Best Shopping Destinations in India with Specialties

Are you a Shopaholic who loves to surf through millions of products to choose the one that you have a heart on? Are you ready to spend a few hours walking in and out of shops and buy unique and interesting items? India is the best place for such a shopping.

This article talks in detail about top 15 shopping destinations in India with information about what and where to buy.

1. Jaipur

There is a reason to why Jaipur has topped the list. The city has managed to hold on to its cultural value even with the racing technological adaption. You can find many souvenirs and quality goods that reflect the tradition of the land. Jaipur clothing has a special place in today’s style world. They are durable, affordable and high quality material. Apart from the regular markets, many fairs and exhibitions are conducted from time to time for various types of products during tourism season.

Things to Buy

Gold and Silver Jewelry, different types of Dress Materials, Shawls, Lac Jewelry, Bangles, Accessories and Precious Gemstones are the most common items to buy in Jaipur. If you are ready to spend a few more hours into shopping, you can buy Marble Works, Brassware, Wood Items, Leather Items, Puppets, Pottery Items and Others.

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Top Places for Shopping in Jaipur

    • Johri Bazaar – Traditional Jewelry, Gold Accessories, Fabric and Others.
    • Bapu Bazaar – Famous for Wool Material and Lac Jewelry
    • Badi Chaupar – Block Printed Cloths, Gift Items, Embroidered Bed Sheets And Others
    • Nehru Bazaar – Famous for Embroidered Footwear, Fabric and Others.
    • Chaura Rasta – Famous for Hand-Printed Papers, best souvenir item is a Hand Printed Diary.
    • Gaurav Towers – Branded Items, Designer Clothes, Ethnic Accessories And Luxury Shopping
    • Tripolia Bazaar – Famous for Brassware, Traditional Jewelry and Designer Carpets.
  • Chandpol Bazaar – Wooden Sculptures, Marble Works, Turbans and other Souvenir Items.


The traditional Kundan jewelry is a trademark product of Jaipur. You ought to buy a few for yourself and your friends. If you are looking for a decent purchase, Jaipur clothing would suit well. Embroidered Footwear is another unique thing to buy in Jaipur.

Jaipur Kundan Jewellery Jaipur Colorful Shoes Shopping

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2. Kashmir, Srinagar

It is obvious that shopping is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think Kashmir. The mind-blowing sceneries and wonderful climate is the first memory of this paradise. Those who have been to Kashmir know the value of shopping here. You can find high quality woolen clothing here. Apart from this, there are a lot of unique souvenir items and quality products to choose in Kashmir.

Things to Buy

Top things that tourists like to buy in Kashmir are accessories, Wool Clothing, Carpets, Spices, Antique Items, Tweed Garment, Jewelry, Walnut-Wood Work, Thangka Painting, Tea and Shawls. Other common items to buy in Kashmir are Essential Oils, Antique Silver Jewelry, Pashmina Shawl and Handlooms.

Wallnut Wood Work Kashmir Shalws Shopping Kashmir

Top Places for Shopping in Kashmir

    • JK Government Emporium – Famous for Walnut Wood Carvings, Papiermache, Wool Clothing, Shawls and Others
    • Lal Chowk Area – Famous for Dry Fruits. Best of all is Walnut Fudge
    • Mughal Garden Road – Famous for Shawls. Buy genuine Kashmiri Shawls
    • Cottage Industries Emporium – Famous for Artifacts, Fabrics, Print Works and Others
    • Kukar Bazaar – Famous for Fruits and Dry Fruits
    • Pampore Field – Best place to buy Real And High Quality Saffron
  • Polo Market – Fancy Items, Fabrics and Hand Bags


Even if you do not love shopping, buy a few flavors of Kashmir tea. You will never regret this. Do you know Kashmir has a famous pink tea that is salty in taste? Other must-buy items in Kashmir are Hand Woven Carpets and Rugs, Wall Hangings, Antique Copper Items, Willow Baskets, Handlooms, Spices and Others. If you have a good budget, you can buy Kashmir saffron too.

Kashmir Pink Tea Willow Baskets Kashmir

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3. Delhi

Delhi is the capital of the country and you need not worry about searching for luxury malls for shopping and entertainment. Numerous malls around the city are famous for selling top brands, luxury entertainment elements and others. If you are planning to buy traditional items that represent the culture of the land, street shopping is the best. There are many market places in the city that can satisfy your shopping desire better than the malls.

