Best Mouthwatering DIshes or Foods in The World

It is not possible to travel to every country in the world but still, we can experience different cuisine and delicious signature dishes of each country. The popularity of food has changed over the year from fondue in the 1960s to molten cake in the 1990s and avocado toast in 2010. Now a day, people are shifting toward plant-based food and picture-friendly foods. Food is a vital part of tourism and unique eating and drinking experiences anywhere in the world became memorable to us. This is categorized under experiential travel. Food is as important as accommodation and scenery when it comes to deciding on a place. We believe that just like there is a list of best hotels and best places to visit, there should be something similar named best dishes to try around the world. Though the only thing when it comes to food ranking is that foods and drinks are subjective as their tastes differ from person to person. Still, we have shorted out the 30 most popular mouth-watering dishes & foods in the world for you.

Thai Curry, Thailand

Thai curry is something that is much more than your weekend night online order. Finally, something edible is here. Other curries are thick and stew in nature which resembles more of a soup rather than curry but Thai curry is different because of the Coconut milk or water which is being used when this dish is being prepared.

Bulgogi, Korean

Bulgogi is a Korean dish that fire and meat. This dish is something that is indeed a lump of meat and it is cooked over barbeque. Maybe this might sound too simple to be considered but we believed that it is one of the world’s finest foods. It’s the texture of honey, sesame, and garlic that make the bulgogi memorable.

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Fajitas, Mexico

Without a doubt, Fajitas is the granddaddy of Tex-Mex cuisine. It is cooked by mixing meat and veggies at high temperatures by tucked into a tortilla. Fajitas is basically a Mexican dish that was first created in Texas in the 1940s but it did not make it into the list of Ted-Max which was vernacular until the 1970s.

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Nachos, America

Do not confuse this dish with swine which is being fed at 7-eleven. Real cheese and topping is something that is used in true nachos and it was first created in the 1940s for gringos. Over the past 80 years, Americans have sunk their tooth into this dish and made it their own.

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Enchiladas, Mexico

Enchiladas is a Mexican dish that is simple and comforting food. It’s an easy-to-make cuisine that seems well with Mexican. In order to make enchiladas take a tortilla and soak it in the chili sauce. Stuffing of meat, veggies, and cheese all are done, then roll it and tuck into a casserole dish. You will love its flavors of it.

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Kofte, Turkish

Kofta is famous all over India because of its variations everywhere, but the Turkish version of Kofta has a different flavor which makes it memorable for you. Spice level may vary and some of the koftas are coated with egg. Other versions of Kofta contain butter and the other is the one where meat hits the hot grill. One of the major reasons why you should try this dish is because of the turnip juice which is very much an acquired taste of it.

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Pad Thai, Thailand

Pad Thai is considered the national food of Thai which is a noodle stir fry. Its main components are tofu, bean, peanuts, eggs and many other ingredients- each of them is mixed because of its distinct purpose and they contribute to the texture and essence of the dish. And at the end, your Pad Thai is ready which is perfectly salty, sweet, and sour in every bite.

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Masala Dosa, South India

India has contributed a lot when it comes to cuisine and Dosa is one of the perfect dishes that represent. A crispy rice- batter is stuffed with a mix of mashed potatoes. Then it is dipped in coconut chutney and pickles. Dosa is a perfect breakfast that can keep you going till lunch. In Early times, Dosa was famous in South India and Sri Lanka but later this dish became famous all over the world.

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Paella, Spain

Lapping of the sea just by your feet, sunset, a breeze that whips the tablecloth around your leg, and a plate of Paella in front of you. A combination of lobster cuttlefish and many more, along with white rice and various herbs, salts, and oils, this amazing dish will send you into a holiday mode. Still, if you are having this dish in Spain, most probably you are in Spain already.

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Som Tam, Thailand

Som Tam is the most famous salad in Thailand which is prepared by pounding garlic and chilies with a pestle and mortar. Tossed in fish juice, peanuts, lime juice, a paste of sugar cane, tamarind juice, and green papaya. Though there are variations in it such as one of those is made with crab and fish sauce, none of them matches the simplicity and taste of the original one.

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Chicken Rice, Singapore

The chicken dish is often considered the national dish of Singapore. This dish is being served as boiled or steamed chicken atop oily rice with pieces of cucumber as a token of vegetables. This dish also has several variants and roasted chicken and soy sauce chicken is one among them. Though, no matter how it is prepared, it is one the Singapore’s best food. The dipping such as dark soy sauce, and chili with garlic give it a little extra flavor which ensures that it will give you a feel of it whenever you are not in Singapore.

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Stinky Tofu

The stench of dishes sometimes made them the strangest dishes on Earth and nothing prepares you for this. Unlike many other smells, tofu is one of the most famous and iconic foods in Southeast Asia. The odor of this tofu is so strong that many people are not able to get it off from their memory for months. So, the main question is does the effort which you put into this legendary cuisine worth it? The answer is, yes, it is.

Chicken Parmesan, Italy

Drizzled with several sauces such as Mozzarella cheese, Melted Parmesan, and tomato sauce on the top of the chicken fillet – the Aussie has claimed this Italian dish as their own. Since they made this Chicken parm so tasty that there is no point in arguing for it.


Made with chickpeas, lemon juice, and garlic, Hummus has become a fridge staple all around the world in the past few years. This cuisine tastes good as a dip, with meat, veggies, or with bread.

