Best Shopping Destinations in India with Specialties

Are you a Shopaholic who loves to surf through millions of products to choose the one that you have a heart on? Are you ready to spend a few hours walking in and out of shops and buy unique and interesting items? India is the best place for such a shopping.

This article talks in detail about top 15 shopping destinations in India with information about what and where to buy.

1. Jaipur

There is a reason to why Jaipur has topped the list. The city has managed to hold on to its cultural value even with the racing technological adaption. You can find many souvenirs and quality goods that reflect the tradition of the land. Jaipur clothing has a special place in today’s style world. They are durable, affordable and high quality material. Apart from the regular markets, many fairs and exhibitions are conducted from time to time for various types of products during tourism season.

Things to Buy

Gold and Silver Jewelry, different types of Dress Materials, Shawls, Lac Jewelry, Bangles, Accessories and Precious Gemstones are the most common items to buy in Jaipur. If you are ready to spend a few more hours into shopping, you can buy Marble Works, Brassware, Wood Items, Leather Items, Puppets, Pottery Items and Others.

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Top Places for Shopping in Jaipur

    • Johri Bazaar – Traditional Jewelry, Gold Accessories, Fabric and Others.
    • Bapu Bazaar – Famous for Wool Material and Lac Jewelry
    • Badi Chaupar – Block Printed Cloths, Gift Items, Embroidered Bed Sheets And Others
    • Nehru Bazaar – Famous for Embroidered Footwear, Fabric and Others.
    • Chaura Rasta – Famous for Hand-Printed Papers, best souvenir item is a Hand Printed Diary.
    • Gaurav Towers – Branded Items, Designer Clothes, Ethnic Accessories And Luxury Shopping
    • Tripolia Bazaar – Famous for Brassware, Traditional Jewelry and Designer Carpets.
  • Chandpol Bazaar – Wooden Sculptures, Marble Works, Turbans and other Souvenir Items.


The traditional Kundan jewelry is a trademark product of Jaipur. You ought to buy a few for yourself and your friends. If you are looking for a decent purchase, Jaipur clothing would suit well. Embroidered Footwear is another unique thing to buy in Jaipur.

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2. Kashmir, Srinagar

It is obvious that shopping is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think Kashmir. The mind-blowing sceneries and wonderful climate is the first memory of this paradise. Those who have been to Kashmir know the value of shopping here. You can find high quality woolen clothing here. Apart from this, there are a lot of unique souvenir items and quality products to choose in Kashmir.

Things to Buy