Things to Buy

Famous items to buy in Delhi are Handicrafts, Clothing, Fashion Items, Spices, Dry Fruits, exotic and rare Ayurvedic medicines. Other common items are Jewels, Accessories, Leather Items, Electronics and Handlooms.

Dry Fruits Khari Baoli Delhi Jewelry Shopping Delhi

Top Places for Shopping in Delhi

    • Janpath Market – Famous for Handicrafts, Footwear, Embroidered Textile and Others.
    • Khari Baoli – Famous for Spices, Street Food and Snacks. It is also famous for exotic Ayurvedic Medicines.
    • Sarojini Nagar Market – Clothing of all types and Accessories
    • Chudi Bazaar – Famous for various types of Bangles. Do you know that you can find Mud Bangles here?
    • Dilli Haat – Famous for Handloom Stalls and Exhibitions
    • Chandni Chowk – Famous for Fabrics, Pearls, Shawls and Others


Electronics and textiles are very common in this city. When it comes to souvenir items, it is advisable not be buy electronic items in Delhi for abroad friends. Spices are the best gifts from Delhi. If you are buying Pearl here, make sure that you are buying an authentic one.

Textiles Delhi Haat Spice Market Delhi

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4. Chennai

Chennai is a famous tourist spot for its sightseeing areas, beaches and Mahabalipuram heritage spot. Apart from these tourism activities, this place is filled with numerous luxury malls that offer branded items, entertainment and luxury shopping experience. As always, if you want to buy souvenirs that reflect the heritage of the city, it is better to stick to street shopping. Haggling is very essential here.

Things to Buy

Famous souvenir items in Chennai are Handicrafts, Clothing, Accessories, Toys, Kancheepuram Silk Materials, Replica of Stone Sculptures of Mahabalipuram and others.

Handicrafts in ChennaiTop Places for Shopping in Chennai

    • T-Nagar – An area dedicated to various shops. Main items are Textiles, Accessories, Footwear, Toys and Gift Items
    • Sowcarpet – Famous for North-Indian Textiles and Dresses. You can taste authentic Chaat Items here.
    • Ritchie Street – Very famous for Electronic Items
    • Pondy Bazaar – Famous for Clothing, Footwear, Street Food, Accessories and others.
    • Parry’s Corner – Famous for Ethnic Goods, Lamps, Steel Utensils and others
    • Nungambakkam – Famous for Ethnic Items, Handicrafts and others
  • Luz Corner – Famous for Accessories, Footwear and Clothing


Since Chennai is a hub, you can find specialty items of neighboring small towns in Chennai like Kancheepuram Silk Sarees, Replicas of Mahabalipuram, China items, Taiwan items and others. It is better to buy from authentic shops while choosing Kancheepuram Silk Sarees. Clothing, materials and accessories can be found in large number here and even in cheap rate.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

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5. Goa

Laid with 30 or more beaches, this paradise has more to offer than just beaches and nightlife. With Portuguese’s rule, the city has still some scent of European culture here. This is the main reason to why souvenirs in Goa are very unique than those you find in other places of India.

Things to Buy

You can find accessories, Alcohol, Spices, Handicrafts, Handlooms and other items here. You can find small showpiece items made with different materials and in different styles. They serve as a good souvenir item.

Feni Bottles, Goa Goa Handicrafts

Top Places for Shopping in Goa

    • Baga Market – Famous for Fancy Scarves and Handbags
    • Flea Market Of Anjuna – Famous for Accessories and Items from Tibet, Gujarat and Kashmir
    • Tibetan Markets – You Can Find Many Souvenir Items, Showpiece Items, Pearls and others here. This is open only from October to May.
    • Margao Market – Famous for Cashew Nut, Wine made from Cashew, Alcohol, Spices and others.
    • Mapusa Friday Market – Famous for Fruits, Dry Fish, Sausages and Other Specialties of Goa Cuisine.
    • Arpora Saturday Night Market – Famous for Handicrafts, Carpets, Designer Jewelry, Accessories and Street Food.
    • Panjim Market – Famous for Clothing, Handicrafts, Spices and Wines
  • Calangute Market Square – Famous for Clothing, Beachwear, Trinkets and Handicrafts.


