Why Visit Taj Mahal at Full Moon Night?

Recently, the authorities have built a new spot in Mehtab Bagh for tourists to watch the Taj Mahal after sunset. Yes, Taj Mahal can be visited after sunset to enjoy the view of Taj Mahal reflecting the rays of the moon. What is so special about visiting this marble mausoleum on a full moon night?

The Blue Taj Mahal

As the moon goes over the horizon, the color of the monument changes its color with shades of blue and even to complete darkness. When the moon is at its pinnacle, the moonlight reflects on the surface of marble and brightens the entire monument.

taj mahal full moon night

While the surrounding becomes darker, the beauty of this moon-beamed monument would be beyond explanation.

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Proposal destination

Night view of Taj Mahal is becoming a very famous proposal destination among young lovers. The tourists are not allowed to enter into the monument. You get to experience Taj Mahal glittering in the silvery rays of the moon. The backdrop of such a shining diamond would be the perfect spot to kindle romance.

Night view tickets

The tourists are allowed to enter into the monument from 8:30 pm and the entrance closes by 12:30 am. The tourists are let into the premise in batches of fifty. Each batch could stay inside for 30 minutes. The tickets have to be booked a day before the night viewing.

taj mahal at night

The tourism department is planning to extend this visit throughout the month. However, if you wish to enjoy the grandest view, it is best to visit on a full moon night, two nights before and after the full moon.

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Avoid monsoon

For the monument to glitter in the rays of moon, the moon’s ray must fall on Taj Mahal completely. If you are visiting between July and September, the sky will be covered with rain clouds, which would hinder the rays from falling on the monument.

Thus, you might end up watching the dark silhouette of Taj Mahal. Owing to the climate of Agra, it is best to choose the cool nights from October to March, rather than the summer season.

Suggestions to enjoy the night view

  1. Pre-book your tickets and choose any of the batches between 11:30 pm and 12:30 am. This is the time when the moon would right above the monument, making it more beautiful and brighter.
  2. If you to enjoy the view of Taj Mahal throughout the night, you can choose to stay in any of the hotels, that offer rooms with Taj Mahal view.
  3. You will not be allowed to take your video cameras or phone. So, do not forget to bring your camera.
  4. The night view is not open during the Ramadan month.

Just like the night view, the sunrise and sunset views are also mesmerizing to enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. The premise is kept dark with minimal lighting so that the tourists can watch the monument lit up by the moonlight.

A. The monument changes its shade based on the intensity of moonlight falling on it. The color varies from deep blue to black.

A. You can buy the tickets 24 hours in advance from the ASI office located on the Mall Road. The counter is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

A. For Indians, INR 510 per head and for foreigners, INR 750 per head.

A. The night view starts from 8.30 pm. The tourists are let into the monument in batches of 50 for 30 minutes.

A. No, the tourists are not allowed to enter into the structure during the night view. You can watch Taj Mahal from inside the premise, from designated areas.

A. The monument is open for five days during a lunar cycle – on the full moon night, two nights before and two nights after the full moon.