Top Palaces And Havelis For A Royal Stay In Jaipur

India has the advantage of being several centuries under the control of royal reigns, which aid in its rich heritage and culture. One such cultural destination in India is Jaipur. Jaipur was specifically built to be the capital city. The term Jaipur means ‘Land of Kings’. The Pink City is one of the most grand and flamboyant cities in the country. This land is packed with royal structures like monuments, palaces, Havelis, and others. Most of these structures are open for tourists to enjoy royal accommodation and regal services.

Why choose heritage hotels for a stay? This is the best way to enjoy the ancient culture and heritage of the land from a close quarter. These hotels are also famous for unparalleled customized services, amenities and décor. Some of the descendants of the royals still stay in some of these structures. Thus, you would be staying closer to the royal family, which is a prestigious factor of your vacation.

Some of the top heritage hotels to stay in Jaipur are

Samode Haveli

The mansion holds numerous royal suites and apartment styled accommodations. All the accommodations would be facing the generous courtyard of the structure. This 175 years old haveli was once a royal residence of the Samode rulers. A few areas of this heritage land is still used by the descendants of the reign. Apart from cliché luxury accommodation facilities and modern amenities, the hotel also hosts cultural celebrations in the evening with dance, music and other art forms served along with traditional Rajasthani cuisine dinner.

Jai Mahal Palace

This heritage palace is under the maintenance of the Taj Group of Hotels and thus, the luxury and pampering are guaranteed. Built during the mid of 18th century, this 18 acres land is lush with numerous facilities like spa, outdoor pool, fitness center, chess game with life-size coins, restaurants and so on. The structure is famous for its ancient Indo-Saracenic style architecture. This Palace has 94 different rooms with varying décor and outstanding hospitality.

Alsisar Haveli

This is the heritage hotel to choose if you are looking for a traditional vacation. The palace is built with traditional Rajput style architecture. The furniture is made with authentic wood, the décor of the room is simple but elegant, bright and welcoming. All the accommodation spaces are very decadent, spacious and well-ventilated. Top facilities of the haveli are spa, wellness center, swimming pool, garden, and others.

Umaid Bhawan Heritage House

Do not confuse this with the royal Umaid Bhawan Palace of Jodhpur. This heritage home shares the same regal décor and culture of the palace but, this heritage home is a traditional Jaipur structure filled with ancient styled décor and unique architectural beauties. Apart from these, you can find business center, souvenir shop, lounge bar, swimming pool, dance, and puppet shows, village safari facilities and others.

Oberoi Rajvilas

This is an exquisite haveli with fountains, Mughal garden, ancient temple and exclusive accommodations within its boundaries. It will give you a holistic royal look for your vacation. The hotel also opens up the tourists to the cultural beauty of the land by conducting performances, workshops, activity sessions and much more. If you wish to connect with nature, you can also choose to stay in the luxury tents, inside the campus.

Narain Niwas Palace

This is one of the lesser-known heritage hotels, which is famous for its Victorian-style architecture, Rajput décor, and authentic Indian hospitality. This heritage palace was built in the early 20th century as the royal residence of the ruling family. Today, the hotel holds more than 50 rooms of varying luxury levels offering unique authentic Mewar styled royal vacation. This place is also famous for introducing the tourists to the Jaipur cuisine, painting and ethnic lifestyle of the region.

Hari Mahal Palace

Built during the 1930s, this palace was once home to the Achrol reign royal family. The present ruler of this reign lives in this residence, in his quarters. The other regions of the palace are maintained as a heritage hotel. The palace is famous for its fusion of Rajputana, British and Mughal styled architecture, luxury services and modern amenities.

Mandawa Haveli

Do you know that Mandawa Haveli is an attraction by itself? Mandawa Haveli is famous for weekend getaways where tourists stay in traditional royal suites and enjoy cultural activities like music shows, traditional dining experience puppet shows, folk dance, and others. This 19th-century haveli provides authentic Rajasthani style hospitality.

Bissau Palace

How about spending time in a cozy heritage structure covered with gooseberry, orange and lemon trees? The palace holds different styles of accommodations with authentic traditional décor and furnished with modern amenities and attractions. The library of this palace is famous for holding numerous old and rare books. You can also choose to enjoy many traditional activities like folk dance, music performances and others by the poolside.

Chomu Palace

This palace has an authentic imperial look. This three hundred years old palace is one of the royal spots to enjoy in Jaipur. This resort has numerous modern amenities and entertainment facilities. The palace is tactically built for recreational purposes. There are numerous entertainment options like snooker, mixed drink parties, table tennis, and others.

Rambagh Palace

Heritage hotels are not just about five-star experiences. In Rambagh Palace, you would be enjoying an implicit royal feel provided by the bombarding beauties and luxury elements. This 19th century Rambagh Palace is home to such regal rooms, which have the beauty of an Imperial accommodation. This palace was once used as the residence of the Jaipur ruler’s handmaiden and then, it was a guesthouse for several elite royal workers and now, it is one of the elite palace hotels of Jaipur. It has all cliché luxury elements and over and beyond those, the hotel also chooses to create cultural extravagance with its traditional décor and customary services.

Apart from these, there are numerous other heritage hotels in and around Jaipur. If you are looking for a luxury vacation, Jaipur holds numerous options. Other top regal accommodations are 18th century Royal Heritage Haveli, 20th century Sirsi Haveli, 19th century Naila Bagh Palace and others.