15 Most Expensive Trains in the World

One of the most exciting means of transport is Train. Technology developed at a very rapid pace, and from coal or steam-powered trains now you can see the electric powered. But there are some trains in the world which are far more luxurious than today's electric powered trains.

Below you will find 15 Most Expensive Trains in the World which people use for trip, vacation, or ceremony.

1. Maharajas’ Express Luxury Train

Kind of moving mansion Maharajas’ Express is top luxury train in India. Every single day after boarding on the train has its own specialty. Bar in the train has top liquors in stoke. One can experience the ancient royal life on Maharajas’ Express.

 Maharajas’ Express Luxury Train
Maharajas’ Express Luxury Train

Each cabin has LCD TV and Wi-Fi so that feeling of boredom can’t obsess one’s mind. This epic train covers almost every famous destination in India. Exploration of them in this luxurious vehicle is a dream of every tourist. Book your ticket to complete yours.

Price Starting From:  

  • $ 3,850 per person - 3 Nights / 4 Days
  • $ 5,980 per person - 6 Nights / 7 Days

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Maharaja Express Deluxe Cabin
Maharaja Express Deluxe Cabin

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2. Palace on Wheels

Interior of Palace on Wheels reminds us of the royal art and craft of 16th century. One will get everything he needs to distress including some famous magazines, newspapers and TV programs as well. All of the staff members well trained and able to understand and speak English fluently. You won't face a communication issue.

Palace on Wheels Train
Palace on Wheels Train

World class bathrooms and toilet facilities are on the train. If we talk about cuisine, then you will taste the deliciousness which was offered to the ancient kings of India. In short, the train is a perfect palace to feel enjoyable detachment from the world.

Price Starting From: $ 4550 per person 7 Nights / 8 Days

Maharani Restaurant Palace on Wheels
Maharani Restaurant Palace on Wheels

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Palace on Wheels Luxury Train Special Offer

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3. The Deccan Odyssey

Quite famous as India's Blue Train this is another ideal mean if you want to see the nature -beauty of the Rajasthan and Gujarat. You can choose any suitable package from the Deccan Odyssey Train Journey packages. Each package covers exotic places and historic destinations to explore.

There is the separate price per cabin per journey package, and you can pay for those in whatever currency suits you, INR or USD.

Price Starting From: $ 6,734 per person 7 Nights / 8 Days

Deccan Odyssey
Deccan Odyssey

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4. The Golden Eagle

Founded in 2007 train became popular in very short of time. The Golden Eagle offers three kinds of accommodation named as Gold Class accommodation, Silver Class accommodation and Imperial suite. You will get a king size bed in Imperial Suite with fancy dressing table and lounge.

The Golden Eagle Luxury Train
The Golden Eagle Luxury Train

You can travel in the most popular areas of Russia, Central Asia, Iran, and Eastern Europe via the Golden Eagle. Along with delicious cuisine, the dining place is also well decorated with mirrors and wood.  You will get an excellent eating experience in the white dining car of the train. 

Price Starting From: $ 16,995 per person per journey

Golden Eagle Luxury Train Dining
Golden Eagle Train Dining

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5. Golden Chariot Train

For those who want to see the world with a different perspective no other than Golden Chariot Train will suit them. Interior has a spectacular ancient temple like structures to see. It offers many luxury train tour packages including many destinations like the Arabian Sea.

Separate cabin for physically challenged persons and private washrooms are some other luxury facilities. You can also enjoy the Ayurvedic massage from its spa.

Price Starting From:  INR 3,53,920 per person per journey

Golden Chariot Train
Golden Chariot Train

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6. Rovos Rail Pride of Africa

The train can accommodate 72 in total and has three types of accommodations to choose from. Named as Pullman, Deluxe and Royal suites are all lass with the most elegant architecture and decorations. The main attraction of this train is its dining space which has kind of antique look.

The train doesn't allow the liquor out of its stoke, means you can’t enjoy the off-train beverage. One can enjoy smoking in its separate lounge.