Top unique items that you ought to try are Spices, Cashew Wine, Showpieces made with Seashells, Trinkets and seafood snacks.

Sea Shells Shopping in Goa Spice Market Goa

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6. Mumbai

Mumbai is the city where dreams come true. Not just the Bollywood dreams of actors, your shopping dreams can come true here with millions of shops and various unique items. Mumbai is very famous for fashion items. Apart from sightseeing, water activities and others, Mumbai has a crowded list of markets, which are famous among tourists. Many tour operators provide market-walking tours for foreigners.

Things to Buy

Clothing and spices are two main things to buy in Mumbai. Trending Accessories, Leather Items And Electronics are found a lot here. Idols of deity made with varying materials are a very common souvenir here. Other items to consider buying in Mumbai are brass items, handicraft, antiques, books, semi-precious gems and others.

Deity Idols in Mumbai Book Stores Mumbai

Top Places for Shopping in Mumbai

    • Colaba Causeway – This market is famous for Handicraft, Clothes, Shoes and Jewelry.
    • Crawford Market – Famous for various types of Spices
    • Fashion Street – As the name indicates, this place is for Clothing, Accessories and Leather Items
    • Zaveri Bazaar – A popular Jewelry Market for Uncut Jewels, Precious Stones, Gold Jewelry and Branded Jewels.
    • Chor Bazaar – A Flea Market famous for unique and Antique Items.
    • Wednesday Market – Famous for Books, Accessories and Shoes
    • Lamington Road – Famous for Electronic Items
    • Lokhandwala Market – Famous for Clothing and Accessories
  • Hill Road – Famous for Shoes Selling Hardware and Woodworks


Mumbai dress material is a worthy thing to buy here. If you are planning to buy any souvenir item, you can choose wood items, spices, jewelry and others. Deity statues are common here in various size and materials. If you visit during Ganesh Chaturthi, you can find hundreds of types of Elephant God statues made with eco-friendly products.

Wood Handicrafts in Mumbai Jewelry Shopping in Mumbai

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7. Mysore

When it comes to shopping in Mysore, the first thing that comes to your mind is sandalwood here. Do you know that almost all tourists who visiting stores for souvenirs consider sandalwood articles as gifts? Apart from sandalwood, there are numerous other items to get amazed while shopping in Mysore. Again, Mysore is not just about shopping. You can find numerous tourist attractions here like Palaces, Mahals and others.

Things to Buy

Top items to buy in Mysore are Sweets, Handicrafts, Art Items, Silk Materials, Sandalwood Sticks, Incense Products, Paintings, Spices and others.

Silk Items Mysore Handicrafts in Mysore

Top Places for Shopping in Mysore

    • Devaraja Market – Famous for Traditional Items, Clothing, Accessories and Others.
    • Cauvery Art and Craft Emporium – Famous for Sandal Wood Casket and Figurines. You can find other Handicraft items here.
    • Sandalwood Oil Factory – Best place to buy pure Sandalwood Oil, Sandalwood and other products.
    • Government Silk Factory – This is the place for buying Mysore Silk Fabric including Sarees, Kurtas, Ties and others.
    • Chenapatna – This place is famous for Wooden Toys. You can find many shops here.
    • Garuda Mall – Famous for Branded and Luxury Shopping.
  • Ramsons Handicraft Emporium – Famous for Handicrafts and Art Items


Unique and quality items for souvenirs in Mysore are Sandalwood, Silk and Sweets. Mysorepak is a wonderful gift for all those with sweet tooth. There are numerous different types of wooden toys for collectors in your social group.

Mysore Pak

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8. Kolkata

If you love shopping, you ought to visit Kolkata during Dusshera. You can find a lot of fairs, exhibitions and festivals. This is the city to buy unique art and craft items and souvenirs. Although electronics and branded items are available in many malls in the city, tourists tend to buy these traditional items during their visit. Top tourist spots to enjoy are Bellur Math temple, Howrah Bridge, Marble palace, Birla Planetarium, Eden Farden and others. Since it is located along the banks of the holy river, Ganges, you can find many religious items on sale too.

Things to Buy

You can find many emporiums here. The main items that attract tourists are saris, leather items and delicacies. Terracotta items are must-buy items of this city. If you are visiting the Pottery Village, you can buy many masterpieces. The cost of these items will be very high during festival times. Lord Durga statue is very commonly found in Kolkata in various styles and materials.

