15 Famous Festivals in India in November 2023

November marks the beginning of cool climate in India. By the end of October, frequent rainfalls would cease and the place starts to cool gradually.

With full moon around the corner, this month has many auspicious dates and unique celebrations in its pockets. You would find many religious celebrations and joyous happenings at various places in the country. Here are the 15 Famous Festivals in November 2023 in India:

1. Rann Utsav, Kutch

Date : 1st Nov 2023 - 25th Feb 2024

This is a version of desert carnival that takes place in Kutch of Gujarat. The days are filled with dance, folk music, handicraft stalls, adventure sports in desert, food stalls, local excursion and much more. By night, you can find numerous luxury and basic tents on the desert sand for a wonderful time in the cool desert. This festival starts by 1st November and ends by February 25th , 2024. It is best to visit this carnival during full moon nights.

. This carnival takes place in the Great Rann salt desert of Kutch in Gujarat.

Rann Utsav
Rann Utsav, Kutch

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2. International Yoga and Music Festival

Date : Shifted in March (8th March to 14th March 2024)

This festival takes place in the yoga capital of the country, Rishikesh. This festival has been organized since 2008 by Nada Yoga School. Best professional yoga trainers around the world visit Rishikesh for this festival. You can find renowned yoga lectures, Ayurveda teachers and doctors, philosophers and musicians from various parts of the world in this event. Every day evening there would be an open air classical music concert. The concert and most of the lectures will be free of cost.

International Yoga Festival Rishikesh

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3. Chhath Puja

Date : 17th to 20th November 2023

This festival is celebrated all across North Indian states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal and others. The best place to enjoy this festival is along the banks of Ganges River. Varanasi is a good tourist spot if you are willing to witness this festival and also, Juhu Beach of Mumbai. This festival takes place on 10th November by sunset. People join together near the river edge and chant prayers together. They sing songs in favour to Sun God and perform many rituals. The ritual during sunset is a good event for photography and for watching.

Chhat Puja

4. Pushkar Camel Fair

Date : 20th Nov - 28th Nov, 2023

This is a traditional camel fair that takes place in a desert town called Pushkar in Rajasthan. More than 30,000 camels will be showcased for trading. To make things interesting, many events will be conducted. Camel beauty contest is the best of all. Came racing, camel parade, fairs, stalls and many other interesting events can be noted. By evening, people will gather around a bonfire and celebrate with dancing and folk songs.

This fair starts on November 20th , 2023 and ends by November 28th 2023. A new addition to this celebration is the international balloon celebration. This balloon festival attracts numerous international tourists to this desert town every year. Many balloons will be let out in the sky by various people including people from international destinations. By night, a musical concert will be conducted for entertainment. This happens for three days during the camel fair.

Pushkar Camel Fair – World’s Largest Fair
Pushkar Camel Fair

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5. Ka Pomblang Nongkrem, Shillong, Meghalaya

Date : Not Confirmed (Mostly Celebrated in November)

The Eastern Indian celebrations are usually hidden gems in the land. This festival takes place for five days where the village people pray for the peace of the land. This ceremony’s highlights are goat sacrifice, rituals, dance performances and sword dance. This festival takes place in Smit near Shillong and the festival is grandly celebrated by Khasi tribe of the region.

This festival is dedicated to Goddess KaBleiSynshar and technically, this is a harvest festival. Early in the morning, the womenfolk conduct the maiden dance and then the young lads start the Nongkrem dance with swords and spears. Later, music performances with drums and pipes are conducted. The first three days are for rituals. The fourth day is for cultural performances and the fifth day is the ending ceremonial prayer.

Ka Pomblang Nongkrem Festival, Shillong
Ka Pomblang Nongkrem, Shillong, Mehalaya

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6. Hampi Festival

Date: 15th oct to 24th Oct 2024

This annual celebration of Hampi (Karnataka) is also called as the Vijaya Utsav. This cultural celebration is dated back to the era of Vijayanagar. The festival is celebrated with dance, drama, puppet show, traditional music, processions, rituals and fireworks.

This is a three day festival, which attracts tourists from around the world. During this festival, you can find numerous stalls where you can buy traditional souvenirs, musical items, fashion items and much more. The best part of all is the Jumbo Savari (the elephant march). By the end of the day, light and sound show is conducted.

Hampi Festival
Hampi Festival

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7. Wangala Festival

Date : 10th Nov, 2023

This is a tribal festival of Garo tribe of Meghalaya. This is very similar to a harvest festival. This festival is conducted to say their thanks to sun god and also to mark the end of the agriculture season. This festival is also called as 100 drum festival. This festival is celebrated by a traditional dance which includes beating of drums, blowing horns and others.

You can find dance competition, cooking competition, handloom exhibition, handicrafts stalls and many others. All tourists are welcome to join in this celebration. This festival is celebrated from 12th of November in the Garo hills.

