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When you ask someone about the right time to visit India, they might blindly ask you to choose any winter day. Yes, the tourism season starts in October and ends in March. The peninsular is a tropical paradise and it is not a shock to understand that the land is more beautiful during a winter day. However, it is a little underrated statement. When it comes to tourism, every single month is beautiful.

It is up to you to choose the right destination and apt activity to begin with. For instance, you cannot spot tigers during winter season in wildlife sanctuary or, you cannot possible choose to scale the mountain passes of Ladakh during winter. This is a detailed dictionary of what to enjoy in India, during every month.

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Different Types of Season in India

First, let us talk about the seasons of the land. Indian climate has three distinctive seasons.

Summer Season (April - June)

Summer starts in April and ends in June. The climate makes the place more humid and hot. Some regions experience temperature higher than 45 degree C. Dehydration is very common and most of the water activities will be closed due to lack of water.

However, the northern part of country and regions closer to Himalayas will be pleasing. The glaciers melt and fill up the water bodies, many trekking routes will be open during this season. In addition, you can easily find many wild flowers at bloom in northern regions in summer season.

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Monsoon Season (June - October)

The showers start at different time in every part of the country. In general, June to October is the rainy season of India. The rain starts in the southeastern part of India and then gradually covers the whole country. Many coastal areas might experience floods during this season. Hill stations are also risky with landslides and damage to roads. However, the central part of the country will be lush during this season.

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Winter Season (November to March)

As the year reaches mid of October, the land gets cooler.
In general, November to March is the Winter season of India. Thanks to the water of rainy season, the green areas of the land will be lush. Temperature falls down and it becomes pleasing. During the initial period of winter season, most of the destinations of the country will be lush and beautiful.

As the peak of the season reaches, the northern parts of the country become unbearably cold. Many high altitude destinations might become risky to reach. On the other hand, the southern part of the country and central regions become very lush and entertaining.

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Best Time to Visit India (October to March)

As mentioned before, the peak tourism season starts in mid of October and ends in March. Moderate tourism season starts by end of July and ends in November. The lean tourism season starts in April and ends in June. Most of the tourism activities and even luxury train services will be stopped during this season.

Even during lean season, presence of any cultural celebration would add more beauty to the land. For instance, April is one of the most dehydrating months of the year. However, the long list of cultural celebrations make the month more desirable for cultural travelers.

Climate in India
Climate in India

India Climate and Weather by Month

1. January Weather in India

January is one of the best months to visit India, thanks to the low precipitation and pleasing temperature. The entire country will be relishing with winter. January is one of the driest months of the calendar. The climate will be moderately cold, unless you plan to choose high altitude destinations. On an average, temperature can go to a maximum of 30 degree C or 86 degree F and drop down to 15 degree C or 60 degree F.

The North India will be cool during January. Temperature ranges from 15 degree to 40 degree C in Delhi, Agra, Central India and Rajasthan. In the southern India, the climate will be pleasingly cool. Temperature will not drop more than 15 degree C, on an average. The humidity and temperature will be low. Beaches and coastal destinations of southern India will be at prime beauty.

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2. February Weather in India

This is also a peak tourism season of the country. This is the most happening time of the year. To know about iconic attractions to cover in February. The northern parts of the country have an average maximum of 17 degree C and can go to an average low of 11 degree C.

The southern regions of the country oscillate between 25 degree C and 30 degree C. February can be quite wet in a few destinations like New Delhi, Goa and others. The climate will be warm, unless you choose to visit very high destinations and Himalayan regions.

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3. March Weather in India

India as a country will have a varying climatic condition during March. In most of the destinations, the hot and dry climate starts by March. In coastal regions, average temperature can drop as much as 28 degree C and can raise up to 33 degree C. In northern India, the temperature can reach to an average peak of 28 degree C and average minimum of 22 degree C.

Some destinations of central India and New Delhi will experience mild to moderate rainfall during this month. Know more about the places to visit in India in March. How about scaling the central India with our themed packages.

