10 World Heritage Sites to Visit with Maharajas Express

The luxury train, Maharajas Express is famous for handpicking iconic attractions of the land and provided it in a nutshell. With this train tour, you can enjoy unique heritage sites in different combination in each itinerary.

Here are the top ten heritage sites that are covered in any one of the itineraries presented by the Maharajas Express train.

Note : Suggested Itineraries you will find below at the end of the article.

1. Taj Mahal

This is both a heritage site and the world wonder located in Agra, near Delhi. This is a marble mausoleum that is famous for its architectural beauty. You can find geometric patterns and beautiful carvings on the walls of this monument.

Taj Mahal Carvings with Maharajas Express

Within the complex, there are numerous other buildings, which are lesser famous for its architecture. One among those is a large museum that contains artifacts related to Taj Mahal and Mughal Empire. Watching the monument during sunrise and sunset is a very famous tourist and honeymoon activity. The monument is also open to tourists at the night of full moon day, the night before and after it.

Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal Guide :

Itineraries that include Taj Mahal in its route are Indian Splendor, Indian Panorama, Gems of India, Treasures of India and Heritage of India.

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2. Agra Fort

Very close to Taj Mahal, lies a red sandstone structure that was once the royal residence and then the residence of British and today, the second iconic attraction of Agra. This large fort has numerous palaces, mosques, halls, courtyards and many others. The gates of this fort have delicate designs.

The tourist attractions in Agra fort include architectural sightseeing, exploration and photography. You can also find the solitude room where Emperor Shah Jahan lived until he died as he gazed at Taj Mahal during the last few years of his life, under the imprisonment of his own son, Aurangazeb.

Agra Fort, Agra

Agra Travel Guide :

Itineraries that include Agra Fort in its route are Indian Splendor, Indian Panorama, Gems of India, Treasures of India and Heritage of India.

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3. Fatehpur Sikri

Located close to the city of Agra, Fatehpur Sikri was a pre-planned beautiful city of Mughals. Unfortunately, the only source of water dried and the inmates were forced to flee the city. Even today, this walled city holds numerous precious monuments, architectural beauties, palaces, mosques, havelis and much more.

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The only factor is that, it is completely deserted making it a haunted place for sight. This deserted city is famous for those who love exploration. This ghost town holds architectural marvels with flavors of Islam, Persia and Indian architectural styles. Top monuments to spot in this ruined city are Panch Mahal, Diwan-i-Aam, Diwan-i-Khas, Jama Masjid, Buland Darwaza, Anup Talao, Salim Chisti tomb and others.

Fatehpur Sikri

Itineraries that include Fatehpur Sikri in its route are Indian Splendor, Indian Panorama, Treasures of India and Heritage of India.

4. Khajuraho Group of Monuments

Khajuraho is a group of 20 and more temples that were built during the ancient times. Initially there were more than hundred temples including a few Jain temples in this complex. Most of the temples have crumbled to ruins and a few stand today as heritage icons. The style and method of constructions are unique and it is famous for the iconic erotic temples. The western part of this complex holds temples that have explicit sexual carvings and statues.

These decorations indicate that Hinduism includes sex as a part of their normal lifestyle. People from around the world visit this monument for these carvings. Apart from these, this heritage site is also famous for dance. The Annual Dance festival takes place in February and it brings dancers from all over the country to this region for an open-air theatre performance.

Khajuraho Temple

Khajuraho Travel Guide :

Itinerary that includes Khajuraho group of monuments in its route is Indian Panorama.

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5. Ajanta Caves

This is a group of 20+ caves with rock cut monuments. These caves were built between 480 AD and 2nd BC by Buddhist monks, who used simple tools. The monks who stayed in the cave to protect from monsoon showers spent their free time creating this heritage monument.

The caves contain a few temples, monasteries, prayer hall, meditation hall, gompas and much more. As years passed by the caves were overlooked and covered by greens. Later in the end of 17th century, a British officer spotted this cave group during his hunting expenditure. Today, it is an important site for exploration, sightseeing, caving, pilgrimage and photography.

Ajanta Caves

Itinerary that includes Ajanta caves in its route is Heritage of India.

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6. Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar is 18th century science observatory was built by Jai Singh II, who made masonry size instruments for studying the cosmic science. This structure also holds the world’s largest sundial that is still in use.

Sun Dial at Jantar Mantar

There are four other similar observatories in the country. Inside the observatory, you can find many instruments that are used for several requirements for finding the auspicious time like position of sun, distance between earth and sun / moon, time at various other location, spotting stars and much more. If you visit on a clear day, you can use these instruments to spot some distant stars.

Jantar Mantar Jaipur

Itineraries that include Jantar Mantar in its route are Indian Splendor, Indian Panorama, Gems of India, Treasures of India and Heritage of India.

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7. Amber Fort

Amer fort or Amber fort is famous for two elements; architectural beauty and elephants in Jaipur. This vast hill fort is located on the Aravalli hillock. This fort is famous for its inclusions like palaces, havelis, temples, halls, courtyards and many others. You can find many exclusive royal collections here.

The best part of this fort exploration is the elephant ride through the palace. Hot air ballooning is also available from this fort during tourism season. This fort is famous for sightseeing, exploration, photography and adventure activities.

Jaipur Travel Guide :

Itineraries that include Amber Fort in its route are Indian Splendor, Indian Panorama, Gems of India, Treasures of India and Heritage of India.

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8. Heritage Site of Hampi

Once the busy capital of Vijayanagar, Hampi today stands as a ruin of heritage value in Karnataka. This site contains numerous monuments, temples and structures that were built in 1500 AD and earlier. Located on the banks of Tungabhadra River, this region is also famous for boating, coracle ride and others.

You can find many structures here like Virupaksha temple, Adhi Shankara monastery, Queen bath, elephant stable, water structures, memorial structures and much more. Most of the structures have fallen as ruins and it is the best place for exploration, sightseeing and photography. If you visit during early winter, the ruins will be fresh and bright with recent rainfall.

Hampi rath

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9. Ranthambore Fort

This is one of the very few heritage sites in the country, which has a wildlife beauty added to it. This fort is located in the middle of the Ranthambore national park. Tourists take up game safari to reach the regions around the fort. During this safari, you can spot many animals like tiger, bears, leopard, sambar and others. If you are visiting during migration season, you can spot some migration birds too.

Ranthambhore National Park Safari

You ought to trek for a small distance to reach this forgotten ruin of the fort. The fort holds many palaces, entrances, courtyard and much more. In the ancient times, it was just a hunting lodge of the royals and today, it is an important spot for sightseeing, adventure activities and much more.

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Ranthambore Travel Guide :

Itineraries that include Ranthambore fort in its route are Indian Splendor, Indian Panorama, Gems of India, Treasures of India and Heritage of India.

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10. Mahabalipuram

In the yesteryears, the kings of southern India beautified this small port to welcome traders from different parts of the world. They built numerous statues, bass reliefs; rock cut temples and other monuments. This group of statues and temples constitute the heritage site of Mahabalipuram. The shore temple and the beach of this region attraction numerous visitors every year.

Mahabalipuram is an important international tourist destination in the country. It is also the best place to shop for souvenirs and art works. Top activities to enjoy here are architectural sightseeing, cave exploration, temple visits, photography, beach activities and others. If you visit during winter season, you can find many stalls in the beach region.

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

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As stated before not all heritage sites will be covered by each itinerary. If you are looking for a particular heritage site to visit, choose itineraries that cover the site in its route. To learn about the detailed itinerary of the train, visit the site of the train or talk to your travel guide.

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Suggested Itineraries to explore Heritage Sites:

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