Silk Items Mysore Handicrafts in Mysore

Top Places for Shopping in Kolkata

    • New Market – Cheese Varieties, Fashion Items, Fabric and Others.
    • Gariahat Market – Clothes, Jewels, Kolkata Sari and Others
    • College Street – Famous for Books. You can find rare and Old Books here at shoestring price
    • Hatibagan Market – Bengal Saris, Cotton Fabric and Others.
    • South City Mall – Luxury shopping with entertainment and food. You can find branded items here.
    • Burra Bazaar Market – It is famous for yarn-based souvenirs. You can find many different kinds of Spices. During festival season, you can find many Street Shops selling Delicacies.
    • Dakshinapan Shopping Center – It is famous for Handicrafts, Wood Items, Metal Art and others.
  • Chowringhee Road – This area is famous for Terracotta Items


If you are a foodie, you ought to buy Kathi rolls while you are in Kolkata. Milk sweets of Kolkata are famous but the shelf life is very less. Be careful while choosing delicacies as souvenirs. If you love clothing, you can buy Kolkata Saree which is a very famous fabric allover India. The main souvenir of Kolkata is terracotta items. Buying a plaque or statue made of terracotta as a souvenir is very common here.

Kathi Rolls Kolkata Handicrafts Kolkata

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9. Ahmedabad

This heritage-filled region is famous for shopping traditional items. Fashion items are also common bought here by tourists.

Things to Buy

Top souvenir items here are Sweets, Clothing, Jewelry, Wooden Toys, Pottery Items And Handicraft. You can find specialty items of neighboring regions of Gujarat here. Dandiya is a wooden stick used for making synced sound while dancing the traditional dance of Gujarat. Painted Dandiya is a souvenir item of Ahmedabad.

Pottery Items in AhmedabadTop Places for Shopping in Ahmedabad

    • Lal Darwaja Market – Electronic Items and Clothing
    • Sindhi Market – Clothing
    • Dhalgarwad – Famous for Fabrics, Jewelry and Others.
    • Manek Chowk Market – Famous for Handicrafts and Jewelry
    • Mughli Bibi Tomb – Traditional Clothing
    • Law Garden – Famous for Handicrafts
    • Fernandes Bridge – A place for book lovers
    • Chimanlal Girdharlal Road – Famous for Pottery, Traditional Items and Handicrafts
    • Raipur Gate – Famous for Snacks
  • Ramakada Market – Famous for Toys and Wooden Items.


Unique items to buy in Ahmedabad are hand-made pottery, Handicrafts and Farsan (delicacy). If you are planning to choose clothing, you ought to buy Bandhej fabric, which is famous for its colorful prints and quality. If you are buying for a friend who loves art, you can choose paintings of modern artists in many galleries in Ahmedabad.

Clothing Ahmedabad10. Lucknow

The capital of Uttar Pradesh has more to offer you in terms of sightseeing, experience and shopping. After enjoying Bada Imambara, Catherdral of Hazratganj, La Martiniere School, Husainabad Clock Tower, Memorial Museum, Jama Masjid and others, you ought to try out the shopping in this city. This city is surrounded by many culture and tradition making unique souvenirs available in many markets.

Things to Buy

Chikan work is a famous souvenir. It is a thread work made on materials with gold and silver threads. You can find Tablemat, Bed Sheets, Clothing and others with this work. Other top items to buy in Lucknow are Metal Works, Gems, Garments, and Spices.

Lucknow Shopping

Top Places for Shopping in Lucknow

    • Aminabad – This place has been the best spot for Garment Shopping since the reign of Nawabs. Bargaining is must here.
    • Alambagh – apart from Mosques And Palaces, This area is famous for Electronics. Souvenir Shopping is not very famous here.
    • Chowk – Best part for Chikan Work. It is also a good spot for enjoying Delicacies of Lucknow.
    • Hazaratganj – This is a premium shopping spot for Luxury Shoppers.
    • Ganpath Market – Wool items and Leather items
    • Boothnath Market –Famous of Semi-Precious Jewels
  • Yahiyaganj – Famous for Toys and Cosmetics. You can buy fresh Spices here.


The things that are unique in Lucknow are Chikan Work, Ittar (a type of perfume famous among Mughals and Nawabs) and Semi-Precious Jewelry.