  1. Maharajas’ Express Train - 7 Nights / 8 Days Delhi to Delhi Route
  2. 10 days – Golden triangle with North India temple
  3. 11 days – Central India

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4. April Weather in India

By April, the entire country has fallen into summer. Precipitate will hit record low and humidity will be at the peak. On an average, temperature can go as low as 29 degree C and as high as 33 degree C.

The hill stations and Himalayan destinations will be at peak tourism season during this month. Certain destinations receive summer monsoon, which might last for a couple of days. Do you like to choose the right destination to visit in India in April.

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5. May Weather in India

Avoid central and southern part of the country, unless you come from a region where 45 degree C is not a big woof. Stick to coastal regions and high altitude destinations. Southern hill stations will be at bloom during this season.

The Himalayan destinations will have pleasing temperature between 25 degree C and 15 degree C. Most of the iconic destinations like Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi, Kerala, Varanasi, Tamil Nadu and others will be in 35 to 45 degree C or even above.

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6. June Weather in India

Monsoon hits the Kerala region by June. As the month pass by, the monsoon travels to northern part of the country. By the mid of June, Rajasthan, Delhi, Goa, Mumbai and surrounding regions will be enjoying mild showers. Temperature however, will be on the higher ranges of 35 degree C and can fall as low as 29 degree C.

The southern India starts to get green bloom with the climate. Kerala will be at prime beauty. The Northern part of the country will experience a drop in temperature but, not very pleasing. Himalayan regions will be pleasingly cool. Know more about the Places to visit in India in June to kick-start your vacation with the right itinerary.

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7. July Weather in India

This is one of the wettest months of the country. Blanket of grey clouds can give a romantic feel to the travelers. Temperature can go as low as 25 degree C or as high as 30 degree C.

It rains very heavily in most of the regions from Kerala in South to Himalayan destinations in the north from Darjeeling in the east to Rajasthan in the west. This is the best time for some honeymoon vacations in India. If July is your time of vacation, you ought to know exciting places to visit India in July.

8. August Weather in India

Technically August is the worst time to visit the country, in regards to the climate. Most of the outdoor activities will be banned or closed. Exploring coastal regions or high altitude destinations can be hard, as, it would rain heavily for days together.

Most of the southern regions will be riddled with water during this month. Choose central India or northern parts of the country like Rajasthan, Varanasi, Agra, Kashmir and others for your vacation. To know more places to visit in India in August.

Temperature will range between 26 degree C to 30 degree C. Do you want to cover Rajasthan during your August vacation?

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9. September Weather in India

September is the end of monsoon and the beginning of winter season. It might have short-lived mild rains. The northern part of the country could be drier than southern parts. Thus, it is better to stick your vacation with northern and central parts of the country. Interestingly, this is the most colorful month of the year, with numerous regional and national festivals. Are you ready for September vacation? To know about the right places to visit in India in September.

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10. October Weather in India

October is as diverse as India, itself. This is technically winter, but you can enjoy frequent showers, warm afternoons and cool evening. It would be monsoon in southern parts of the country, winter in northern parts and quite hot in the central. The hottest region of the country is Rajasthan, with maximum 35 degree C to minimum 28 degree C.

In southern parts, temperature ranges between 30 degree C and 16 degree C. In addition, October holds numerous festivals, feasts and celebrations. Are you looking for unique experience in India in October?

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11. November Weather in India

India generally gets cool by November. It will be pleasingly warm and completely dry. The coastal areas of the south have quite warm climate and the central and northern parts of the country would be very cool.

In general, temperature can vary between 27 degree C and 13 degree C. Are you worried about choosing the right itinerary? Are you looking for best places to visit in India in November to make an informed decision.

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12. December Weather in India

This is the peak winter season. The inland regions have temperature between 21 degree C and 8 degree C. A few destinations around the country have mild to moderate rainfall. The temperature is however cool and dry in most regions. Snowfall is very common in high altitude destinations of northern India. If you are looking for a cultural vacation, December is quite a cheerful season with numerous festivals.

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