Things To Do in Samode

Geographically, Samode might be a small village located close to the majestic city of Jaipur. When it comes to tourism, Samode has its own list of attractions and activities that tourists should try. Here are the top things that you should not miss in Samode.

1. Sightseeing

There are a lot of architectural marvels and religious spots that you ought to enjoy watching. Top sightseeing spots are Samode Palace, Samode Fort, Samode Bagh, Haveli and much more. Choose to visit during early summer or winter to enjoy sightseeing without much of a trouble. Most of the sightseeing spots are quite simple to enjoy without the need of a guide.

2. Shopping

There are numerous markets in and around Samode. You can find numerous attractions and activities in these markets. Top activities to enjoy in the markets apart from shopping are photography, street food and much more. Top things to buy here are camel skin articles, musical instruments, local attire, handicrafts, wood articles, leather articles and much more.

3. Day Tours

There are numerous attractions around the village like Shekhawati, Jaipur and others. If you are ready to travel, you can find many attractions, a little away from the village. Desert region is also quite close to Samode and you can find camel rides there.

4. Folk Performances

If you visit the fort during evening, you can find folk performances like dance, music and musical instrument plays for tourists. Although the folk performances are similar to the one in Jaipur and other parts of Rajasthan, it is quite an interesting experience to enjoy it in a luxury palace. When it comes to musical instruments, you can find interesting instruments like castanets, bagpipe of goatskin, fiddles with one string and much more.

5. Trying The Cuisine

The cuisine of the land is quite similar to that of the other parts of the state. The royals of this region gave same importance to the décor of the dining area, to that of the cuisine. If you plan to dine in the royal buildings, you can experience delicate architectural designs of the place. Samode’s cuisine is a mix of Rajasthani cuisine and Asian cuisine. The best dish to try here is the marinated lamb leg.

6. Wildlife Attractions

Visit Bandhavgarh national park to spot exotic list of animals and birds. This is a serene place to spot tigers. Top animals to spot here are panthers, wild dog, cheetal, barking deer, sambar, sloth bear and much more. You can also spot many local and migration birds in this region. The best activity in this park is the safari in 4 x 4 vehicles with a guide.

7. Cycling

The national park region is famous for numerous activities and one among them is cycle. Hire a cycle and enjoy the nature by speeding through the cycle trails along the borders of the lodge in the national park. If you are staying in the lodge, choose to enjoy therapeutic massage sessions.

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