Chikan Lucknow Shopping

11. Jodhpur

Who said Jodhpur is just about Leather And Pottery? There are a lot more to this blue city. Do you know that an excellent way to lose weight is to shop in Jodhpur? With hundreds of shops, you would be walking and haggling in the markets. It is the best way to lose weight for all shopaholics. After enjoying the attractions of Jodhpur like Mehrangarh fort, Khejarla Fort, Moti Mahal, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Phool Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Ranisar Padamsar, Chamunda Mataji Temple and others, it is time to shop in Jodhpur.

Things to Buy

Flavored Tea, Dry and Fresh Spices, Fabrics, Bangles, Leather Items, Metal Items, Antiques, Henna Products, Leather Goods, Marble Figures, Ivory Works, Puppets, Pottery, Silver Items, Painting and others.

Jodhpur Bangles

Top Places for Shopping in Jodhpur

    • Clock Tower Market – This is the market known for Spice, Antiques, Handicrafts, Teas and others.
    • Naisarak – This is the market for Fabric. You can find wonderful souvenir items like Turbans, Shawls and others here.
    • Sojati Gate Market – This is the place for Hand Tattoo with Henna (Temporary Designs Using Henna Leaves), Dyed Fabric and others.
    • Mochi Bazaar – It is a tourism crime to leave Jodhpur without buying a Leather Product. This market is the best spot for Leather Accessories from Hand to Toe.
  • Tripolia Bazaar – Famous for Bangles and Handicrafts


Jodhpur Red Chilies are famous worldwide. If you could find the spice in powdered form or as whole, do not miss it. Leather products of Jodhpur are the best souvenir that you can choose. Turban is a memorable item that is unique in Jodhpur. Embroidered Leather Shoes are sold worldwide from Jodhpur. You can get a better deal here.

Mochi Bazaar Jodhpur

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12. Varanasi

According to Hindus, this is the place where Gods lived and meditated in the past. If you are a shopper, you would know this is a place of God. Apart from numerous Ghats, Ancient Temples and interesting rituals, the place is famous for unique souvenirs. Do you know Varanasi is also called as Benaras? Yes, Benaras Silk is an important souvenir item to buy in Varanasi. This silk material is famous for large embroidery works made with gold and silver thread. It is hand-made even today. Not just saris, you can find many other materials with Benaras silk like Scarf, Kurta and material to stitch. Indians consider Benaras Saris as heirlooms.

Things to Buy

As stated before, Benaras silk should be the first item in your list. Other important souvenir items to buy are Copper vessels with Ganga water, Minakari work made with gold or silver, Wooden Toys, Wood Works, Crystal Shivalinga, Stone Shivalinga, Authentic Rudraksha (five faced Rudraksha is very rare and famous), Mund Mala (It is a necklace made with fake skulls. Stone works, glass beads and books about temples in Varanasi.

Five Faced Rudraksha in Varanasi

Top Places for Shopping in Varanasi

Every temple has a few shops outside it. Apart from this, near famous ghats, you can find numerous shops. Many streets are dedicated just for shopping. You can also find small boats filled with small items sailing on the water. Pink colored Meenakari work is found only in Varanasi. Do not get confused with the color. The difficult part of the shopping here is, you can find many fake items here. When you are spending considerable amount of money in buying famous items like Benaras silk, Meenakari work and others, it is important to buy from authentic shops.

    • Peeli Kothi – This place has many shops but it is very famous for Benaras Silk. This is the place where people weave the Silk. Thus, authenticity and quality are guaranteed here.
    • Bylanes – This is located near Gaighat. This is the place where artisans make Meenakari Items. A Necklace will cost around 10 lakhs INR. If you are not ready to spend a huge amount. You can find boxes with small Meenakari Work or Small Animal Sculptures with Meenakari Work.
    • Temple Shops – Almost all temples have shops around it and you can buy small Souvenir Items Like Deity Statues, Wood Works, Toys And Key chains from here.
    • Kachori Gali – This is the place for buying Delicacies and Sweets. You ought to try Lal Pedha of Varanasi.
    • Vishwanath Gali – This place is very famous for Crystal Shivalinga. You can also find other small items here.
  • Sarnath – Shops in Sarnath are famous for Stone Items and Aroma Products.


