About Train

About Train

Maharajas’ Express is a luxury train of India, which was introduced by IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation). The main aim of the Maharajas’ Express is to give a royal experience in a moving train. Every aspect of this train starting from the red-carpet welcome ceremony to blue-blooded luxury décor are established to create an unforgettable experience. Maharajas’ Express has received many awards for its hospitality, style of vacation, innovation and so on. It is the epitome of comfort and uniqueness.

Maharajas’ Express was awarded as ‘World’s Leading Luxury Train’ title five times in a row from 2012 to 2016, at World Travel Awards.

If you are about to travel in this luxury train, you are in for treat in terms of amenities, natural beauty, cultural diversity, architectural marvels and so on. The train offers numerous itineraries focused on different styles of vacations starting from heritage tour to pilgrimage visits. Starting from hidden gems to the well-throttled Golden Triangle, Maharajas’ Express has managed to include all kinds of destinations to cover every single mind of travelers around the world.

Key Elements of Maharajas’ Express

  • Exposing every possible glimpse of cultural, heritage, traditional, natural and cuisine beauty and diversity of the land.
  • Visiting all the marvelous architectural remainders of ancient reigns like Taj Mahal, Gwalior Forts, Temples and so on.
  • With the guides, you get to learn interesting facts about each monuments, making your trip more than just a glance at marble, sandstone, rocks and sand.
  • Visit to National Parks, exploring the sanctuaries, going on game drives and so on to watch the exotic animals and birds of the land. India is more than just the Bengal tigers and elephants.
  • Culture is not limited to just the cuisine, garments, lifestyle and rituals. Culture is embedded in India’s art forms. This is the reason to why every royal heir (prince and princess) were given exclusive training in 64 forms of arts, which include dance, poetry, music, weapon, cooking and so on. Maharajas’ Express gives immense importance to these art forms and includes many cultural live performances during the trip.

Why Maharajas’ Express is unique from others?

Since the 1980s, luxury trains have been running through India. Maharajas’ Express is actually the youngest of all. Yet, it has managed to earn many laurels within the shortest time possible. Some of the ribbons on its chest are, being awarded as the best luxury train of the world, several times in a row, recognized as the most luxurious train of the world and so on. Why is it special? A royal styled suite, dedicated staffs and exclusive Indian flavored itineraries are commonly provided by all the royal luxury trains. What makes Maharajas’ Express so unique?

  • Your safety is secured with CCTV cameras in all public areas
  • Among all the other luxury trains, Maharajas’ Express has the most spacious passenger cabins
  • A paramedic is available on board, throughout your vacation
  • On-board water filtering plant allows you to enjoy clean and hygienic water throughout your trip
  • Gourmet dining experience during every meal. This includes special request meals like
    1. Lactose-free meal
    2. Gluten-free meal
    3. Kosher meal
    4. Non-vegetarian meal
    5. Vegan meal
    6. Jain meal
    7. Ovo lacto veg meal
    8. Vegetarian meal
  • Exclusive library with common goods and pictorial guidebooks of ancient times
  • Board games enjoyed by kings of ancient times will be open for tourists to enjoy

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