Culture of Srinagar, Kashmir

The summer capital of Jammu Kashmir, Srinagar located on the banks of the Jhelum River is a wonderful destination on the earth to explore at least once in our lifetime. Srinagar’s charming beauty and the serene and breathtaking views may confuse us whether we are in heaven or on the earth. Such a beautiful and lovely tourist spot in India to visit.

When it comes to the culture of Srinagar means, it is just speechless. People here are very generous and friendly in inviting guests from all over the world with their sweet and humble gestures. The history, dressing style, language, delicious cuisines, and music everything here address the greatness and uniqueness of Srinagar culture. Especially in arts and crafts, you can see the immense respect and prominence of the culture living.

But in recent times, Jammu and Kashmir were disturbed with terrorism and anti-social acts. This made the capital city have restrictions and conditions to visit and automatically for tourists Srinagar is not easily catchable. However, the conditions are settled faster and people also recovered from the horrible days now it is receiving a good number of travelers. Whatever the pristine beauty and charm of Srinagar unmatchable, that’s why tourists love to visit Srinagar for as many possible times.

Before you visit, let’s take a read about how the culture of Srinagar showing the influence on the locals and attracting backpackers to visit this spectacular destination.

1. History

The history of Srinagar claims that since the 3 rd century B.C many rulers governed this beautiful city. As per historians, the city was created by King Pravarasena II nearly 2000 years back and named the city Pravasenpur. The land first witnessed Buddhism culture by King Ashoka and later the kings of Kushana made it flourished throughout the kingdom. Till the 14 th century, Sringara was dominated by Buddhist and Hindu rulers. After, the Mughals took control over Srinagar and ruled it for a long period.

Finally, after the death of Aurangazeb Srinagar was captured by Maharaja Ranjit Singh and added it to his kingdom. At last, Gulab Singh handed over the state to the country after Independence. In the pages of Srinagar history, it faced many rulings and horrible situations but now it is a complete home to diverse people and religions.

2. People

People of Srinagar are very kind and lovely. Here we can see different religions people living and having good relationships. The care and receiving culture of Srinagar locals are very impressive and make you feel like they are close relatives. If you go deep into the lives of locals, you can explore the real and unknown Srinagar in the form of love and care. If the people of Srinagar feel that you are their responsibility, it’s enough they will make you round up the entire city without missing any small thing. That’s the greatness and helping minds of Srinagar locals.

3. Language

Urdu is the official language of Srinagar, where Muslims are the major dominant religion that’s why people most likely use the Urdu language. Another spoken language here is Kashmiri because Srinagar is home to Kashmiri Hindus Pandits in a large number.

4. Religion

Srinagar is not home to one religion, different religions people live happily under one roof of unity. Due to different ruling powers, Srinagar is home to Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. If we count in greater numbers means, Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pundits are the major religions in Srinagar. Because they are the earliest inhabitants of Srinagar. Different religions may exist but the culture of Srinagar teaches respect other religions. They believe in humankind is superior to religions. But fewer terror attacks cause disturbances in the lives of Srinagar randomly.

5. Festivals

Festivals are like the standing pillars of culture and traditions. Simply, they are like the treasures left by our ancestors not to forget our culture. In Srinagar, different festivals and fairs will be taken place with full of extreme celebrations. Irrespective of religion and caste, people enjoy the festive mood in celebrations. During the festival times, the houses and faces of people seem to be illuminated with thousands of lights of joy and happiness.

The famous and important festivals of Srinagar are Navroz, Urs, Ramzan, Baisakhi, Lohri, Ganga Ashtami, Naureh Mavas, Gurez, Kheer Bhawani, and Amarnathji Yatra, etc are the worthy visit festivals and fairs of Srinagar.

6. Food

A single bite is enough to enjoy the deliciousness of Srinagar’s food and cuisine varieties. Different food items and relishing cuisines repleted with spices and various ingredients make you freeze in enjoying the delicacy of the food item. Wherever you go through the city several street food varieties and restaurants serve you the fantastic food. Here, Kashmiri Pundits food stuffed with abundant spices except for the garlic and onion and Muslims food recipes sated with full of spices makes you feel awesome.

Srinagar’s the best dishes to try here are Seekh Kababs, Tabak Maz, Gushtaba, Hakh, Kashmiri Macchi, Dum-Aloo, Kashmiri Pulao, Sheermal, Shahi-Tukda, Yakhni, etc. Not only these but also many varieties make you love to have them.

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7. Dresses

Various regions follow different dressing styles, which are accustomed according to the regional conditions and culture. In Srinagar, we can see men wearing traditional attires like salwar, churidar pajamas, skullcaps, etc and when it comes to women they used to cover their head and wears long dresses such as Salwar Kameez and Phiran. Especially, the traditional attires of women designed with beautiful and colorful floral printings and embroidery works seem to be authentic. In general, most of the people used to wear thick woolen clothes because it is a cold and humid region.

8. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are the primary things that carry our culture to an infinite extent. Every region will be familiar with their respective unique arts and crafts. In this case, Srinagar is the name for its beautiful handicraft items and different art forms of dance, music, literature, paintings, etc. Particularly, the handicrafts of Srinagar are the best showcases of culture and tradition. Various traditional handicrafts such as Pashima shawls, Bamboo works, Wood carvings, Wall hangings, Kashmiri carpets, Chain stitch embroidery, Woolen garments, etc many other various crafts of Srinagar are very attractive and impressive.

9. Music

The various music forms of Srinagar are just wow, melodious, and energetic. From many years past, different musical forms were getting habituated by the people of Srinagar. Among them, the best musical forms most people like to enjoy are Chakri, Ladishah & Bhand Pather, and Sufiana Kalam music forms. All these music forms portray love, revolution, fairy tales, morals, etc. whatever we convey through music it will be effectively injected into the minds. That’s why music is a great art form in culture.

10. Tourism

For Srinagar, tourism is like a backbone. From all corners of India, tourists love to visit Srinagar to get seduce with a lovely and pleasant environment. The city dotted with a large number of lakes, gardens, valleys, picturesque landscapes, and many natural attractions make the city is like a paradise for nature lovers. Simply in a few words, tourism is giving daily bread to many people in Srinagar. One best example is houseboat or Shikara rides. Like in many ways, tourism is like a part and parcel of life for many in Srinagar. Like the way, tourism culture benefiting the locals of Srinagar and it became a culture to follow.

With all these instances, we can understand the influence of culture and traditions in the locals of Srinagar. So, whenever you visit Srinagar explore the hidden cultural life of the city and fulfill your journey.

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