8 Best Shopping Places in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman is the land of natural beauty. Apart from leaving the tourists spellbound, the nature also provides numerous items for crafts. The tribal culture of the land adds more souvenirs to the market.

Thus, you can find numerous craft items, and tropical souvenirs in the stalls of Andaman.

Top Souvenirs to Buy in Andaman

If you are looking for cliché souvenirs, seashell items and pearl jewelries will top the list. Apart from these, you can find numerous other souvenirs like bamboo mats, wooden articles, home décor items, toys, cane artefacts, spices (black pepper, cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon), sarong, and others.

Famous Shopping Markets in Andaman

1. Aberdeen Bazaar

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This is the main market region for tourists. This market is the best place for buying pearl articles, seashell handicrafts, and other souvenirs. However, the market is always crowded. Thus, avoid weekends.

2. Sagarika Emporium

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This is a government controlled emporium for helping tribes to make a sustainable income. The main items to buy from this emporium are wood articles, seashell articles and jute articles.

You can also find a small collection or pearl accessories, apparels, and mirror articles. These products are hand-made and of high quality.

If you are looking for more government regulated emporiums to buy handicrafts, you can find Cottage Industry Emporium, Andaman Handicraft Emporium, Gandhi Khadi Commission, and others.

3. Market 3

This market is located in Havelock Island. It might not be a large market, but is a hit among tourists. The market is famous for selling swimwear and beach essentials for tourists.

You can also find many stalls for jewelries, and other souvenirs. There are a few stalls, which sell designer garments and exclusive souvenirs. However, make sure to check for authenticity as there are numerous knock-off brands.

4. Anup Eco Arts

This is a government initiative eco-friendly stall, which is famous for artistic souvenirs made from coconut shell, husk, coir, seashells, and other. If you are looking for innovative products, this is the right spot.

5. Electric Plaza

This is a newer market in Port Blair region, where you can find loads of cheap items. You can find numerous stalls erected close to each other, selling a variety of articles starting from souvenirs to laptop chargers.

6. MG Road Market

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This market is named after Mahatma Gandhi. This is an important hub for shopping in Port Blair. This is the place to buy both budget and luxury souvenirs.

You can find numerous shops selling every known Andaman souvenir starting from cheap hats to expensive pearl articles. The market also has numerous eateries to try the cuisine of the land. It is one of the most common market for tourists.

7. Ratnam Market

This market is located at the center of Port Blair, making it easier for tourists to visit. This is also a busy market to buy seashell products and spices.

If you are looking for things other than souvenirs, this market is also famous for fresh fruits, electronic items, and groceries.

8. Sunday Market

This market is erected in Junglighat Jetty. The interesting part about this market is that it is open from 5 in the morning to mid-afternoon.

As the name indicates, this market commences only on Sundays. You can find organic food items, colorful souvenirs, fruits, and spices for sale.

Apart from these, there are numerous stalls in the beaches, where you can find simple souvenirs and tribal articles. Haggling is quite essential while you are shopping in any local markets.

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