Wangala Festival, Meghalaya
Wangala Festival

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8. Rajasthan Kabir Yatra

Date : Not Confirmed

This is a travelling festival that takes place in and around Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisaler region in Rajasthan. Many artists of Bhakti and Sufi music style from various parts of the country participate in this event. They will perform music concerts and other celebrations. You can find many stalls and sculptors at work during this event.

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9. India Surf Festival

Date : Not Available    

This festival takes place in Odisha from 12th of November 2018 to 14th of November 2019. This is a very big surfing event. This event starts with morning yoga along the beach and surfing programs and competitions. Numerous surfers from various parts of the world take part in this event. There will be workshops and lessons for beginners.

By night, the participants will join together to celebrate the event with dance, music and others. You can find many stalls during this event. This is also a very good spot for photography. This event takes place at Ramchandri beach near Puri.

India Surfing Festival
India Surf Festival

10. Guru Nanak Jayanti

Date : 27th Nov, 2023

This festival marks the birthday of Guru Nanak Jayanti. He is the founder of Sikhism. On November 19th, the golden Temple in Amritsar will be decorated with numerous lights. A holy book will be taken in a procession out of the temple. It will be followed by numerous musicians and people. Even if you had missed the festival, drive through the Golden Temple during night to witness the gorgeous glowing temple on the water. It is a great sight to watch.

Guru Nanak Jayanthi
Guru Nanak Jayanti

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11. India Art Festival

Date : 2nd to 5th Nov 2023

This is a fair festival started in 2011 to create a platform for art dealers, art buyers, artists, architects, interior designers, art galleries and art connoisseurs to come together and flourish the art world. This festival is conducted in many major and mid-level art galleries to search for emerging artists. This festival includes trade shows, art collection shows, seminars and others.

Every year around 200,000 visit the galleries to watch artists’ masterpieces. This festival is celebrated in November in New Delhi and in January or February in Mumbai. More than 20 art galleries come together to create this event with wide range of art works, photography, installation, video art and much more.

India Art Festival, Delhi
India Art Festival

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12. Bundi Festival

Date : 11th to 13th November, 2023

Bundi Festival or Bundi Utsav is celebrated in the Bundi town of Rajasthan as a window to appreciate the culture and tradition of the land. The traditional folk dance and music performances during this culture are the highlight attractions. You can also enjoy souvenir shopping in the stalls around the festival region.

Apart from art performances, you can find competitions, cultural events and others during this three-day festival. Fireworks are lit at the night of the festival. Starting from Kabaddi competition to camel race, the entire celebration is colorful and vibrant. The main ritual of this festival is the earthen lamp lit by men, which is let go on the river by the women.

Bundi Festival Rajasthan
Bundi Festival

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13. Sonepur Mela, Bihar

Date : 20th November - 5th December, 2023

Sonepur Mela or Sonepur cattle fair is held on the full moon day that falls on November or December. It is celebrated in the Sonpur region, on the banks of River Ganges. This celebration is also called as the Kshetra Mela. This is one of the biggest cattle fair of Asia. This festival dates back to 300 BC.

Apart from cattle trading, this festival is famous for circus performances, martial art performance, fair rides, dances, magic acts and so on. The fair starts with a religious dip in the river. The sunrise bathing is an important pilgrimage activity too. People stay back to watch animal shows, cultural programs and others. For a holistic effect, tourists stay in small camps in the fair grounds.

Sonepur Mela Bihar
Sonepur Mela, Bihar

14. Matsya Festival

Date :  25th to 26th Nov 2023

This is one of the most important local celebrations of Alwar of Rajasthan. This festival is celebrated as a display of customary elements, art, sports and culture of the region. Every year, this festival is colorized with cultural exhibits, folk dance and music performances, competitive games, comedy performances, hot air balloon rides and much more.

The iconic celebration of this festival is Rumal Jhapatta, a traditional game. This two day festival is called as the Pride of Alwar. This festival is flocked by many artists from various parts of the country for the traditional flute recital. This festival is usually celebrated in Dharohar and the water activities take place in the Siliserh Lake.

Matsya Festival, Bundi Rajasthan
Matsya Festival

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15. Osho Festival of Tantra, Music and Dance

Date : Shifted in July

Tantra healers and followers join together in this mass festival that happens at Zorba Buddha Centre in Delhi. It is a two day festival in which you can live in the Tantra community and enjoy the festival. Several workshops will be conducted throughout the festival. Apart from those, you can find dance parties, music performance and many sacred ceremonies. Osho activated meditation and love lounge are important events of this festival.

Osho Festival of Tantra November

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Apart from these, there are numerous other events that take place throughout the country during November. India is a culture filled land. Not just November, every month is filled with numerous events and festivals and all tourists are welcome to be a part of the celebration.

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