Top Reasons Why Yoga & Travel go Together

Yoga is a spiritual Hindu tradition, that has a 5000-year old history with its origin in ancient India. It is a widely practiced discipline for health and relaxation and involves synchronization of mind, body and spirit. It not only inculcates flexibility, strength, improved immunity but also improves mental well-being by channelizing the inner soul towards power and positive energy.

Traveling, on the other hand, is like an escape from reality, it rejuvenates the traveler and acts as a necessary break from the mundane daily life. It broadens one’s horizon and ensures peace of mind. It is considered a blessing in disguise and a privilege which only some people can afford.

Traveling combined with yoga acts as a complete package. They very well complement each other and enhance each other benefits and impact. They together provide a fulfilling and enriching experience.

1. Travelling Breaks the Daily Routine, While Yoga, Refreshes the Travellers

It is common to get bored of practicing yoga with the same instructor, in the same way, and in the same environment. Each individual craves new and dynamic experiences. Traveling acts as the fresh breathe of air which lifts the traveler from the regular life and displaces him to a dreamy unknown land. New challenges is what gives a person strength and energy and thus it is essential to undertake them and at the same time embrace them with courage. Doing yoga in an exotic place gives the desired freedom, it reboots and satiates the soul and hence, is craved by several beings.

2. Travelling Helps in Developing Knowledge about Yoga

Travelling gives you a plethora of opportunities to learn about a new language, culture, tradition, rules, transportation, etc. Different places practice different forms of yoga, each place has beautifully molded the authentic yoga according to their own traditions, culture, and beliefs.

Traveling to different places provides first-hand experience of learning yoga from different trainers all over the world.It helps to inculcate a deeper understanding of the art of yoga. Embracing new knowledge and learning under the guidance of experienced trainers reinvigorates the soul and rekindles the mind.It makes one more passionate about the discipline.

3. Traveling helps you to connect to the Yoga Community

Traveling acts as a teacher as well as a facilitator and helps the travelers to connect with like-minded people all the world. Meeting new people understanding foreign culture is the very essence of traveling to new places. Yoga lovers can meet people who are interested in the same art form and thereby connect and interact with them.

It helps in developing a global community. Meeting motivated individuals also inspires travelers and refreshes their zeal for the art form.

Staying in the same place for too long rusts the spirit and hinders its development, traveling helps people to be a part of the greater picture and acts as the essential push in life. What traveling gives to an individual is indispensable, it gives them to live long memories and adventures for stories, it makes them a storyteller.

It has become more important in recent times as the world has reduced to a rat race where each one aspires success, regardless of its cost.

4. Travelling helps Yoga Lovers to connect with Nature

Going and doing Yoga in the midst of nature provides a nourishing environment to yoga lovers. It provides a very positive and welcoming environment and motivates one to immerse even deeper into the art form. Away from the chaos of city life, in the cradle nature helps to focus and also connect with Mother Earth.

5. Travelling helps to develop a new Perspective

Living the same routine every day can make one lose a greater purpose in life.Travelling can help one to take out time for oneself and focus on positive energy. It makes one understand the importance of finding happiness in little things. It adds to the personal growth of a person and helps in clearing the vision and also helps in finding the truth about oneself, it acts as a great value addition.

Learning about new people and their lifestyles makes one introspect their own circumstances. Thus, it helps in clearing the mind and cleansing the soul.

6. Travel with a Purpose

Travelling may sometimes be very unpredictable., When one travels to know more about an art form it gives the traveler a purpose to seek for. It acts as an aim and adventure which the traveler wants to accomplish.It gives greater meaning to traveling and thereby acts as a force that compels the traveler to strive further and accomplish the mission.Yoga gives direction and meaning to traveling.

7. Travelling makes Yoga Easier

Yoga is an art that requires complete focus and attention. It demands time and commitment. It can be tiring to be constantly motivated towards such an art form, thus traveling acts as a catalyst and helps in easing out the process of practicing yoga.Yoga is meant for enhancing a person's lifestyle and not weigh a person down by its rigor.

Doing yoga while traveling can help to bring out the best in a person. However, there maybe people who enjoy doing yoga at their regular studio but the excitement of doing yoga in a beautiful landscape is undeniable.

Both Yoga and Travelling act as a fire that rekindles our soul, merging both is the greatest present that one can give to oneself. Travelling and yoga give the thrill that makes a person test himself and expand his limits.

Traveling with yoga for some people maybe perfect for getting the aesthetic Instagram post, but it also helps one to connect better with the art form and gain a deeper understanding of the art form.

However, it can be difficult to incorporate yoga in traveling because traveling itself is very consuming. Meeting new people and exploring an alien land is tiresome and enveloping but if one is able to combine yoga in this wonderful journey then it creates a masterpiece.

Just like every book is different from the other, every travel destination is also different and provides a different experience to the people. After returning from a vacation you are no longer the same person, you have changed in terms of mind, soul, and body. Each journey leaves a mark on the mind of the travelers and yoga helps in the well-being of this mind. It is

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