Price Starting From:  INR 20,600 per person per day

Rovos Rail Pride of Africa

Rovos Rail Pride of Africa Train

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7. Kyushu Seven Stars

Kyushu Seven Stars is the perfect combination of ancient Japanese tradition with modern technology blend. Like every other luxury train interior of this train seems like old royal Japan. With one suite accessible to a wheelchair, there are 14 suites in total.

Getting ticket of this first luxury train of Japan is not so easy because there is a lottery system. In simple terms , boarding on this seven-star train ultimately depends on one's luck.

Price Starting From: $ 2,550 2 Days and $ 5,400 4 Days Itineraries

Kyushu Seven Stars? Train
Kyushu Seven Stars? Train

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8. Switzerland’s Classic Train

Who doesn't love to travel in the subway of snowy Switzerland? This luxury train of Switzerland offers four primary train circuits for travelers including Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Centovalli Railway, and Golden Pass line.  With an exciting route, you can experience the beauty of Switzerland. The train passes through the tunnels, rural and hills which adds extra excitement in the trip.

Price Starting From:  $ 34.11 per person Bernina Express

Switzerland’s Classic Train
Switzerland’s Classic Train

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9. Belmond Royal Scotsman

Belmond Royal Scotsman cars interior is decorated with brass polishing and beautiful fabrics. The design dates back to the 1960s times and offers open lounge to the travelers. Only 40 members can board at once.

Having some of the most exceptional wines and delicious dishes to enjoy, this train covers ten different travel circuits. It is considered one of the unusual and best luxury trains in the world.

Price Starting From: $ 3021.58 per person for the 2 Night Highland, $ 4423.87 for the 3 Night Western and $ 5568.41 for the 4 Night Highland Classic.

Belmond Royal Scotsman
Belmond Royal Scotsman Train

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10. The Blue Train

A window to the soul of Africa runs 24 hours from Pretoria to Cape Town once a week. The service staff is highly professional to maintain the trust of its travelers. There is A/C system and heating system for optimization of weather. Named as Blue Train dessert Chocolate Pot dining car of the blue train gives a marvelous window view of the journey.

Price Starting From: INR 18,405 per person

The Blue Train
The Blue Train

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11. Belmond Hiram Bingham

Luxury train in South America offers some stunning views during the trip. Local dish alpaca meat and Peruvian wine are included in its variety of other dishes. The 3.5-hour journey can be a memorable time. Besides, sanctuary visit is also a great option offered in the package.

Price Starting From: $ 1,077.28 per person

Belmond Hiram Bingham
Belmond Hiram Bingham Train

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12. Royal Canadian Pacific

Royal Canadian Pacific is one of those trains which served some of the iconic personality in the history Sir Winston Churchill, King George VI, and Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh are a name of few.

Interval meals, supporting staff and extraordinary services make this train must travel to the spirits that are born to travel only.

Price Starting From: Per day, overnight on the train for custom itinerary multi-day trip from CAN $ 55,000

Royal Canadian Pacific
Royal Canadian Pacific Train

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13. The Sweet Train

The journey of the Sweet Train is short as well. If you are one who missed the lottery ticket of Kyushu Seven Stars, you should try this. The reason behind this statement is that person who designed Kyushu Seven Stars designed this train as well.

Price Starting From: $221.21 per person per day

The Sweet Train
The Sweet Train

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14. Clasico El Transcantabrico Train

This luxury train of Northern Spain has many advanced features including the TV screen with modern technology and computers.  It is specially made for those who seek privacy and need more space. 52 is the number of passengers train can comfortably accommodate. So the journey is going to be quite impressive.

Price Starting From: $ 4220.21 per person per journey

Clasico El Transcantabrico Train
Clasico El Transcantabrico Train

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15. Eastern & Oriental Express

The train was built in Japan in 1972 and was being operated in New Zealand under the name Silver Star. It connects some fantastic sights of the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, and Thailand. All of its cabins are facilitated with modern technology and Wi-Fi as well. You can witness the traditions of Asia in it.

Price Starting From:  $3,100 per person per journey

Eastern & Oriental Express
 Eastern & Oriental Express Train

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The above trains are considered as the synonym of luxury when we talk about the luxury train journey. There are many other luxury trains, but our team of experts found these 15 most expensive trains in the world quite impressive.

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