Chili Crab, Singapore

If you are in Singapore, you can’t leave the city without trying this spicy and meaty specialty dish, though there are dozens of ways to prepare crab as some made it with black pepper some with salted egg yolks, chili crab is the best seller among all.

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Not very common in the USA, monkish or more often monkfish liver is certainly an upscale version of sushi establishment. The liver of monkfish is often smoked or steamed and served with red-pepper sauce. Also known by the name of angler fish, the taste of Ankimo is one of its kind. After having it, you won’t regret trying one of the best foods while you are in Japan.

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Summer Roll, Vietnam

Made up of pork, herbs, rice, and other ingredients and then wrapped in rice paper and then served at room temperature. The meat’s light flavor of its herbs, refresh your mouth. You can have it by dipping it in a sweet Vietnamese sauce with ground peanuts.

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Pho Vietnam

An incredible dish, Pho (pronounced as fuh) is a popular Vietnamese dish that is made up of rice noodles and meat which is served with herbs and broth topped. This dish has a great fragrance that lingers in the head of eaters for a long time. Pho is a popular street food item and is a national dish of Vietnam. It is an amazing dish to have on a winter evening.

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Butter Garlic Crab, China

Do not confuse this dish’s origin with its name. This dish has no roots in China and it is Indian cuisine. It comes from the butter land and it tastes great with melted butter. This dish is being prepared by drowning a large crab in a gallon of garlic-butter sauce, which seeps and coats every inch of flesh. It’s a signature dish and gift to the world from the sea gods of butter land.

Champ Ireland

Champ is the national dish of Ireland and it goes down faster than Guinness on a weekend night. Prepared with mashed potatoes and spring onions, salt, and peepers. Champ is a perfect side dish with any fish or meat. For an amazing plate of creamy goodness, we suggest you have it in the busiest pub in any Irish seaside town.

Shish Kabab

Pick up your meat and stick it through the grill. These cubes of deliciousness which are most often beef, chicken, or swordfish could be enjoyed with rice and vegetable. It could be the perfect addition to your summer barbecue.


Forget all the fancy dishes, Lobster is now deployed by show-off chefs for Michelin endorsement. Lobster is prepared on a skewer with famous peanut sauce. In this dish, small pieces of fresh lobster are fried and served on a skewer. The best to enjoy lobster is with melted butter and a slice of lemon.

Pastel de Nata, Portugal

We personally believe that Pastel de Natas is perhaps the tastiest food in the world. There is a story that Portuguese nuns and monks used egg white to starch their religious clothing and used egg yolks to make pastries including delicious custard tarts.

Pierogi Poland

There is a famous dumpling and then there is a Polish dumpling. Pierogi is a parcel of delicious cuisine that is filled with everything from potatoes to meat, cheese to fruit, and is often topped with butter, cream, and fried onions. Pierogi are traditionally served as boiled but fired pierogi are becoming more common.

Piri-Piri Chicken

A famous south African restaurant chain Nando has made Piri-Piri chicken famous across the globe. But you will get the original dish in the capital of Mozambique. This finger-licking feast of chicken is cooked with lime, garlic, coconut milk, and Piri-Piri sauce.

Rendang, Indonesia

Beef is slowly cooked with coconut milk and, a mixture of lemongrass, turmeric ginger, and several other ingredients. Then they are left to stew for a few hours in order to create a dish of flavourful goodness. People ate Rendang in different ways, some taste it fresh out of the kitchen and some people find that it tastes better when left overnight. This dish will surely send your stomach into overdrive.

Tom yum Goong Thailand

This Thai food is just a masterpiece and it teems with mushrooms, tomatoes, kaffir lime leaves. This cuisine is loaded with coconut milk and cream, and this soup unifies a host of everyone’s favorite Thai taste; which is salty, spicy, and sweet.

Donuts America

Donuts are popular in many countries and it is prepared in various ways. The donut is deep-fried flour dough and is typically ring-shaped. Various toppings are used such as sugar chocolates, etc and they are served as icing on the cake. Donuts are USA’s favorite and they leave people with a sweet tooth gasping.

Sushi,  Japan

When they want to build something right, they build it really right. This statement is said for Japan and they prove it every time. Big giant companies like Toyota, Nintendo, Nikon, and Yamaha, are fuelled by complicated raw fish and rice. Fish and rice are put together and it became a first-date favorite. Japanese don’t believe in living practically forever for no reason – they just love to keep eating this kind of stuff.

Kebab, Turkey

Kebab is a dish that is popular in the middle east and it is originally from Turkey. It basically consists of meat seafood or vegetable in some cases and it is cooked on a skewer with a big fire underneath similar to barbeque on a grill. Kebab is cooked with various ingredients like garlic, black pepper, vegetable oil, and many more. Meats of lamb or mutton are traditionally used in kabab. Other variants of kebab are also available such as beef, goat, fish, and chicken. As its taste ranges from tangy to spicy, this makes kabab the best cuisine in the world.

There are a large list of other popular dishes or foods of the world, which are popular among the all foodie people. Lavish & mouth-watering delicious foods are the weakness of human being and everyone wants to taste these foods in their life. It’s common but very important in your life you cannot alive without foods. And you can taste the different flavours until you are alive. So try to find some unique food from given list and try to travel either try to find these foods nearby you if available in your country. Because now a days many franchise and food centres are opening their Countries popular dishes in another country so you can easily find & try it once in your life. I hope you will love these listed best mouth-watering Dishes & Foods in the World.

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