Top Tourist Attractions in Samode

This village of Samode is the dictionary of Rajasthani culture which is best for enjoying history, tradition and unique culture. Blessed with numerous magnificent palaces, forts, temples and others, this paradise is the best place to enjoy traditional activities. Samode is the place for enjoying sightseeing seeing, exotic activities and relaxing gardens.

Among the numerous places in and around Samode, here are the top tourist attractions in Samode during your visit to the village.

1. Samode Fort

This strong hillfort is the first attraction to enjoy in this region. From the top of the fort, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the village. Samode was the royal residence of local kings for several centuries. Today, it is a heritage site and a luxury hotel. This is the best place to find Mughal architecture. This fort is located very close to the palace. The fort has 300 steps that will lead you to the underground passage, which was once kept as a secret among the royals to escape during troubled times.

2. Samode Palace

This heritage structure is famous for its aesthetic value. The beauty of the place has made it a backdrop for numerous national and international movies. You can find numerous art styles in this palace like sculptures, frescoes, paintings and others. The palace is built in a mixture of Mughal and Rajput architectural style. Royal residence of Chief Minister of royal court, this palace is the best place to visit for enjoying cultural evenings. Every evening, traditional music and dance shows are conducted inside the palace, during tourism season.

Visit Sultan Mahal, a room filled with decorated motif and floral design. Durbar Hall is also famous for designs. The hall of mirror is said to be the most beautiful room of the whole palace. One lighted candle is enough to light the whole room with the help of reflection. You can find miniature paintings, hunted animal paintings, photographs and much more.

3. Samode Bagh

This is a traditional garden similar to Kashmiri gardens. You can find a large collection of exotic and wild flowering species in this region. The place is famous for its collection of Mughal arts inside tents. This garden is famous among those who enjoy strolling and a relaxed evening. If you visit during winter season, you can spot lush vegetation here. The ornamental fountain and watercourse will be lush with water. You can also find exotic birds in this region.

4. Samode Haveli

Haveli is the local name for ornate mansions that were built for top ministers in the royal court. This mansion was built to provide numerous provisions for womenfolk to watch activities on the road, without leaving the mansion. This mansion is five centuries old and was built and used by Prime minister of royal court, Rawal Singhji.

5. Govind Devji Temple

This Krishna temple is an important pilgrimage site, which is famous for rituals and architecture. If you are visiting this temple, do not forget your camera. This is one of the photogenic spots in the village.

6. Shekhawati

Shekhawati is a small village, a little away from the village of Samode. This village provides numerous activities like camel ride, folk dance and music and others. You can spot numerous havelis with murals and paintings in this region.

7. Local Markets

You can find numerous market regions in and around Samode. If desired, you can enjoy camel ride through the markets, a musical evening with folk performances and much more. This is the best place to do some souvenir shopping for fiddles, goatskin bagpipe, country violins, instrument made with dried gourd, camel skin articles and much more.

You can find numerous attractions in and around the city. If you wish to extend you vacation, Jaipur is very close to Samode. Jaipur is one of the key destinations in Rajasthan, which is just 42 km away from Samode.

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