If you are visiting Varanasi, you ought to buy things that you can never find outside Varanasi like five faced Rudhraksha Mala, Benaras Silk, Pink Meenakari Work and Ganga water.

Banarasi Silk Varanasi

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13. Hyderabad

Hyderabad pearls have their own value in today’s market. Apart from unique architecture and interesting cuisine, this place is famous for semi-precious jewelry. Did you know that traders from Middle East visited India to sell pearls and jewels to the Nawab of Hyderabad? You can find such antique pearls and jewels even today.

Things to Buy

Top things to buy in Hyderabad are Pearls, Silverware, Jewels, Garments, Leather Items, Perfumes, Wooden Toys, Tobacco, Dry Fruits and others. Unique souvenirs to buy in Hyderabad are Pochampally Cotton Garments, Lacquer Bangles, Spinach Pickle (Gongura pickle), Hot Chili Pickle, Karachi Biscuits, Bidri work and others. Hyderabad is the Biryani capital of the world. You ought to taste a plate of Biryani from any authentic hotel during your visit.

Handicrafts Hyderabad

Top Places for Shopping in Hyderabad

    • Koti Sultan Bazaar – Silverware, Garments and Footwear are common here.
    • Begum Bazaar – This is the place to visit if you love Tobacco. You can also find Perfumes, Kitchen Items, Exotic Dry Fruits, Jewels and Others.
    • Nampally – This place hoist many fairs during January and February. You can find many interesting items in the Exhibitions. The market is famous for Garments and Leather Accessories.
    • General Bazaar – Famous for Pochampally Cotton Garments and other types of clothing.
    • Laad Bazaar – This market is famous for Artificial Jewelry, Sarees, Spices, Perfumes and Fabrics. This is the best place to buy Lacquer Bangles.
    • Moazzamjahi Market – It started as a market for Fruits and Ammunition. Today, it is the best spot to buy Traditional Ittar Perfume and Dry Fruits.
  • State Emporium – Famous for buying Bidri Handcrafts


Pochampally is a small weaver village where you can find high quality cotton garments. Pochampally material is found in Hyderabad. Pearls are best bought in Hyderabad. Lacquer bangles are trademark of Hyderabad and an important souvenir item. Ittar perfume has attracted numerous foreigners since the reign of Nawabs.

Lacquer bangles Hyderabad

14. Handicraft Villages of Raghurajpur and Pipli, Odisha

The villages of Raghurajpur and Pipli are very famous heritage villages that attracts numerous tourists every year. The streets of these villages are laid with numerous shops selling handicrafts and art items.

Things to Buy

You can find unique handicraft and souvenir items in these villages.

Pipli Shopping

Top Places for Shopping in Raghurajpur and Pipli

    • Pipli – Famous for Puppets, Purses, Leather Items, Handbags, Cushion, Bedsheets, Lampshades, Decoration Items and others.
  • Raghurajpur – Famous for Pattachitra Painting, Handicrafts, Embroidered Fabric and others.


The Pattachitra painting, painting of incarnations of Lord Vishnu and painting of stories of Panchatantira are very famous painting works to buy in these villages. You can find numerous handicraft items of varying styles and types that are very good souvenirs here.

Raghurajpur Pattachitra Painting15. Shimla

Shimla is a hill station that is famous for many cliché hill station based tourism elements like Sightseeing, Adrenaline Pumping Activities, Boating, Sceneries and others. When it comes to shopping, this place has a unique taste.

Things to Buy

Shimla is famous for wool-based fabric, Tea, Tibetan Products, Fresh Jams, Decorative Items and souvenirs.

Shimla JewelaryTop Places for Shopping in Shimla

    • Mall Road – Famous for Jewelry, Pottery, Souvenir Items and Handicrafts.
    • Himachal Emporium – Famous for Pottery Items, Handicrafts, Shawls, Kangra Silk and Woolen Items
    • Tibetan Market – Famous for Accessories, Snacks, Shoes and Woolen Items.
    • Minocha Industries – Famous for Fresh Fruit based Jams, Jellies, Preserves and others.
  • Lakkar Bazaar – Famous for Shawls, Handicrafts, Woolen Items and others.


Best souvenir from Shimla is their fruit based wines or preserves. You can find high quality woolen clothing here. Other souvenir items include Handicrafts, Kangra Silk, Accessories and others.

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