camel trading and so on. The lake is at prime beauty throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the place for photography is during the Pushkar camel fair.

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4. Jaisalmer

Style of Photography – Landform, Nature and Culture Best Time – Winter

Jaisalmer is the desert region of this state. This is the best place to click Arabian styled photographs. Click pictures of folk performances, camel safaris, desert, luxury tents and much more. Although desert is just golden sand, the place is very romantic and exciting for photographers. If you are looking for romantic photography, choose full moon night camel safari and moonlit dining experience in the desert.

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Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer

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5. Jaipur

Style of Photography – Culture and Architecture Best Time – January to March

Jaipur has a long list of pinkish monuments that are fit for postcards. Apart from the architectural marvels of the place, it is very essential to notice the cultural value of the city. During the late winter season, the city turns into a cultural spot. Jaipur Markets will be filled with colorful souvenir, havelis will be at prime beauty and most importantly, you can spot shops overflowing with delicious-looking delicacies. Visit the flower market, spice market or the silversmith galleries to get classic photographs.

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Flower Market, Jaipur

6. Mount Abu

Style of Photography – Nature Best Time to Visit – Winter

Mount Abu is the hill station of Rajasthan. This is one of the best places to click green pictures. The region has all elements of a cliché hill station. The freshness and beauty of the place is mind-blowing. You can also find spots to click some wildlife photography. Avid photographers trek through the lush region and camp for the night to enjoy early morning shots of the hill station.

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Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

7. Sawai Madhopur

Style of Photography – Architecture and Wildlife Best Time to Visit – October to June

Sawai Madhopur is famous for Ranthambore National Park. This is the spot for finding many large mammals like tigers, deers, bears, elephants and others. You can spot numerous mammals, reptiles and other wildlife elements here. Early morning safari is the best way to shoot many exciting photographs of the place and animals. If you visit during summer evening, many animals visit the water region to quench their thirst. However, spotting all mammals is not guaranteed.

Are you looking for a professional click of a tiger? You need to take back-to-back safari rides with the best guide for increasing your probability. Apart from wildlife elements, you can find many forts, temples and ancient architectures for sightseeing and photography. Ranthambore in monsoon will be aesthetically pleasing for landscape photography. You might not be able to spot animals or birds during this season.

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Ranthambhore National Park Safari

8. Bundi

Style of Photography – Ancient Architecture Best Time to Visit – Throughout the Year

A little away from Jaipur, Bundi is the best place to enjoy the culture and the history of the land with exciting photogenic spots. You can find numerous ancient buildings, monuments, reservoirs and trade regions. Explore the forts to find exotic places to click pictures. If you play your cards right, you can click some eerie looking pictures at the dusk, inside the forts and reservoirs.

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Taragarh Fort, Bundi

9. Alwar

Style of Photography – Architecture, Wildlife and Paranormal Pictures Best Time to Visit – At Dusk

Alwar is an important place to spot many architectural marvels and sunset spots. Apart from these cliché spots, this is also the best place to click some hunted pictures. The haunted fort of Bhangarh is open for photographers. If you are looking for some colors, visit Sariska tiger reserve to click some nature photography. If you are lucky, you might find a couple of mighty tigers to click. The chances of spotting a tiger are less. So, do not be disappointed.

Sariska National Park

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This is just an index of what to expect during a photography trip in Rajasthan. Other honorable mentions are Bharatpur national park for clicking colorful birds, Chittorgarh fort for architectural beauty, Deshnok for cultural pictures and much more. Although most of the places will be at prime beauty throughout the year. However, it is important to skip summer season as the place will be scorching hot.

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