Interesting Facts About Delhi

Are you planning a trip to Delhi? Do you know the details declared below in the forthcoming paragraphs can make your trip more interesting and create and new and more exciting feeling in mind about this Delhi Trip? Yes, we know you are waiting to know that what interesting you will find in the post which can boost up your excitement more.

Actually, what we are doing is, the details will show you some interesting facts about Delhi which makes you feel much more excited when you will reach to the destination. So for now, without testing your patience and wasting a single moment, let’s get started with the details.

The first and primary thing about Delhi is, there is a phrase used for the residential of Delhi which is “Dilwalon ki Dilli”.

1. New Delhi and Delhi is different

Most of the people consider both of the new and old Delhi together but no this is not right. New Delhi and Old Delhi, both are different from each there. Yes it is surprising but this is truth. New Delhi is considered as the capital of the country but on the other side, Delhi is the city which is in New Delhi which is designed by the Britishers at the time when the money is shifted to Delhi from Calcutta. Do you know that New Delhi is known to be the seat three arms of the Indian Government? The Legislative, executive and Judiciary, these three arms are there in Delhi.

2. Red Fort was in White Color

At the initial times, Red Fort was white in color. For the survey of Chaeology, The research found that Red Fort was build with limestone. At one point of time, when the limestone started withers away, Britishers painted the fort in red color.

3. The Leading Commercial Center in India

Commercialization is very important for the employment sector. Delhi is one of the best places in North India to find job opportunities over there due to having lots of commercial buildings over there. Delhi is the capital of the country and considered as the best and most known commercial centers in the north part of India. Delhi is known to be the well developed growing retail Industries in India.

4. Largest Market of Spices in Asia

In the 17th century, there is a market known as Khari Baori Market which is the best market of spices. From 17th century, the market still holds the same reputation. Across all the area where market is situated, fragrance is spread all around there. This market is a great tourist attraction which gathers lots of tourists towards the Indian flavors.

5. Home of Unique Museum of Toilets

Delhi is the place which resembles the sanitation of India. You will find the museum of toilets which offers the perfect message to the Indians about the sanitation. The museum of toilets is known as Sulabh International museum. This museum aims to spread awareness about the hygiene across the world. Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak established this museum in 1992.

6. Most Expensive Host of Commonwealth Games

In 2010, commonwealth held in Delhi. That commonwealth game is organized as the most expensive commonwealth game which is not beaten by any country yet.

7. Second most famous city in the world

You might hear about many cities in world which are famous for different things. In India, Delhi is also a well famed city which comes in the top list of the famous city across the world. Even not only in the top rated cities, but considered as the second famous city in the world.

8. Qutub Minar – The tallest minaret in the world

You have heard about Qutub Minar, right. Do you know Qutub Minar is the tallest minaret in the world? In 1200 AD, this beautiful structure started building by the Delhi Sultanate. It still stands strongly at the place and has the same grace as before.

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9. Largest City

India has many cities which are beautiful as well as they are very big also. But Delhi, it is considered as the largest city in the entire country. This capital city of India has 11 political zones and later on these 11 political zones gets converted into 95 police stations.

10. 13th largest Railway Station

Metro made the lives easy for the daily travelers. Those who use to go for the jobs or the students, everyone needs to travel on daily basis. Metro made the travel easier and even cost saving source also. Delhi has the best metros in India. Even it is considered as the 13th largest metro rail network in the entire world.

11. Second Best Metro

Metro made the lives easier for everyone. Now, students and employees can easily reach to their destinations at least costs. In delhi, metro rail networks are established which makes the conveyance easy. When the survey made, Delhi is known to have the second best metro in the world.

12. Known as Lutyens Delhi

You might are aware from this statement that Delhi is build on the British Architect. Sir Herbert Bakers and Edwin Lutyens, these both are the architects who made the architectures. That is why, the city is known as Lutyens Delhi which is given in the honor of the contribution of these two brilliant architects.

13. Second Most Bird Rich Capital

Have you heard about Nairobi, Kenya which is known as the most rich bird capital? Delhi is known to be the second largest most bird rich city in the world. It has a huge range of bird species in world.

Hope that you are satisfied with the above information and known the best about Delhi. The best part about this post is that, now when you will travel to Delhi or plan the trip, it will make you more excited. Because when you will reach to the destinations, you will remember the things we have mentioned and make you learn about the post.