Nightlife in Nepal

Nepal is one of the ideal places to enjoy vacations for people all over the world with the opportunities to learn new cultures, try new dishes and do some extraordinary activities. It has some of the most alluring lakes and monuments along with the picturesque sceneries that can make anyone composite and happy.

But, most of the stuff is done during the daytime, so what can be done during the nighttime?

How can you spend a good and fun Nightlife in Nepal?

Where can one spend their nights in Nepal?

What is the famous food and entertainment that is done in the night?

Nepal has one of the most fun-loving, excellent nights that can be enjoyed from a lot of places in Nepal. There are some of the world’s best night clubs with a unique theme parties and some of the streets where people can be seen enjoying the performances by the local and talented artists.

Top Places to explore the Nightlife in Nepal

1. Thamel, Kathmandu

For the tourists that are in the capital region of Nepal, they must visit Thamel as it has some of the best night clubs and bars that are swanky and have the theme of the guest singers and karaoke nights. There are pool clubs, smoking bars and many more places where most of the parties take place. These parties are easily able to stay alive till 2 am which is fairly a nice duration as the noise laws are lenient.

2. Jamel, Patan

It is one of the nicest places to enjoy the nighttime in Nepal and is more affordable as compared to others. There is some nice quality of alcohol here which is liked by thousands of people. There are numerous bars and restaurants which have nice décor along with some of the best chef in Nepal. These restaurants provide some of the best quality food and services that are totally worth the money.

3. Pokhara

This is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal with some of the most beguiling lakes that can make anyone relaxed and is often a nice destinations for couples and honeymooners. Some of the nicest hotels, spa resorts and other famous Inns where most of the tourists stay, are present here. These resorts provide the tourists some of the best views of the enticing valleys and lakes.

Explore more about Pokhara

4. Club Déjà vu

It is one of the most stylish and unique themed clubs in the capital city of Nepal. It is styled as a warehouse and covers over a 20 thousand square feet of area out of which most of the area is used by the people for dancing. There are three bars with two floors of dancing stage that have their own entrance and fully operation DJ at one side and some wonderful lighting system at the top. It is one of the best places for a single to be so that they can enjoy their night.

5. Rum Doodle

There are different them bars and clubs that can be found all over the world but having a club depicted as a mountain in time magazines is one in a wonderful thing that only this place is able to do. This restaurant in Kathmandu provides its audience an affordable yet delicious food with an outstanding décor which is particularly loved by the mountaineers and climbers.

6. Kathmandu Durbar Square

This is one of the most jam-packed squares in the capital area during the night and the evening time as a ton of food stalls arrive that give some flavorful dishes that are loved by everyone. Many individuals both vacationers and local people can be seen here trying different dishes at relatively lower prices as compared to the restaurants. There are thousands of people in the whole square at the given time that makes it one of the busiest areas in the whole of Nepal during the nighttime. For all the food lovers and people who like to experiment with new dishes, this can be an ideal place to be during the night.

7. Moon Sun Disco

For all the people who love to keep their nights busy with various activities, this could be the best place to be. This disco bar is in Patan where a number of people visit for the huge variety of games and entertainment that is present there. The Moon Sun Disco has an arcade game center where a lot of tourists like to play snooker and different video games. This is one of the best places to be in the night for all the indoor game lovers.

8. Tom and Jerry Pub

This is one of the best pubs with an amazing dance floor and well developed, British styled bar with a pool table. This is one of the best places for the tourists and the locals to relax and enjoy their drinks and forget about their problems in life. The alcohol is cheap while the place stays open up till 12 am. The pub in Kathmandu offers live music performances by bands on Fridays that can’t be missed.

9. Casinos

Casinos have been one of the most attractive places especially during the nighttime and are in fact opened up for all day and night. A lot of times people lose track of time because of how nice the casinos are; however, the casinos of Nepal have a nice customer interaction that keeps reminding everyone not to spends more time and money than required. They are the source of major entertainment where plenty of folks try their luck. Some of the famous casinos of Nepal are:

  • Casino Mahjong in Saolee Crowne Plaza, Kathmandu.
  • Casino Anna in Hotel de Annapurna, Kathmandu.
  • Casino Royale in Hotel Yak and Yeti, Kathmandu.

10. Cultural Acts

There are a lot of groups that perform various cultural acts and shows which can be enjoyed the best during the nighttime. There are many groups and hotels where these acts can be seen by tourists. This can be a great entertainer for the couples to see something soulful and enjoy the show.

Many places have relaxed rules over the noise regulations that means most of the parties and the club dances can be enjoyed overnight. The tempting streets and the wonderful people of Nepal make the trip worthwhile and eventful.

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