Famous Things to Buy in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

How can we end our trips without getting our hands on some of the hand-picked souvenirs that stand as a memoir of the place? But most of the time we end up buying nothing as we are not aware of the things a place is popular for.

Here, we have listed down some of the products one can consider buying when visiting the paradise of Islands - Andaman & Nicobar.

What to Buy in Andaman

1. Pearls

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Who isn’t a fan of shinning pearls straight from the sea? The Bay of Bengal has huge varieties of pearls to offer. They are undoubtedly the best things to pick when visiting any coastal area. A great idea for a souvenir or a gift for a loved one.

You can buy authentic pearls in the form of ornaments, accessories, purses, home decors, and many more from different stores.

However, the catch is to carefully scan the product before purchasing for there are huge chances of duplicate items.

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2. Corals

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One may think corals and pearls are identical items. But that is not the case. Both these items are found in the sea, but there exist many differences between them.

Since the seas are rich in coral reefs, many shops in Andaman sell amazing dead coral products in the form of gemstones, ornaments, décor items or jewelry. You can also buy them in the raw and processed form to simply place them as a décor item in your home.

3. Fishbone Articles

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Fishbone articles are home décor items that are made from the bones of dead fishes. They are a great replacement for the monotonous showpieces in your showcase. They are also a great pick for gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones.

Who thought such waste could be converted into beautiful items? All credit goes to the skilled artisans of the place for their excellent craftsmanship. Once you set your eyes on them, it will be too difficult to resist. And we bet you will not easily be able to make out what they are made of.

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4. Shells

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Who wouldn’t be attracted to buy a few seashells from the spectacular beaches of the Andaman? But sadly, that is not permitted by law. However, you can buy as many shells you want from various stores at reasonable rates. You will also be contributing to the daily livelihood of the local people.

They are available in a variety of forms be it ornaments, accessories, wall hangings, home décor, lampshades, bags. Or you can simply buy different varieties of raw shells. Whatever you buy, keep your receipt carefully.

You will need to produce them at the airport as a part of the law. Now you know, why you shouldn’t make the mistake of picking them from the seashore.

5. Spices

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India is aplace of spices and herbs and we Indians are a fan of spicy food. South India has always been popular for its cultivation of rich spices and herbs. Andaman is home to an abundance of superior qualities of spices and herbs including cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, betel, and more. They are cultivated and nurtured in huge quantities.

Your visit to Andaman is incomplete if you do not lay your hands on these aromatic spices.

Where to buy it from? You will come across various spice gardens and plantations while your sightseeing tours.You can visit any of them to buy a handful of these spices and herbs.

6. Wooden Crafts

Wooden items are yet another best items to get from the Archipelago. Crafted from the timber of luxuriant trees, the finely crafted wooden items are sure to lure you into buying loads of pieces.

And they are not just limited to home décor or showpiece items. Even wooden toys, ornaments, accessories are also of great demand out there. We bet you will be confused about what to pick and what not to pick.

7. Cane Goods

Cane and bamboo products are another great example of handmade products available on the Island. They are available in abundance in the local markets in the form of bags, flutes, photo frames, key chains, pitchers, wall hangings and the likes.

Beautifully crafted with the perfect finishing touch. Be it for your home or your loved ones, picking some cane goods can never go wrong.

8. Jute based Items

Due to huge Jute cultivation, jute based items are available in abundance in the archipelago. They are quite popular as well among the masses. Jute bags items range from bags to footwear or clothes to jewelry items. You will get numerous stores and outlets dealing in such products.

Jute bags are a great replacement for plastic products. Apart from being bought as a souvenir, you can also play your part in encouraging jute bags and redeeming the use of plastic for the betterment of the environment.

9. Coconut Handicrafts

Yet another beautiful creation from waste products. Coconut handicrafts are nothing but amazing handicraft items made with the hard shell of the coconut.

You will be amazed once you set your eyes on these beautiful items that comprise of showpieces, bags, wind chimes, vases, candles, bowls, toys, animal figurines, lampshades, and many more beautiful creations.

They are a perfect gift for your loved ones. Available at very reasonable rates in numerous local stores, they will surely make you think the next time you are about to throw away the hard shells after eating a coconut.

10. Nicobari Mats

You should tuck in at least one Nicobari mat in your bag. The tribal tribes of Nicobar Islandare popular for their excellent weaving skills. The handcrafted Nicobari mats and other décor items are their best-crafted products. Though visiting the Nicobari Island is banned by the Indian Government, these products can be bought from crafts stores in various places of Andaman.

These products are quite different from regular mats and décor items as they are weaved with naturally grown items. They also exhibit the diverse culture of the inhabitants of the Nicobar Island. They are sure to be a unique addition to your collection of home décor items to decorate your beautiful home.

11. Hats

Due to the scorching weather, hats are a necessity in Andaman to protect yourself from the UV rays of the sun. There are many stores in different parts of Andaman that have huge collectionsof funky and colorful hats in different shapes and sizes to complement the beach vibes. They can also be a great pick for gifting your loved ones. These quirky hats would always keep reminding you of the beautiful paradise.

12. Sarongs

Another garment popularly found in Andaman is the Sarong. Ditch your regular clothes and say hi to these beauties. They are the most comfortable things to wear when visiting the beach. Available in breathable fabric like cotton and gorgeous, they will keep you calm all day long on the beach.

The vibrant colors and beautiful patterns of the sarongs will surely steal your attention despite being amongst a variety of other clothes.

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13. Other Wearables

Besides hats and sarongs, Andaman also has varieties of shops selling cute wearables. You can get a wide range of funky shorts, T-shirts, dresses and more at attractive prices.

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